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Rosemary Addis
Executive Director of Impact Strategist


The combination of weaker financial institutions following the financial crisis, disruptive disintermediation-enabling technology and underlying socio-economic as well as cultural shifts, is challenging the paradigm of how finance will be provisioned in the future. New values, beyond profit maximization, are driving individual’s financial decisions.
Impact Investing refers to a strategy of asset allocation that intentionally finances initiatives that combine a measurable social and environmental impact along with economic sustainability.
The big crisis of capitalism in western economies is strictly related to the laceration between investment activities, corporations and social and collective welfare. The disruptive power of impact is strictly related to the rising awareness of the fact that we can no longer afford to assume the neutrality of finance and that the very nature of financial instruments has to be shaped according to the necessity to generate impactful solutions to emerging social problems.
After almost a decade in which the concept has attracted a peculiar mix of overenthusiasm and skepticism, impact investing is now peaking in public interest and gaining some factual consistency.
Rosemary Addis, global leader and strategist in impact investing, will discuss the policy implications to further develop the Impact Investing industry worldwide.

Rosemary Addis is a global leader and strategist in social innovation and investment.
As Executive Director of Impact Strategist she works with business, governments, foundations and strategists globally to find solutions to complex social issues and develop new value creation opportunities. Rosemary Addis established and Chairs Impact Investing Australia and the Australian Advisory Board on Impact Investing. In 2015 she was recognised for her contributions to innovation as one of the AFR/Westpac 100 Women of Influence.
Rosemary Addis represents Australia on the Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group (previously the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce), is a member of the OECD Expert Group on Impact Investment, Bridges Impact + Global Advisory Council and the NSW Government Social Investment Expert Advisory Group.

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