What is "Leading with Purpose"?

Leaders today face a unique range of interconnected challenges. A workforce looking for greater meaning and purpose; consumers increasingly choosing brands based on their contribution to society and the way they conduct themselves; a turbulent environment constantly disrupted by innovations blurring the lines between once distinct businesses; environmental concerns challenging the sustainability of existing value creation models; a global pandemic threatening the well-being of humankind. Never before has a combination of both business and societal challenges shown with more clarity the need for heightened leadership abilities.

The concept of ‘Purposeful Leadership’ has emerged as an answer to this need. And indeed, organisations are being called to make a radical shift in defining why they exist and how they do business.

MIP Politecnico di Milano and The Mind at Work have come together to create a unique, insightful programme to ground participants’ leadership skills on a solid foundation of purpose: a thorough understanding of purpose and how to source it inside the self no matter what the challenges you face, combined with the ability to engage with other human beings in a purposeful way and connect purpose to core business processes related to strategy and innovation. In a nutshell, this new program is designed to help leaders generate remarkable, sustainable performance grounded in authentic values.

Programme: Executive

Tematic Area: People Management & Organization

Length: June 2021 – April 2022

Format: Online

Language: English

Fee: 7000€ + VAT


Marketing & Recruitment
Email : executive@mip.polimi.it

Teaching approach and Target


This is an experiential leadership programme in which the new insights learned in short clips, live Q&A sessions and workshops are combined with active discussion amongst peers, time for personal reflections and practical learning activities connected to real working challenges.

Each module lasts 3 weeks and includes:

  • 3 Clips
  • 1 Q&A session (2 hours)
  • 3 Interactive Lectures (3 hours each)


Aspiring business leaders with a deep learning mindset and a longing to address today’s most fundamental challenges and contribute meaningfully to make their organisations and society a better place for all. It is designed for big-picture visionaries who want to work actively to make a real-world impact.

We welcome participants of different generations and seniorities, to create a multi-generational group of leaders who are willing to start a journey of personal and collective exploration to develop the quality of leadership needed to meet the challenges of today’s world.

While there are no strict boundaries, and each candidate participant will be assessed based on their background, experience and motivation, at least 5 years of managerial experience are recommended to fully benefit from the Programme. Being in charge of a team is not a requirement, but several of the modules deal directly with leadership of others and as such, participants will greatly benefit from being in a position to lead other people, currently or in the near future.


  1. Defining and differentiating purpose
  2. Generating purpose
  3. Creating purposeful relationships
  4. Driving purposeful performance
  5. Building a purposeful culture
  6. Innovating with purpose
  7. Strategizing with purpose
  8. Accountability and trust

Add-on: coaching personal sessions

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