Chess & Corporate Strategy

Why Chess and Strategy?
The game of chess is considered to be a paradigm of business strategy: although tactics and calculations are major components of chess, the real skill lies in mastering its strategic concepts as it involves the need for an in-depth analysis of multiple scenarios, the current position, and possible moves, as well as the psychological aspects of the other player, etc.

Why this course today?
The aim of the course is to improve strategic thinking and decision-making skills, especially in times of extreme uncertainty and disruption, through the parallelism with the strategic game par excellence, chess.

The course will integrate content from various fields such as game theory, the comparison between artificial intelligence and human strategic thinking, and the foundations of leadership: all themes that intersect both with the game of chess and with business strategies.

Which is the structure of the course?

4 modules:

  1. Strategy Thinking
  2. Decision Making Theory and AI
  3. Game Theory and Negotiations
  4. Leadership

Each module is composed by:

– 3 to 6 VIDEOCLIPS to be watched autonomously before the live session
– 1 LIVE SESSION of 2 hours with the trainer

Type: Short Course

Tematic Area: Entrerpreneurship & Strategy

When: 16 June 2021

Length: 3 weeks

Format: online

Language: English

Fee: 1200€ + VAT

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Marketing & Recruitment
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To whom it is addressed
The programme is aimed at business professionals and managers who want to improve their skills in strategic thinking and decision-making

Training objectives
Improve strategic thinking and decision-making skills
Improve negotiation skills
A better understanding of the founding traits of leadership, based on chess champions’ experiences

Tools that are acquired by the end of the course
Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Strategic Thinking
Decision-making theory
Game theory and negotiations
The founding traits of leadership, based on chess champions’ experiences
Military strategies for business

Trainer: Luca Desiata (CEO, Advisory House)

Testimonial: Melissa Peretti (CEO, American Express)


* the knowledge of chess is not necessary to participate


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