Delving into the Integration of the Notion of Ecosystems in the Strategic Management of Technology




Inizio: Lug 22 | 12:15 pm

Fine : Lug 22 | 01:45 pm

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Via Lambruschini, 4B 20156 Milano MI

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Building BL26 – Room 0.19 (ground floor)
Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Via R. Lambruschini 4/B, 20156 Milano


Fabiano Armellini
Polytechnique Montréal



In the not-so-distant past, the field of strategic management was prolific in proposing tools and methods to help industrial practitioners and decision-makers structure the strategic decisions of companies, particularly in the technological field. Since Henry Mintzberg’s criticism of strategic planning as an oxymoron incapable of accounting for the complexity and unpredictability of real business environments, researchers in this area have turned to less pragmatic and less propositional research agendas. Despite this, businesses and practitioners continue to use strategic management tools developed in the “pre-Mintzberg” era. However, these tools do not take stock of recent advances and recent phenomena in the field of technology and innovation management, such as open innovation and ecosystems, which are not systematically taken into account through these tools. This seminar aims to present some recent efforts to bridge this gap between the theory and practice of strategic technology management.


Fabiano Armellini, eng. D.Sc., is a professor in the Department of Mathematics and Industrial Engineering and director of the Globalization and Management of Technology (GMT) research group at Polytechnique Montréal in Canada. He holds B.Eng., M.Sc. and D.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic School of University of São Paulo in Brazil. Prior to professorship, Dr. Armellini worked for 10 years as a practitioner in innovation management and product engineering, mainly in the aerospace and defense sectors, and is the co-founder of two successful consulting companies in the field. In research, Dr. Armellini coauthors more than 90 scientific publications and communications. His research interests lie on technology and innovation management, with a particular interest in the strategic management of open and collaborative innovation.



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