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Dr. Chiara Franzoni is Full Professor at the School of Management. Her research focuses on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship. Dr. Franzoni's research has been supported by the DG-Research of the European Commission, by the Ministry of Research and by research programs of the Sloan Fundation and of the Novo Nordisk Foundation. She has served in expert panels for policy making in science and technology. Her research has been published in numerous journals including Science, Research Policy, Journal of Management Studies, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Nature Biotechnology, and PNAS.


PHD: Economics and Management of Technology, Università di Bergamo.

Master of Science: Economics, Università di Brescia.

Academic course held at SOM

Organizzazione di Impresa

Organizzazione di Impresa

Economia e Organizzazione Aziendale

Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Innovation In Action Lab [Mod. 1]

Patents and Intellectual Property Management

Innovation In Action Lab [Mod. 1]

Patents and Intellectual Property Management

Innovation in Action Lab [Mod. 1]

Patents and Intellectual Property Management

Brevetti E Proprieta Industriale

Economics Of Network Industries

Brevetti e proprietà industriali

Economics of network industries


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Specializing masters


Dr. Franzoni is an economist of science. Her current research aims at improving the evaluation and selection of research, with a focus on novel and risky science. In prior work, she has studied the international mobility of scientists, citizens and crowd science, crowdfunding of entrepreneurial ventures and of scientific research projects. Her research is relevant for informing science and academic policies.

Relevant Publications

Defazio D.| Franzoni C.| Rossi-Lamastra C. (2021), "How Pro-social Framing Affects the Success of Crowdfunding Projects: The Role of Emphasis and Information Crowdedness", Journal of Business Ethics, 171, 357-378

Butticè V.| Caviggioli F.| Franzoni C.| Scellato G.| Stryszowski P.| Thumm N. (2020), "Counterfeiting in digital technologies: An empirical analysis of the economic performance and innovative activities of affected companies", Research Policy, 49

Sauermann Henry; Franzoni Chiara; Shafi Kourosh, "Crowdfunding scientific research. Descriptive insights and correlates of funding success", PLOSONE .10.1371.e.0208384, 14

Franzoni Chiara; Scellato Giuseppe Stephan Paula, "Context Factors and the Performance of Mobile Individuals in Research Teams", JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES, 34, 406-426

Butticé Vincenzo; Franzoni Chiara;| Rossi-Lamastra Cristina; Rovelli Paola, "The road to crowdfunding success: A review of the extant literature", Creating and Capturing Value through Crowdsourcing, 97-123

Mohammadi Ali;Brostrom Anders;Franzoni Chiara, "Workforce Composition and Innovation: How Diversity in Employees’ Ethnic and Educational Backgrounds Facilitates Firm-Level Innovativeness", THE JOURNAL OF PRODUCT INNOVATION MANAGEMENT, 34, 406-426

Franzoni Chiara; Sauermann Henry, "Crowd Science: The Organization of Scientific Research in Open Collaborative Projects", RESEARCH POLICY, 43, 1-20

Stephan Paula; Scellato Giuseppe; Franzoni Chiara, "Global Competition for Scientific Talent: Evidence from Location Decisions of PhDs and Postdocs in 16 Countries", INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE, 25, 457-485

Scellato Giuseppe;Franzoni Chiara;Stephan Paula, "Migrant scientists and international networks", RESEARCH POLICY, 44, 108-120

Colombo Massimo G.;Franzoni Chiara;Rossi Lamastra Cristina, "Internal social capital and the attraction of early contributions in crowdfunding", ENTREPRENEURSHIP THEORY AND PRACTICE, 39, 75-100

Sauermann Henry;Franzoni Chiara, "Crowd science user contribution patterns and their implications", PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 112, 679-684

Colombo Massimo G.;Franzoni Chiara;Rossi Lamastra Cristina, "Cash from the crowd", SCIENCE, 348, 1201

Franzoni Chiara;Sauermann Henry, "Crowd science: The organization of scientific research in open collaborative projects", RESEARCH POLICY, 43, 1-20

Franzoni Chiara;Scellato Giuseppe;Stephan Paula, "The mover's advantage: The superior performance of migrant scientists", ECONOMICS LETTERS, 122, 879-893

Forti Enrico; Franzoni Chiara; Sobrero Maurizio, "The Effect of Patenting on the Networks and Connections of Academic Scientists", RESEARCH POLICY, 42, 1378-1388

Franzoni Chiara; Scellato Giuseppe Stephan Paula, "Foreign Born Scientists: Mobility Patterns for Sixteen Countries", NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY, 30, 1250-1253

Franzoni Chiara; Scellato Giuseppe Stephan Paula, "Changing Incentives to Publish", SCIENCE, 333, 702

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • 2010 Emerald Citation of Excellence for the Best 50 management papers of 2009. Award received for the paper "Do Scientists Get Fundamental Research Ideas by solving practical problems", published in ICC.
  • 2018 Richard R. Nelson Award Prize (shared with Henry Sauermann) for article “Crowd Science: The Organization of Scientific Research in Open Collaborative Projects” published in Research Policy in 2014
  • 2014 DRUID Conference Best Paper Award for the paper “Participation dynamics in crowd-based knowledge production: The scope and sustainability of interest-based motivation”. Coauthored with Henry Sauermann.
  • 2008 Intel Best Paper Prize, Academy of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Beijing, China. Award received for a conference version of the paper “Papers in the Drawer. Estimating patent-publication lags in Europe and US”, Research Policy

Service to the community

  • Programme Director - Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 01/09/2015 - 30/09/2022
  • Reviewer for Science, Research Policy, Management Science, Industrial and Corporate Change, Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of Business Venturing, Long Range Planning, Small Business Economics
  • Member of the Expert Committee on Counterfeiting of the Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MISE) 2018- to date
  • Planning Committee for Improving Federal Science Funding Outcomes: Process Experimentation and Evaluation. National Academies of Sciences Engineering and Medicine, Washington, DC. 2022-23
  • Panelist, Research on Research, Volkswagen Foundation, 2023- to date.

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