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Management Academy addresses professionals, entrepreneurs and managers who want to develop the analytical, strategic and operative skill the market requires, without renouncing to their job.


Shared Services – the cost-optimized delivery of functional services within an enterprise – is the recognized global strategy for most companies.

Organizations have pursued Global Business Services (GBS) as a key driver, not only to reduce costs and improve service quality levels, but to fundamentally transform the way business is done.

Today, the pressure on GBS to drive value year on year continues to grow. Digital technologies have matured and GBS, with its end-to-end view on process and technology, is in the best place to drive digital transformation to create considerable value.

This course will help GBS senior executives, managers, team leaders, employees to become certified industry experts in the fast growing GBS industry, as well as to improve profitability and digitize business operations in their companies.


Learn as you go is our new digital educational programme designed to provide ideas, “actionable” skills and tools that can be applied immediately in your professional environment to help organisations recover rapidly, particularly as a result of the current health emergency.

In the online workshops into which the Learn as you go programme is divided, through active engagement, participants can take inspiration from relevant topics, connect with managers, other professionals and entrepreneurs, and, at the same time, acquire specific skills which can be put to good use in their professions.

To be scheduled from June to December 2020, two types of digital workshops are available: Inspiring and Empowering.


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