GBS Transformation Management

Why this course today?

  • The GBS Transformation Management course provides the methodology to drive ongoing improvement in performance of GBS services, cost and customer satisfaction.  It brings together the known tools of project management with elements of business transformation and organization change which need to play together in harmony for successful service transformations.

Will give you the tools for:

  • Shared Services Automation and Digital Toolset
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Executing transformation projects

Type: Short Course

Tematic area: Digital Transformation; People Management & Leadership

When: June 2021

Length: 12 hours

Format: online

Language: English

Fee: 2.000€ + IVA

Marketing & Recruitment
Tel : 02 2399 4874
Email :

Topics you will face during course

  • Workflow, RPA, OCR, Ticketing and Case Management
  • SOE, ML
  • How to determine what to automate in your process
  • Creating a Digital Masterplan
  • Initiating, Executing and controlling projects

Case histories:
Procter & Gamble Global Business Services
Walmart Global Business Services

Testimonials (Co/Speaker):
Filippo Passerini – Former Group President GBS & CIO, P&G
Yazdi Bagli – Senior Vice President, GBS, Walmart


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