A Top MBA program designed with Top Companies

The International Full Time MBA program is now offered in Official Partnership with International and National Companies offering key involvement through project works, company sponsorships and placement opportunities. The list of MBA Partner Companies includes BCG, Bip, Danieli, Electrolux, L’Oréal, Lyreco, Luxottica, Oracle, SC Johnson, Successori Reda, Talent Garden, Team System, Unicredit, Vodafone.

*Starting from the 2022 intake – only in case of visa delays, travel barriers or other specific issues – it will be possible to join classes online only until December 31st.

Location: Milan

Language: English

Format: Full-time*

Intake: Fall 2022

Length: 12 months

Required degree: 3 years Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS) and 3 years of work experience

Tuition fee: € 39,000
Company Sponsorship of € 5,000 available to all candidates, funded by MBA Partner Companies

MBA Admissions Main Contacts
Tel : +39 02 2399 2820
WhatsApp: +39 345 0021751
Email : infomasters@mip.polimi.it


Here are the top 5 Reasons why the International MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano will be a game-changer for you.


The International MBA program is offered in official collaboration with multinational and Italian companies offering company sponsorships as well as project work and job opportunities to candidates. The program is redesigned by and for companies to prepare the "manager of the future" who is capable of solving the cross-functional, multidimensional and complex problems that the corporate world of today faces.
The MBA Partner Companies will have key involvement in the program right from the start through networking events, mentorship, business seminars and funding opportunities for candidates.

  • Designed to train the ‘manager of the future’ capable of addressing cross functional, multi-dimensional and complex problems
  • Focus on new and emerging technologies in management
  • Unique Training Formula: technological Know-how combined with managerial skills
  • 4 Fundamental Elements: analytical approach to problem solving, innovation & futuristic technology, balance of hard and soft skills, close collaboration with companies
  • Diversified Teaching Methodology: digital learning, interactive lessons, business cases, group activities, business seminars by companies, outdoor training, assessment centre, business games and business plan
  • Focus on specialising in new-age management specialisations: Nine different boot camps to join and learn from
  • During the MBA program students will have the opportunity to experience an intensive one-week study tour in the Silicon Valley, whose purpose is to expose students to its ecosystem and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and cutting-edge topics
  • Small class size with an optimal teacher-student ratio and effective peer-to-peer learning
  • Opportunity to learn the Italian language during the program

MIP's Career Development Office (CDO) is one-of-a-kind and is dedicated to providing a highly personalised service to each MBA student. The CDO provides guidance and assistance so as to best prepare the candidate for the recruitment process with the MBA Partner Companies as well as all the companies in our network. The CDO’s goal is to provide the MBA students with the right opportunities to grow in their post-MBA career.

Our Mission

To provide MBA students with focused career development support tools for reconfirming, realigning and self-defining contextual career decisions.

To support students in developing their competitive advantage in the post-MBA recruitment processes.

Job Opportunties Sources
New Job Opportunities found by Career Service/School: 61%
New Job Opportunities found by graduates: 39%

Project Work Locations
7% outside Italy
93% inside Italy


The current International MBA class is composed of 19 different nationalities with candidates coming from different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. The experience is truly international thanks to the many short- and long-term exchange opportunities in France, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, India, Australia, USA and UK.


The International MBA at MIP is also a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program offers the platform to build on your own entrepreneurial idea and test it in front of real investors and business angels. Candidates will have access to PoliHub - Politecnico di Milano's in-house start-up incubator to develop their own business venture or new product idea, ranked second in Europe and in the TOP 5 in the world by UBI Global.



Analysing the business and the context: develop the tools for understanding the basics of an organisation and analyse its results in the light of the context in which it operates.


Managing business activities and processes: know how the main processes and functions of an organisation operate and what are the keys to success.


Planning innovation and transformation: understanding how companies and new ventures can plan and manage business transformation and innovation.


Realising innovation and transformation: understand how companies and new ventures can dynamically implement corporate transformation and innovation activities.


There are 4 possible areas of specialisation for your diploma:

  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Startup Development:
    understand the challenges of digital and entrepreneurial innovation, bringing an entrepreneurial perspective to problem analysis; we address the issue of digital and process innovation from a
    start-up point of view and focus on the challenges of family businesses.
  • Digital Transformation & Big Data:
    understand how digital transformation is extensively revolutionising the processes of companies and their business models and how the new revolution provided by data could represent the new oil for business success.
  • Luxury & Design Management:
    you will get to know the main management logics and the major critical success factors in the luxury and design sectors, and analyse all the main value processes with the support of companies, from the generation of an idea to its diffusion.
  • Global & Sustainable Management:
    learn about the main future challenges that an enlightened manager and leader will not only have to manage but also bestride for the sustainable expansion of their business.

As a MBA candidate, you will have the opportunity to develop your Project Work as a:

  • In-company Internship
  • Consulting Project
  • Academic Research
  • Business Plan

As an in-company internship and consulting project, you will work full-time on the task project assigned by the companies, helping them to solve a particular business problem. As a Research Project, you will have the
opportunity to work with a professor of our Faculty on an innovative academic research. As a Business Plan, you will have the opportunity to present your business idea and develop it with the support of a Tutor  selected by the school.



Academic study is only one part of what we see as complete development for the MBA participant. During the MBA Program, students will also acquire soft skills and tools that will help them not only to make the most of their personal investment in the MBA, but also continue to develop relational capabilities throughout their career.  

CleanTech Challenge

Every year, MIP participates in the Clean Technology Challenge, a student competition hosted jointly by London Business School and University College London that seeks to encourage ideas for the generation of new sources of sustainable energy, increase the efficiency of the existing generation and develop new, easily adopted products that will result in lower energy consumption. For the past three years running, MIP teams have entered the finals.

MIP 4 Entrepreneurs

An MBA at MIP is also a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Ideas that pass the feasibility check will be granted with three months (final Project Work) of full service business incubation in PoliHUB:  The start-up incubator & district of Politecnico di Milano

  • 3,000 square metres of new facilities at walking distance from MIP
  • An environment hosting currently more than 40 start-ups and young entrepreneurs
  • Ranked #3 among University Incubators worldwide by UBI Index

The MIP faculty is made up of professors with extremely diverse professional and educational backgrounds, further complemented by a dedicated teaching staff.

Faculty members, many of whom are succesful professionals in their own right, draw on their own consulting work and the immense research facilities of the Politecnico di Milano to provide, up-to-date, diverse and relevant material for lectures and business cases, and routinely strive to be readily accessible to students, and to make classroom time a rewarding and excting experience.

Additionaly, the faculty is composed of a large number of international members, which is further representative of the highly gloablised environment of the school.

How long is the MBA program and when does it start?

The MBA program begins in September of each year and has a duration of 12 months.

In what language is the MBA held?

The MBA course is held entirely in English, however we recognise the importance of speaking Italian and therefore we provide, as part of the course, Italian language lessons during the Basics in Action phase.
For Italians or students with complete fluency in Italian, we offer Business English courses.

What is the expected personal commitment?

MBA students are expected to give priority to their MBA studies. Generally, they will be involved in classes for around 6 hours a day. Apart from classroom sessions, MIP places great importance on complementary curricula and students should view this as an opportunity for further growth and practical experience.
These activities include field experiences such as in-company projects, business games, entrepreneurial projects and competitions, as well as business seminars with company representatives and alumni talks. Attendance is compulsory for most of these activities.

What are the teaching methods used?

The International MBA is a program which responds to today’s business needs. The unique training formula combines technological know-how with management skills and incorporates 4 fundamental elements:

Analytical approach to problem solving.

Innovation and technology.

Development of interpersonal and soft skills to create well-rounded candidates.

Close collaboration with our wide company network.

The diversified teaching methodologies include: interactive lessons, business cases, group activities, business seminars, outdoor training, assessment centre, business games and business plan.

What is the exam structure like?

Each core subject and concentration finishes with a final exam and an evaluation will also be made of the Project Work based on the feedback of the in-company tutor and MIP tutor. Students will also give a final presentation on their own Project Work. Grading is according to the Italian system.

Are Pre-Courses available?

All students undertaking the MBA will be sent online pre-courses to update their skills and knowledge prior to beginning the MBA. These courses need to be finished before course commencement; however, the students may follow them in their own time and at their own pace.

Will I be able to learn Italian?

Just living in Italy presents so many possibilities for learning Italian and each person’s progress will depend greatly on the effort they put in. MIP also offers students the encouragement and assistance needed to gain confidence in the language, providing Italian classes. Over the years, MIP has had many MBA students from all sorts of language backgrounds who have achieved excellence in the language.

Will I be able to attend an exchange program with another School?

Yes! We have a range of exchanges available and these vary in duration from 1 week to 3 months. There is also a dual degree program, where participants are awarded two qualifications from two institutions. In the shorter programs, students will undertake some electives during the exchange. Our partner schools come from the world over and we are constantly seeking out new agreements to offer our students a wide choice in terms of country, duration and the types of electives to study.
For an updated partner schools list – see the section International Partners.

Do I need a computer?

We recommend that each student has their own laptop for their own convenience. It is not an essential item at school since study areas are provided with PCs, however, students may be required to do homework on a laptop.

What type of degree/title will I obtain upon graduation?

Upon graduation, candidates obtain the First Level University Specializing Master from Politecnico di Milano which is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and it is issued under the autonomous responsibility of Politecnico di Milano.

Candidates are advised to check with the relevant authorities in their home countries regarding the validity/recognition of this title in their home countries.

How much do pre-courses / Italian language courses cost?

There is absolutely no additional cost for either of these courses.

Will I have to buy didactic materials?

No, you will be provided with these by the MBA Program Office. There will also be no extra charge for books as the cost is covered in the fee.



MIP Career Services is one-of-a-kind and is dedicated to providing a highly personalised service to each International MBA student.

Career Service activities and support span the whole program and also continue post-MBA in the form of guidance and assistance during the recruitment process, with a view to providing MBA students with the right experience and opportunities to grow their post-MBA career.

Company network

MIP enjoys collaboration with a broad company network (examples below). As a part of its Career Service activities, MIP engages companies and representatives in Project Work, Business Plan, various managerial seminars and in-class presentations and post-MBA recruitment activities.

  • Amazon
  • BNP Paribas
  • Bosch
  • Edison
  • Eli Lilly
  • ENI
  • Ernst & Young
  • FCA Fiat Chrysler
  • Ferrari
  • Ferrero Group
  • General Electrics
  • Gucci
  • IBM
  • L'Oréal
  • LVMH
  • Microsoft
  • Procter&Gamble
  • Vodafone
  • Whirlpool
CDO Activities

# of companies involved: ca. 400
# Career Workshops: 14
# of Career Days: 3
# of PW offered: 105
# of interviews organized: 560
Average of interviews per student: 9

Project Work

Not the “usual internship”, Project Work is a full-time, three-month experience working inside a company or consultancy firm and is an opportunity for students to experiment and apply the content learnt during the classroom component of the course to real-life situations. Students have set tasks to complete and goals to fulfil, and the project is tailored to meet both the needs of the company and the student.
Project Work can be considered the first step into an MBA career as these positions may actually lead to a job offer in the host company at the completion of the project.
About 13% of project work experiences are held abroad, while 87% take place in Italy.


MBA Placement Statistics

  • Post-Graduation Placement: 83% of graduates seeking employment found a new job within three months after graduation
  • Job Sector Change: 63%

Top Recruiters

  • Astrazeneca
  • AVON
  • British American Tobacco
  • Carrefour
  • Costa Crociere
  • Deloitte
  • Edenred
  • ENI
  • EY
  • Generali
  • Google
  • Heineken
  • Hyundai
  • L’Oreal
  • Moncler
  • Nestle
  • Novartis
  • Ogilvy&Mother
  • René Caovilla
  • Whilrpool

Job Opportunities Sources

New Job Opportunities found by Career Service/School: 61%
New Job Opportunities found by graduates: 39%

Post-MBA Compensation*

Average Post-MBA Base Salary: USD 75,000
Average Base Salary Increase after graduation : 58%
Return on Investment: 1 year


The Return on Investment may be one of the criteria candidates look at when choosing an MBA program. Have a look at the article “Measuring ROI” from AccessMBA to learn more about how this indicator may be helpful to you when deciding on your future path.
We are available to help you calculate your ROI for the MIP MBA. For more information, please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it

Payback: value for money. According to the Financial Times, European schools are on average better value for money than the rest of the world: the number of years it would take alumni to pay off their fees if they were to use all of their salary three years after graduation is on average 1.54 in Europe, with Italian alumni able to pay quickest (in 1.23 years) right after the Belgians.

The International MBA experience is in itself a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and Personal Development is a key program component. The Personal Development (PD) sequence runs throughout the MBA and is closely linked to the work of the Career Service. The activities carried out by PD support the academic component of the course through assisting students in acquiring the skills needed for applying the classroom-learnt conceptual models and to continue independently with their lifelong learning.

Personal Development activities
include the following:

  • Personal Development lectures
  • Public speaking workshops
  • 1-2-1 interviews and personalised feedback sessions
  • CV writing skills
  • Development of job search strategies
  • Language courses in Italian or English taught by certified professionals
  • Outdoor Training or off-campus team-building activities designed to develop soft skills



Admission to the MBA is limited to a predetermined number of students. This ensures the optimal development of each student while enriching the group’s learning process. All elements of the online application are carefully studied, so we highly recommend that you fill it out carefully and provide us with any extra material you believe might help your candidature.

  • Fill in the form on www.applyformasters.net
  • Upload the following documents:
    • CV in English
    • University Degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
    • Official University Transcripts
    • GMAT/GRE score if available (optional but highly recommended)*
    • Certificate of English Proficiency*
    • Motivational statement**
    • 2 Letters of Reference (optional)
    • Copy of Passport or ID
    • Digital Picture
  • Pay the Application Fee (EUR 150)

* If you wish to send your scores directly to MIP, please note that our school code is 7455

**Choose the format that works for you. 
To explain your motivations for undertaking an MBA and show the Admissions Committee that you are the right fit for MIP, you can decide to submit either a traditional essay or a slide presentation (there is no prescribed minimum or maximum length for either) as a motivational statement. Please make sure to convert your piece (Word or PowerPoint) into a PDF file to upload it on the application platform.


You will be informed whether you have been selected for the Motivational Interview and MIP Test by our admissions team in due time.

(Candidates with a valid GMAT score of 590 or higher will not have to sit for the MIP Test)


Once the Admissions Team receives feedback from the interviewer, your application will be evaluated and then presented to the Admissions Committee, who then decides whether to accept or reject each candidate. The selection is based on the evaluation of the professional and academic background, motivational interview performance with the Admissions Team and an aptitude test score (GMAT/GRE/MIP Test). The selection process assesses the profile of the individual candidate while taking into account the composition of the MBA class, which must be consistent with the quality and diversity the school requires. Acceptance is based on the ability to excel, not only academically, but also in the business community and the school does not provide individual answers to non-admitted candidates. You will be advised by e-mail of the final decision on your application.


Upon receipt of the admission offer, you will be required to pay the first instalment of EUR 7000 within 15 days from date of receipt of the offer letter should you wish to confirm your participation to the program (a short extension of this deadline can be requested in case you are applying for an education loan, external scholarship etc. or any other viable reason).

MIP has partnered with Flywire to accept payments from international students worldwide. Easily and securely make education payments in your own currency, using local payment methods from the safety and convenience of your home. With real-time tracking and 24x7 multilingual support, millions of students and families around the world trust Flywire for payment processing.
Watch this video to see how it works!


The ideal candidate has developed skills through professional experience and is looking to expand their skill set and extend their knowledge through meaningful study and practical work. Candidates should be ready to stretch their minds and be challenged in real-world business situations and should possess the talent and motivation to excel in their chosen careers. Ambition, independence and humility are also highly desirable characteristics and finally, we are looking for people who are highly motivated to bring their own personal contribution to the class and to promote diversity.

What are the requirements for applying?

MBA candidates must possess, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree, 3 years of work experience, and fluency in the English language.

In order to make an application, candidates must supply the following:

  • Online Application
  • €150 application fee (non-refundable)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copy of university degree or equivalent from an accredited institution
  • Copy of official university transcripts
  • GMAT score (MIP school code 7455) or GRE (optional)
  • MIP test score 
  • Certificate of English Proficiency. We accept TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English (C1) or Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) (MIP school code 7455). Exceptions will be made for native speakers and certain candidates with previous experience living, working or studying in an English-speaking context.
  • 2 letters of reference
What are the application deadlines?

Application deadlines may vary from year to year, but usually the final deadline is July 15th of the same year. Please note that we are processing applications on a rolling basis. Due to the limited number of seats available in the class, applications may close even before the final deadline. Non-EU candidates need to apply at least 3 months before the program start.

How will I be notified of my admissions decision and when?

Admission is on a rolling basis, therefore each application is processed in the order that it is received. Furthermore, earlier applications are given preference over later ones. The decision whether to award admission to the MBA is communicated via email within roughly 2 weeks of the application being completed (that is, the interview has been done and all outstanding requirements and documents have been provided). Generally financial aid is also announced at the same time, unless other arrangements have been made.

What is the selection process based on?

Successful candidates should, in particular, demonstrate the following characteristics in their application:

  • Meaningful professional experience
  • Successful academic record
  • A humble attitude and openness to learn
  • Well-developed interpersonal skills
  • Maturity and self-motivation
  • Commitment to self-improvement
  • Drive to achieve full potential
  • A passion for knowledge
  • Strong motivation to make own personal contribution to the class
  • Cultural sensitivity
How can I submit the application?

All applications have to be submitted online on www.applyformasters.net. If you would like any sort of assistance with the application, don’t hesitate to contact us directly at infomasters@mip.polimi.it. We are happy to provide you with individual and personalised guidance.

Can I apply again if my application is not accepted?

You may apply the following year with a new application.

Is there a minimum required GMAT/GRE score?

GMAT and GRE scores are not compulsory for admission to the program. However, they are recommended for scholarships consideration.

What is the MIP test?

The MIP test is MIP’s own admissions exam that must be taken compulsorily in addition to the motivational interview that candidates must sit. The MIP test is composed of business case analysis, logic-based test and data interpretation test. It is conducted online or on-campus depending on the availability of the candidate.

Which degrees do you accept?

Bachelor degrees in just about any discipline are acceptable. The final decision will be made also based on what type of work experience the candidate has accrued.

Will I have to take the TOEFL/IELTS tests?

You can choose which English certificate you would like to take. Generally they have a validity of 2 years. Some candidates may be exempted from providing the English certificate if they are native English speakers or can demonstrate that they have extensive experience working, living or studying in an English-speaking environment.

Do I have to come to the School for my interview?

If you are located near the school or visiting Milan, we would be most happy to receive you on campus for your interview. However, given the international nature of the student body, this is not feasible in most cases. We therefore conduct interviews via Skype using a webcam.


Download Brochure


MBA Admissions 
Tel: +39 02 2399 2820
E-mail: infomasters@mip.polimi.it


MBA students at MIP Politecnico di Milano participate in a number of exchange programs with management schools and universities around Europe and the rest of the world. Furthermore, MIP is offering the Dual Degree program in conjunction with MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Boston. At the end of the Dual Program, you will be awarded the MBA Diploma from MIP Politecnico di Milano and a Master’s degree in Supply Chain and Logistics from the MIT Supply Chain Management Program. Discover the MBA Exchange Agreement or find out more about the Supply Chain Management program offered by MIT.

During the MBA program, participants are also given the opportunity to attend some courses abroad thanks to our International Exchange Program.

Our Partner Business Schools are:

  • Beijing University of Aeronautics & Astonautics, BUAA (Beijing, China)
  • Lingnan University College (Guangzhou, China)
  • IIM Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow, India)
  • Sun Yat Sen National Taiwan College of Business, SYSNTCB (Taiwan, China)
  • Shanghai University of Finance & Economics (Shanghai, China)
  • School of Inspired Leadership (Gurgaon, India)
  • School of Management and Economics - University of Electronic Science and Technology (Chengdu, China)
  • XJTU - School of Management, Xi’an Jiaotong University (Xi’an, China)
  • Audencia (Nantes, France)
  • EM Lyon Business School (Lyon, France)
  • IE Business School (Madrid, Spain)
  • IAE - Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management (Aix-en-Provence, France)
  • IESEG (Lille, France)
  • Lomonosov MSUBS (Moscow, Russia)
  • NEOMA Business School (Mont-Saint-Aignan, France)
  • Nyenrode Business University (Amsterdam and Breukelen, Netherlands)
  • University of Brighton (Brighton, UK)
  • University of St. Gallen (St. Gallen, Switzerland)
  • Universidad del CEMA (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Dual Degree Program with

  • MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics (Boston, USA)
  • Macquarie Graduate School of Management (MGSM) (Australia)


The current International MBA class is composed of 24 different nationalities with candidates coming from different academic, professional and cultural backgrounds. The experience is truly international thanks to the many short- and long-term exchange opportunities in France, Mexico, China, India, USA, UK, Russia, Netherlands, Uruguay and Australia.
Each exchange may last from one week to 3 months in duration. In general, tuition fee and the cost of program materials are waived. Students only pay for their own travel, lodging, health insurance and any other incidental costs.

The International MBA at MIP is also a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. The program offers the platform to build on your own entrepreneurial idea and test it in front of real investors and business angels. Candidates will have access to PoliHub – Politecnico di Milano’s in-house start-up incubator to develop their own business venture or new product idea, ranked second in Europe and third in the world by UBI Global.

Agreements may be subject to change. Please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it for the most updated information.

“I spent 3 months in one of the top business schools in France: EM Lyon.
This long exchange gave me the opportunity to understand French culture, which I believe is very important for doing business in France. They have a wide variety of electives to choose from and there are a lot of exchange students from all over the world, so I felt very at home. The school is an hour’s drive from the Alps and I joined a skiing trip with the class that made us a little closer. I enjoyed all the facilities the school has to offer and expanded my network. I strongly recommend to any incoming students that they participate in one of these exchanges and take the opportunity to make their profile more international.” – JAYADEEP AKKIREDDY, INDIA – MBA 2012

Exchange programs

Students can take part in courses offered by the business schools of the MIP International Network. These exchanges provide participants with exposure to an interesting panel of topics and a different educational approach.

Silicon Valley Experience

During the MBA program students will have the opportunity to experience an intensive one-week study tour in Silicon Valley designed in collaboration with Business Association Italy America (BAIA), a business network created by and for professionals operating between Italy and the United States. The study tour offers unique and invaluable business and cultural insights into one of the most innovative and fast-growing environments: San Francisco and the Silicon Valley. The purpose of the trip is to expose students to the Silicon Valley ecosystem and deepen their understanding of entrepreneurship and other current hot topics through meetings with executives, company visits and cultural excursions. Students will visit start-ups and business accelerators (e.g. Plug & Play Tech Center), large corporations (e.g. IBM Almaden Research Center), venture capital firms, incubators and academic institution (e.g. Stanford Center for Professional Development) to gain a broader perspective on the process of taking an idea to the market and scaling a company. Whether you want to launch your own venture or add entrepreneurial thinking to your toolkit, the Silicon Valley Week in the MBA Program will give you completely new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship, networks and innovation.*

*The description refers to the 2016 edition of the study tour. Slight changes may occur for future editions.

Doing Business In

The Doing Business In Modules allow students to participate in an intensive full week at IPADE, Mexico or at BUAA, China.

The module Doing Business in Mexico brings together renowned lecturers, international experts and distinguished faculty members from several countries to learn about the countries that are considered as Emerging Markets, the role that they all play in the actual globalized world and their impact in the world's economy. The program includes academic sessions, conferences, company visits and one networking event.
The module Doing Business in China includes lectures (Beihang University), cultural activities and company visits, aiming to provide participants with a broad knowledge of the Chinese economic scenario and of the Chinese way of doing business.

Dual Degree Program with MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics
The dual degree program makes it possible to undertake studies in two schools in two different countries and enjoy all that both cultures have to offer, not to mention gain exposure to two ways of doing business and two different networks of professionals.
International MBA candidates can opt for the Dual Degree program option with MIT Center of Transportation & Logistics, Boston, USA and attend a year in the USA after completion of the MBA at MIP Politecnico di Milano. The dual degree option is recommended for candidates with a strong interest in the supply chain and logistics area.
Upon completion, participants are awarded a degree from both the institutions: Master of Business Administration (MBA) from MIP Politecnico di Milano and Master in Supply Chain Management and Logistics from MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics.


  • Requirements. The application link will be provided after the pre-check of your CV. English proficiency certificate, GMAT or MIT internal test and admission letter from MIP for one of the MBA programs are required.
  • Application cycle. Candidates can apply to the dual degree once they have been admitted to the MBA program. Alternatively, candidates can apply during the study period at MIP if they wish to.
  • Fee. The MIT tuition fee will be in addition to the MIP tuition fee.

For more information on practical details and application procedure, please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it

Would you like to know more about the Dual Degree program directly from our alumni, click on From MIP to MIT – 3rd of October to find out more!


Contact our Alumni, they’ll be glad to share their #MIPexperience!


Be inspired by the words of the MBA alumni: listen to the Podcasts!



The International Full Time MBA tution fee is €37,000, with all candidates being eligible for a Company Sponsorship of €5,000 by our MBA Partner Companies.

Candidates can avail an early-bird discount of €2000 by submitting their applications before 25th February 2022.


Our Financial Aid Program makes MIP’s International Full Time MBA more accessible to deserving candidates; this ranges from merit-based tuition fee contributions to company sponsorships.
In the form of tuition fee reductions, Financial Aid may cover up to 50% of the tuition fee.

Please note that we do not offer any full scholarships. The DSU and other scholarships offered by Politecnico di Milano and the Italian Government are not applicable for MIP’s programmes.

For further information please visit the dedicated webpage.

Applications for financial aid:

Early applications are given priority with regard to Financial Assistance and Tuition Fee Contributions, which are primarily merit-based. Early applications may also qualify for the Early-Bird discount.

Tuition fee contributions can be combined with other scholarships, awards, or financial support received for the MBA from public or private organisations and companies, as long as the total amount does not exceed the total registration fee; candidates must self-certify that the total fee has not been exceeded due to the sum of contributions received.
If you are being sponsored by your company, please write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it for further details.

The criteria for provision of tuition fee contributions may change from one year to the next and are at the school’s discretion. However, beneficiaries must comply with all conditions for the whole duration of the MBA program and rights to benefit from contributions depend upon regular completion of the program.

Visit the dedicated webpage to find the complete list of the financial aid opportunities currently available (refer to the tab Contributions).


The School of Management is EQUIS accredited by the European Foundation for Management Development.
This accreditation highlights MIP Politecnico di Milano’s commitment to providing a highly international education that caters to the need of the modern managerial students.
Politecnico di Milano School of Management has received accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA) for achieving what AMBA describes as the highest standard in Postgraduate Business Education for EMBA and MBA programmes.
This accreditation establishes the School MBA programmes firmly amongst the best in the world and informs employers of the high standards of its graduates.
The School is among the just over 100 schools in the world with postgraduate courses in business administration to possess the international certification AACSB – Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, in addition to the EQUIS and AMBA certifications. With this milestone SoM has achieved the “Triple crown”, namely the three most prestigious international awards for Business Schools.
The Economist Full-time MBA Ranking 2021
MIP is listed in the 2021 Economist Global ranking dedicated to the best Full Time Master of Business Administration (MBA) programmes in the world. At a European level, the school is the only
one in the ranking among technical universities with a Business School or Management Departmen
QS Global MBA Rankings 2021
MIP’s International Full-Time MBA is ranked at the 33rd position in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2021 for the European region.
Financial Times Best European Business Schools 2020
For the eighth consecutive year, the Financial Times has recognised the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano as among the best schools in Europe.
The school, in fact, has been ranked 41st in Europe and once again four courses are listed – of which three are Masters: Full-time MBA (38th in Europe), Executive MBA, Master in Management and Executive Education.
2021 Global MBA Rankings América Economía
The Master of Business Administration from MIP Politecnico di Milano is listed in the 2021 Global MBA Rankings of América Economía.
Eduniversal Best Masters and MBA Rankings 2019
International MBA – Ranked No. 28 in the MBA full time in Western Europe Eduniversal Rankings.
CEO Magazine’s MBA Rankings 2019
The Master of Business Administration from MIP Politecnico di Milano is listed in the 2019 Global MBA Rankings Tier One of the CEO Magazine.
Bloomberg Businessweek Ranking
MIP is ranked 21st in the 2019 Europe Ranking
CNN Expansion 2018
MIP’s MBA Programme has moved up from the 71st to the 64th position this year, out of the 100 top business schools in the world ranked by CNN Expansion 2018.
Expansion 2021
MIP is ranked 29th out of the 40 top business schools in the world listed in the 2021 Expansion ranking.
MIP is ranked number 1 in Italy for closeness to companies.


A Top MBA program designed with Official Partner Companies

The International Full-Time MBA program is now offered in Official Partnership with International and Italian Companies offering key involvement through project work, company sponsorships and placement opportunities. 

We turn the future into a part of you.

We offer highly personalised services with the objective of developing the necessary skills, tools and strategy and expanding your professional network, to help you succeed in today’s complex and competitive global job market.


Why do an MBA on a campus when you can have one of Europe’s most vibrant cities at your feet? To let you really get to know Milan and to get a 24-hours-a-day experience of your MBA, we will open up an ecosystem of opportunities to enable you to experience the city in all its facets. You will have partnerships with restaurants and recreational venues at your disposal, dedicated co-working spaces in key areas of Milan, a travel pass to allow you to move around the city, bike- and car-sharing agreements to get around as you wish, discounts on cultural and recreational events, partnerships with gyms and fitness areas, and much, much more!

Studying in Milan and at MIP Politecnico di Milano is a unique and rewarding experience. In addition to the study program, students participate in a wide range of exciting activities, events and experiences that enrich and enhance their own personal journey.

Living and studying in Milan offers a broad exposure to an international business community and opens up an array of opportunities thanks to its rich entrepreneurial network and the wide variety of sectors present in the territory. Home to 400 banks and major industrial companies, Milan is often described as the “Locomotive of Italy”; it is at the heart of a manufacturing system that generates 21% of Italy’s GDP and its strong economic base has made it one of Italy’s most influential cities.

Milan is also an international centre for the fashion industry and a world leader in design. Here the ingrained manufacturing tradition is flanked by a culture of progress and experimentation, enterprise and production. It is a cultural city at the forefront of modern Italy where the most important events, shows and exhibitions take place. Trade fairs are an important resource of the city which allow enterprises, particularly small and medium ones, to connect with international markets.

This city possesses an efficient infrastructure system and its well-developed road, rail and airport connections make it a major tourist destination in Europe.
Milan is known for being a dynamic city which, even after 2,000 years of history, is still evolving. And yet in this constant change, where new buildings are replacing the old ones, there is a balance between the rich historical heritage and modernity. And this is what makes Milan unique in Italy: a combination of both new and old.

What is the cost of living in Milan?

The cost of living is comparable to that of many other important European capitals. We recommend that students budget for around EUR 1.000 per month; however, these costs will vary depending on each person’s personal spending habits. Ask infomasters@mip.polimi.it for a breakdown of monthly living costs.

Where is MIP located in Milan?

MIP is located in the north-west of Milan at the Bovisa site, a brand new campus just 2 train stops from the centre of Milan. It is also well serviced by buses and trams.

Where can I stay during my studies?

MIP has a range of agreements with various residences around Milan, each with fast and easy access to the Bovisa campus, or we can assist you in finding short-term private accommodation. Visit the International Students Office page to find out more.


Meet our representatives in your country, join our online presentations or visit our campus and attend an MBA Class!

Stay tuned on our Events page!

Our Marketing Representatives travel around the world to participate at events and fairs. We can organise a 20-minute personalised info-session for you.

To book a place, click on the link below to fill out the booking form and one of our representatives will contact you to fix an appointment.

Can I visit you and talk in more detail with someone about the program?

If you would like to have a campus tour and meet with our representatives personally, please contact us at infomasters@mip.polimi.it. We will be happy to arrange a time to see you on campus or alternatively arrange a Skype/phone info-session.

Can I sit in on a lesson?

Yes, just ask us in advance to arrange a time. Usually there is no problem in attending a lesson, however there are certain times of the year that are not always suitable for this.

Can I contact you over Skype?

Our recruitment representatives are happy to arrange a time to speak to you over Skype. Contact infomasters@mip.polimi.it to arrange a call.

How can I contact current students or alumni in my area or future industry?

We are happy to put you in contact with our alumni. We ask that you send us a copy of your curriculum vitae so that we might find someone with similar experience or background for you to speak to.

Am I able to speak to any Admissions Representatives in my country or region?

Admission representatives and alumni regularly travel the world attending Masters fairs in order to meet with students and answer questions about our programmes. If you would like to speak to an Admissions Representative in person, book an infosession or write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it.


ISO strives to provide a tailor made service to each international candidate and enrolled student by assisting with enrollment and non-academic matters.


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