Customized Education


MIP Corporate Relations is the division of MIP which offers customised training projects to companies – both private and public – so as to assist them in their plans for strategic development and transformation.

Our mission is to support companies in the achievement of their strategic objectives, to develop their attitude to change and to increase the core competences of the company and its resources.


Our team is made up of lecturers and professionals with a corporate background to offer you a practical  approach, making use of solid scientific studies which are constantly updated and able to anticipate industry trends, thanks to our Observatories.

Close collaboration with companies and the application of methodologies in various competitive contexts is the mark of the value of our portfolio of services and products.

The faculty’s expertise covers all areas of management, with particular attention paid to the sector and context in which the company operates:

  • Energy management
  • Entrepreneurship and strategy
  • Finance and accounting
  • Fintech
  • Digital innovation
  • Innovation, design,
    project management
  • Manufacturing management
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Marketing management
  • Risk management
  • Organisation and behaviour
  • Human resources management
  • Supply chain management
  • Real estate
  • Data analytics



Together with our staff, we manage relationships with companies, identifying training needs and offering tailor-made solutions to help you to face the new challenges related to the changed competitive environment.

We can help you to:

  • Map the skills of your internal resources to identify areas for improvement
  • Develop and strengthen skills and competence
  • Manage organisational change
  • Attract the best talent

Our flexibility and experience will be at your disposal to capture all the various needs and so that together, we can design the training project:


MIP Corporate Relations can offer companies both tailor-made courses and Management Academy courses which have already been devised.

The tailor-made training courses can be enjoyed in different formats:

  • Face-to-face: on MIP’s campus, in your office or at a third-party venue
  • Digital: thanks to the platform developed with Microsoft, we can offer digital content that can be customised in the form of clips, webinars and live sessions
  • Blended: training can be given both face-to-face and in digital mode, allowing you to reach a large audience


MIP Corporate Relations provides its own innovative platform, developed using Microsoft technology to enable the enjoyment of content as well as permitting various tasks to be performed.

The main features comprise:

  • Interactive multimedia clips in asynchronous mode
  • Debates and discussions via social networking tools moderated by lecturers
  • Peer-to-peer learning and evaluation, i.e. sharing knowledge and best practices
  • Access to free content available on the network, through which the platform helps you to navigate
  • Discussion of cases and practical problems with a virtual classroom in synchronous mode
  • Active thematic channels on specific issues

MIP’s digital platform provides the company with considerable advantages:

  • A reduction in participants’ travel costs, both for those in Italy and abroad
  • In the case of long courses, learners remain engaged
  • A large number of trainees can participate


MIP Politecnico di Milano offers a wide range of solutions and support activities for companies to access funded training.

MIP’s specialised team can offer:

  • Guidance: an update on the latest funding opportunities published by the Interprofessional Funds (Fondimpresa, Fonddirigenti, Forte, Fondir, etc.), the verification and implementation of technical and economic conditions for the presentation of the project
  • Technical assistance: complete management of the financed project, from needs analysis to reporting

Notes with respect to the service offered: the support service applies to all training offered by the school.
Your training project can be also be partially funded.


Every year, MIP Corporate Relations collaborates with over 120 companies to provide tailor-made training courses.

Our customers’ success stories represent the best evidence of how we work in the field and to what extent our projects produce an immediate impact and lasting change.


: a course designed in conjunction with the company to improve the shopping experience and the customer experience inside the stores by involving the key players. A veritable Retail people transformation, which also led to the diffusion of concepts, methods and tools for managing the retail business at Vodafone.


The TOPEOPLE course, designed to train Carrefour’s new managerial generation by integrating the different technical and behavioural skills and developing a deeply-engrained entrepreneurial and managerial attitude.


An AppAcademy designed to train those professionals who are particularly requested by the market via the retraining of high-potential junior personnel on the technical and entrepreneurial side. The project helped fill the skills gap in the development of the Apps available on the Italian digital market, allowing companies to train young people and reintroduce them into the workplace with significant prospects.


"DIGITAL FIRST" is the watchword of the training programme which enabled the diffusion of a digital culture at all levels of the organisation. This project saw the creation of a Smart Corporate Academy, resulting in a consequent change of approach and a significant impact on working practices.


A Brain Marathon, designed together with top management to map the level of expertise of its personnel with the aim of improving their proficiency. A programme of action learning and networking among people with different work experience, which encouraged functional integration and team building.


Supporting 4.0 Managers in the phase of change that the organisation is undergoing in the context of Industry 4.0 was the objective of the training course. Developing a shared awareness of the new model of leadership required was the leitmotif of the training days  ̶  which were held in the traditional way  ̶  and of the teaching in a workshop format, to develop consistent managerial and leadership behaviour.


Costa Cruises

"Passion to lead", a training project dedicated to the middle managers of Commercial Operations with a focus on the Customer Experience, developed with a view to multichannel and technological innovation, and on Peopleship, which has allowed us to face and take on new challenges through a combination of applied research, managerial theory and practice. The use of digital learning educational methods, with both synchronous and asynchronous training, enabled also those participants who are based  in various sites around Europe to take part in the course.

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