MIT – Master in Management of Research, Innovation and Technology

A master designed to shape a new kind of Research and Innovation manager

MIT has been designed to shape a new kind of Research and Innovation manager, one who is capable of overseeing the entire value chain for an R&I project, especially at European level, from the strategic planning phase, through the operational design process, to the implementation and the management of the project.

This course was designed in collaboration with Netval, a network of universities and research centres that provides a forum for cooperation and exchange of information in research.

Place: Milan

Language: Italian

Format: Part-time

Course start:

Length: 18 moths

Tuition Fee: € 11.500 (no VAT)

Admission Office
Antonietta Ardisia
Tel : +39 02 2399 2872
Email : ardisia@mip.polimi.it


  • MIT is unique in Italy for its distinctive content, the high professional experience of those participating and the first class faculty teaching on the program.
  • MIT produces professionals who can coordinate and manage research groups and research projects, while also being able to work within the requirements of a given local context and the companies that operate in that area.
  • MIT also trains experts in Innovation and Research & Development, who can interpret and promote the ongoing transformations to the management of these critical processes.
  • MIT offers a well-balanced blend of theoretical concepts, background knowledge and the practical application of innovative management models and instruments.
  • MIT makes full use of the distinctive competences of Politecnico di Milano and Netval, two first class players in the field of innovation and research in Italy and Europe.
  • MIT encourages debate and exchange of good practice between participants from different backgrounds


MIT is directed at:

  • Research & Innovation managers who wish to learn the necessary skills for leading research, promoting change and stimulating innovation and strategic development within their organisations
  • Researchers, scientists and engineers who want to work more efficiently and take on greater responsibility within their organisations
  • Senior managers and executives responsible for research and research policies in universities and research centres and in public authorities
  • Experts in other disciplines who are interested in developing their management skills in R&D and technology

MIT encompasses the following modules:

  • Background Knowledge
  • Collaborative Innovation Management
  • Fund Raising
  • Techniques and Tools
  • Promoting and Enhancing Research
  • Soft Skills

A week-long residential session held during the course and a final assignment known as project work

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