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Learn As You Go: education becomes agile

On one hand, the need for a fast format, suitable for the world in which we live. On the other, the challenge of providing in-depth content in a short period of time, ensuring dialogue between students. This was how MIP’s new digital workshop offering was born. Sergio Terzi, Associate Dean for Executive Education, tells us about it.

Education isn’t just a matter of contents. It’s also a matter of form. Like the former, the latter also evolves. It is on this basis that MIP Politecnico di Milano launched its new educational proposal, Learn As You Go: digital workshops that unite ease of use and in-depth study of the issues. «The health emergency accelerated processes of digitalization. No field has been left out, let alone that of education. But if on one hand MIP quickly adapted its offering to not miss even a day of lessons», explains Professor Sergio Terzi, Associate Dean for Executive Education, «on the other we had already been thinking for some time of a new format, that was able to quickly address urgent and important issues without sacrificing the depth and quality of teaching».

Empowering and Inspiring: between application and motivation

Executive education, therefore, will no longer be anchored solely to classic classroom lessons, but can also be provided by focusing on single issues. «Unlike a webinar, however, that tends to be shorter, Learn As You Go digital workshops aim to preserve dialogue between peers, providing those enrolled with a space for discussion on the topic addressed», explains Terzi. Indeed, Learn As You Go workshops, are divided into two categories, empowering and inspiring. «The inspiring category involves faculty members and outside speakers who, over about two and a half hours, contribute their own experiences, provide suggestions, stimuli, ideas. They are workshops that focus on the goal of personal growth and the development of soft skills». The goal and contents of the empowering workshop are different: «In this case, the approach is more practical. Through experiential activities, concrete methods and skills are acquired, which the student can immediately put into practice. The length is the same, about two and a half hours».

A modern format that looks to the future

At the moment, Learn As You Go programming involves over 70 workshops encompassing different areas, from marketing to supply chain management, from finance to people management & organization, and many others. The workshops will be held twice a week. However, the offering is destined to grow: «Not only will the contents increase over time, but many of these will be constantly updated, to keep up with the times, and also the needs caused by Covid-19», announces Terzi. However, while it’s true that many workshops respond to the most pressing requests from companies, hit by the health emergency, it would be a mistake to think this method is suitable only for exceptional times. «The strength of this format is enclosed in its capability to adapt to the needs of all those people who, for professional reasons, don’t have the time to interrupt their activity for long periods of time, but perhaps have other times that can be exploited. Work trips come to mind, for example, for which the digital format is perfect. Also because those who enrol in a workshop, will then have the possibility to view it as often as they wish, and would not be so bound to the live session.We are convinced that this format is destined to remain and to increasingly become more important over time».

Animating this project, explains Terzi, «is the conviction that everything that serves to sustain innovation has its indisputable utility. We have set ourselves the task, and the objective, to inspire people and to help them put all this into practice».



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