MES – Master in Management delle Istituzioni Scolastiche e Formative

A master about Management of Schools and Educational Institutions

MIP Politecnico di Milano, in collaboration with Milan’s Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, is launching a new edition of the Executive Master in Management of Schools and Educational Institutions with the precise purpose of developing professional skills that are necessary to the strategic and innovative role of the school head, together with providing the management and teaching tools used by middle management to support the head teacher.

Place: Milan

Language: Italian

Format: Part-time

Course start:

Length: 18 months

Tuition Fee: € 9.500 (no VAT)

Admission Office
Antonietta Ardisia
Tel : +39 02 2399 2872
Email : ardisia@mip.polimi.it


MES is offered at two levels.

Level 1 Executive Master in “Management of Schools and Educational Institutions: Skills for Middle Management in Schools” prepares managers working in the school sector, giving them the professional and organisational skills they need to bring a fully rounded perspective to their work as teachers in today’s schools.

Level 2 Executive Master in “Management of Schools and Educational Institutions: Skills and Innovation for Senior Management in Schools” helps senior managers in schools to consolidate their professional expertise, with a focus on the school of today and its potential direction of evolution.

Both management categories require well-integrated skills and tools and so several modules are common to both level 1 and 2. Other modules are designed to take in the specific traits of the two management categories.


  • MES covers the educational systems in Italy and Europe, examining this topic in depth and supporting teachers in promoting, encouraging and managing the change
  • MES is offered at two levels.
    Level 1 primarily targets teachers in general and special projects teachers in particular, as well as people with a three-year bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree or a four-year degree gained under the old university system.
    Level 2 primarily targets head teachers, executives, senior managers and project managers and everyone with a master’s degree or an old system four-year degree.

MES encompasses:

  • Core modules:
    – Background knowledge and management tools
    – Evaluation and organisational skills
  • Advanced modules:
    – Data analysis and improvement plans
    – Technologies for schools
    – Soft skills

Residential week held during the course and final assignment known as project work

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