SUM – Master in Management dell’Università e della Ricerca


A master for managers who work in academia and research

University-level training and research are an invaluable asset for a country’s innovation and competitiveness. Italy has embarked upon a radical process of change giving universities and research centres greater autonomy to manage their resources, bringing about greater competition between the main players and introducing new methods of evaluation.

SUM proposes a fresh outlook for senior managers who work in academia and research, helping them to acquire the professional knowledge and skills they need to promote change, stimulate innovation and improvement, and so contribute to the strategic development of their institutions.

The main feature of SUM is its continuous drive towards excellence and innovation. New formats are trialled every year to handle the new and many changes taking place within this sector promptly and appropriately. As part of this process, this year SUM is introducing smart learning to the program, a highly experiential and hands-on format that offers greater flexibility and personalisation.

Place: Milan

Language: Italian

Format: Part-time

Course start:

Length: 19 months, 14 months for lessons + 5 months for project work

Tuition Fee: € 13.500 (no VAT)

Admission Office
Gaia Uccheddu
Tel : +39 02 2399 9196
Email : uccheddu@mip.polimi.it


  • Quality
  • Targeting
  • Innovation
  • Internationalisation
  • Networking Opportunities

We turn the future in a part of you.

We offers highly personalized services with the objective of developing the necessary skills, tools and strategy and expanding the professional network, to succeed in nowadays complex and competitive global job market.


SUM is aimed at technical and administrative staff working in universities and research centres, primarily targeting newly appointed senior and middle managers and executives, who are taking on positions of responsibility and coordination within their organisations. SUM is additionally open to executives and senior management working in the various Ministries and regional, provincial and local authorities that operate in the fields of education and research. Graduates in any discipline can be admitted to the program.

SUM encompasses four teaching areas:

  • Background Knowledge
  • Management Tools
  • Soft Skills
  • Trends in Innovation

A week-long residential session held during the course and a final assignment known as project work

ISO strives to provide a tailor made service to each international candidate and enrolled student by assisting with enrollment and non-academic matters.


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