GBS Leadership

Why this course today?

  • The GBS Leadership course provides training and strategy development, organization management, stakeholder management and future state definition for GBS organizations.  It develops capabilities for strategic thinking in an industry that is undergoing dramatic change.  It helps GBS leaders articulate the current and future value of their organizations and to bring the leadership as well as their organizations along on the journey.

Will give you the tools for:
GBS Operational Leadership & Strategy
GBS Continuous Improvement Strategy
GBS Future State Strategy

Type: Short Course

Tematic area: Digital Transformation; People Management & Leadership

When: January 2021

Length: 8 hours

Format: online

Language: English

Fee: 2.000€ + IVA

Marketing & Recruitment
Tel : 02 2399 4874
Email :

Topics you will face during course

  • End-state Back Strategy, Roadmap to Stage 4 GBS, Designing a GBS Operating Model
  • End-to-End Process Re-engineering, Intelligent Process Automation, Integrate IT and GBS Functions, Analytical Business Operations
  • Stage 4 GBS and Digital Transformation, 5E Model for Setting up Future State, Manage Stage 4 Organization Change

Case histories:
Procter & Gamble Global Business Services
Walmart Global Business Services

Testimonials (Co/Speaker):
Filippo Passerini – Former Group President GBS & CIO, P&G
Yazdi Bagli – Senior Vice President, GBS, Walmart

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