FINTECH – International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation


The International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation is designed to provide students with all the skills and competencies to face the Fintech revolution.
The programme builds on close collaborations with the financial world to combine theoretical competencies on methods and technologies with the expertise of the financial world and fintech applications and opportunities.
It targets young graduates or candidates with maximum 2 years of work experience, who want to specialize in the Fintech area by deepening their knowledge of digital technologies and their application in the financial world, e.g. banks, insurance companies, asset management. The aim is to train professionals who are able to understand and manage the digital transformation building on different skills and capabilities: knowledge of the financial system and of financial intermediation, information technology skills as well as quantitative methods applied to finance.

Location: Milan

Language: English

Type: Full-time

Intake: September

Length: 12 months

University Requirements: 3-year Bachelor degree (minimum 180 ECTS) in Engineering, Economics, Finance or scientific disciplines

Tuition fee: € 16.500

International Masters Admissions Office
Tel : +39 02 2399 2820
Email : infomasters@mip.polimi.it


The program offers a highly specialized qualification with candidates receiving the Master Degree from Politecnico di Milano. Discover the highlights of the programme.

  • 1 year: 9 months in class + 3 months project
  • 100% in English
  • In sponsorship with Aviva, Deloitte, Fabrick Spa, IBM and Intesa San Paolo.
  • 5 key skills are encompassed:
    • Knowledge of financial world (corporate finance, financial intermediation, capital markets)
    • Information technology skills including big data management, cybersecurity, blockchain technology, smart contracts, natural language processing, data visualization
    • Application of big data and innovative methodologies such as machine learning to business activity, e.g. risk management, asset management, customer relationships
    • Ability to incorporate the new technologies in the traditional intermediation/business activity
    • Ability to build innovative business models from scratch that are able to disintermediate traditional players
  • International study tour in Europe
  • Including soft skills for professional development

MIP and Politecnico di Milano have always been at the forefront of education and research in the field of finance and in particular of the application of quantitative methods and of innovative technologies to finance. In cooperation with the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Management Engineering, MIP has a long experience on post-graduate courses in the field of quantitative finance (risk management, derivative evaluation, asset management) and Fintech for executives (Fintech academy). Our Observatories on Digital Innovation as well as the Polimi Fintech Journey represent landmarks in the financial industry and in the research community nationally and internationally.
Furthermore, the intrinsic orientation towards new technologies of a leading technical university such as Politecnico permeates MIP’s programmes, that are characterized by a passion for quantitative analysis and innovation.

The master prepares, amongst others, for the following roles:

  • Commercial Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Fintech Consultant
  • CRM Specialist
  • Digital Finance Specialist
  • IT Manager
  • Business Analytics Specialist
  • Quantitative Finance Specialist


The International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation aims to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of finance and a robust methodological and technological foundation to face the challenges of the Fintech revolution.
The master is entirely taught in English.
Please note that this programme is designed for fresh graduates with less than 3 years of work experience. Candidates can apply for the programme starting in September 2020 if they have completed their bachelor/master degree not earlier than 2017. Candidates who have completed their bachelor degree/master degree before 2017 can consider our International MBA programs. 

Students will spend 2 semesters in Milan, an international study tour in Europe, followed by a summer project work.

The programme includes highly customised services of Career management thanks to MIP Career Development Office.
Among the services offered:

  • CV Book
  • Free access to MIP Global Network of Career Websites
  • One-to-one career advice meetings
  • Personal Development workshops to help students develop the soft skills necessary to be competitive in nowadays job market
  • Networking events with employers, such as company presentations, company visits, recruiting on Campus events, Career Days
  • Preferential access to internship and job advertisement on the School Career Digital platform “JobTeaser”

Who is eligible for the FINTECH Programme?

Students with a bachelor degree of 3 or 4 years in management, business, engineering or scientific disciplines (minimum 180 ECTS) or higher are eligible to apply.
The English knowledge is a compulsory requirement.

How long is the FINTECH Programme?

The programme is 12 months long.

In what language is the programme taught?

The programme is taught in English, although there are opportunities for students to study the native language of the country of study throughout the programme.

Do I need to speak Italian?

No, as the medium for the course is English, students are not required to learn Italian, although they will be given the opportunity to do so.

Is there an age limit for the programme?

No, but the average age of the candidates is 20-25 years.

What type of degree/title will I obtain upon graduation?

Upon graduation, candidates obtain the First Level University Specializing Master from Politecnico di Milano which is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and it is issued under the autonomous responsibility of Politecnico di Milano. With regard to the specific meaning of the 1st level master's degree, as per Bologna process, this is a 2nd cycle programme intended to provide students with further specialization or higher continuing education after completion of the first cycle. The Master Degree of first level will release 60 ECTS/CFU credits. 

Candidates are advised to check with the relevant authorities in their home countries regarding the validity/recognition of this title in their home countries. 



Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Since the number of seats in class is limited, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Should the course become fully subscribed before the deadline dates, applications will close earlier.

Non-EU students are encouraged to apply at least three months before the start of the programme in order to allow enough time for the Declaration of Value (DOV) procedure for Italy and establishment of the student visa.

Please note that this programme is designed for fresh graduates with less than 3 years of work experience. Candidates can apply for the programme starting in September 2020 if they have completed their bachelor/master degree not earlier than 2017. Candidates who have completed their bachelor degree/master degree before 2017 can consider our International MBA programs. 

The ideal candidate

  • Possesses leadership potential
  • Wishes to develop and advance their career in the area of Finance employing digital technologies either in a traditional or in a startup environment
  • Demonstrates well-developed analytical skills and business skills
  • Holds a 3 year Bachelor degree in management, business, engineering or scientific studies (minimum 180 ECTS)


  • Fill in the form on www.applyformasters.net
  • Upload your CV in English and a copy of Passport or ID
  • Pay the Application Fee(EUR 100)


You will be contacted for the Motivational Interview in English, which will be done online.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • University Transcripts
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • GMAT/GRE scores (optional)
  • Motivation letter in English
  • Digital photo
  • English proficiency certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC or equivalent)

What is the application date to apply for the programme?

Please note that the admission process for the master is on a rolling basis, therefore the sooner you apply the more chances you will have of securing your place in the class, as capacity may be reached before the final application deadlines.

Does the FINTECH programme have a letter of recommendation form?

There is no specific form for the recommendation letters; however if you need any further assistance on the ideal template for your application, please contact infomasters@mip.polimi.it and we can provide you with further assistance in this matter.


The programme costs €16,500. These costs cover the entire length of the programme, although they do not include living and travel expenses.

Applicants of the 2020 intake of the International Master in FINTECH, Finance and Digital Innovation can apply for the following fee reductions.

The reductions will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, early applications are encouraged.
Candidates wishing to apply for financial aid must make their request on the application form at the time of application – later requests for financial aid will not be considered.


Candidates can apply for merit-based tuition fee reductions covering up to €3,000 by submitting an essay on the topic below. The essay will be evaluated by the programme’s Directors. The essay must be submitted along with the other documents before admission to the programme.

Is Fintech a revolution or a transformation of the way to do finance?
Fintech involves a mix of new technologies (IT and communication) and new methodologies that are deeply transforming the finance industry. On the technology side we have blockchain, big data, distributed ledger technologies, application programming interface, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence. On the methodology side we have machine learning, natural language processing techniques. Applications concern all the finance fields: from banking to insurance, from capital markets to asset management, from smart payments to algotrading.
Illustrate and discuss up to five examples of applications of these technologies/methodologies to the finance industry in an essay of no more than 3 pages.

1st place: €3,000
2nd place: €2,000
3rd place: €1,000


Candidates with a high GMAT/GRE score will be eligible to run for the following contributions:

GMAT Score between 590 and 650 or GRE equivalent - €1,500
GMAT Score above 650 or GRE equivalent - €3,000


MIP offers a contribution of up to €3,000 to candidates from underrepresented countries in the school, based on the overall profile of the candidate and their performance during the selections. Candidates will be required to write an essay of 1 to 2 pages explaining how their participation will add value to the class. The essay must be submitted along with the other documents before admission to the programme.


Merit-based tuition fee contributions of €1,000 are available for alumni from various master programs of MIP and other Politecnico di Milano departments.


Candidates whose family members (brothers, sisters, spouses) have graduated from one of the International Specialising Master Degrees of MIP Politecnico di Milano are entitled to a contribution of €1,000.


Founded in 2007, Prodigy Finance provides loans for top international graduate students to pursue their master’s at the world’s best schools, including MIP Politecnico di Milano. Their loan model eliminates the need for a co-signer or collateral. This means they can lend to many students who lack access to other traditional sources of funding. Additionally, Prodigy Finance assesses their applicants’ future earning potential to determine loan affordability.

See more details about the terms and conditions, and how to apply for a loan on Prodigy Finance’s website.

For more information you can also write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it

As a social business, Deutsche Bildung supports German students since 2007. Monthly as well as single and returning payments guarantee a completely flexible financing of almost all programs and subjects in Germany and abroad. Additionally, the extra-curricular-program WissenPlus focuses on the improvement of important social and professional competencies. The repayment is income-linked: students pay back a fixed percentage of their future income over a certain period of time once they have entered their first job successfully. The online-application is possible throughout the whole year at www.deutsche-bildung.de.

What is the cost of the programme?

The programme costs €16,500. These costs cover the entire length of the programme, although they do not include living and travel expenses.

How do I apply for tuition fee contributions or grants for the programme?

For further information write to infomasters@mip.polimi.it.

Will I have to buy textbooks?

No, you will be provided textbooks by the programme, with the cost included as part of the overall programme fee.

We turn the future into a part of you.

We offer highly personalised services with the objective of developing the necessary skills, tools and strategy and expanding your professional network, to help you succeed in today’s complex and competitive global job market.


Aviva is a British multinational insurance company providing Life, GI, Health insurance and Asset Management to 33 million customers. It is the leading UK insurer company and have strong businesses n selected markets in Europe, Asia and Canada. In Italy Aviva has a widespread presence on the territory, thanks to over 500 multi-mandate agencies, financial consultants and agreements with eading Italian banking groups. Aviva thinks forward through investment in the “Fintech” industry to improve relations with customers through innovation. For this reason, it has created the “Digital Garage”: three centers of excellence based in London, Singapore and Toronto; in Italy Aviva collaborates with PoliHub, the Startup District&Incubator of Politecnico di Milano.
“Our priority is to improve ur customers’ experience every day and the investment in innovation perfectly meets this need. As an official sponsor of the Fintech programme, Aviva renews its support for research and development activities following a model that values technology as a key element to respond to new needs of consumers.” – Arianna Destro, Chief Customer Officer of Aviva.


Fabrick is an open financial ecosystem that enables and fosters a fruitful exchange between players who discover, collaborate and create innovative solutions for end customers. Fabrick is the common ground to build a new way of banking with the uniqueness of talent. The Fabrick Platform is the technological backbone empowering the Fabrick ecosystem, connecting its players to enable their usiness models and use-cases through an API Gateway. Producers are able to create and capture value in the most effective way ever: If you are a bank, a fintech or an independent developer, Fabrick Platform is the monetization platform you were looking for. On the other side, consumers can easily connect their value chains with the platform, build products and services on top of it, and co-create value. Corporates and fintechs can now solve time-to-market issues and test new business models.


IBM is a globally integrated technology and consulting company headquartered in Armonk, New York. With
operations in more than 170 countries, IBM attracts and retains some of the world’s most talented people to help
solve problems and provide an edge for businesses, governments and non-profits. Innovation is at the core of IBM’s
strategy. Today, IBM is a cognitive solutions and cloud platform company, with capabilities that address enterprises’
most pressing needs, leveraging on a global Research network and a portfolio of leading edge technologies, such
as Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, cloud, BigData, IoT, cybersecurity and Quantum Computing.


Deloitte, one of the largest professional services network in Italy, first started its activity in this country in 1923 and boasts century old roots, combining a tradition of quality with avant garde methods and technological expertise. Deloitte’s professional services, which include Audit & Assurance, Consulting, Financial Advisory, Risk Advisory, Tax and Legal, are rendered by various separate, specilized and independent firms. Today, the Italian network employs 6,000 professionals who help their clients excel thanks to the confidence in the high level of service and our multidisciplinary offering. With a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte brings world-class capabilities and high-quality service to clients, delivering the insights they need to address their challenges. Deloitte’s 286,200 professionals are committed to becoming the standard of excellence.


The Intesa Sanpaolo Group, with 11.9 million customers and approximately 4,400 branches in Italy, is the country’s
leading banking group. It is also one of the top banking groups in Europe. The Group was formed in January 2007 following the merger of Sanpaolo IMI and Banca Intesa. Both these banks were already key players in the Italian  market and had contributed to the consolidation process of the country’s banking industry. The Intesa Sanpaolo Group is the leading provider of financial products and services to both households and businesses in Italy. The Group has a strategic international presence, with approximately 1,000 branches and 7.5 million customers. It is among the top players in several countries in Central Eastern Europe and in the Middle East and North Africa, through its local subsidiary banks.

November 2018

0KM Finance ltd is a company incorporated in the UK, wholly owned by Iason Consulting ltd. Leveraging the skills of Iason Consulting both for the technology architecture and risk management, it offers a fully integrated, end-to-end platform to trade short-term corporate debt. Additionally, it offers an effective payment management system and cutting-edge tools to monitor the risks of credit exposures. The ecosystem created by 0KM Finance allows the access to a promising asset class to a wide range of investors, including some traditional financial institutions that want to adopt a lean approach to short-term financing of SMEs.


For over 35 years now, ANIMA has been working alongside Italian families, large banking groups and institutional investors to help them pick the best investment solutions. One step at a time, it has become Italy’s largest independent asset manager. Today ANIMA has more than € 170 billion in assets under management and over 1 million customers. It can count on more than 300 professionals across three hubs in Italy and abroad (Milan, Rome, and Dublin), including 80 dedicated to investments and product engineering as well as 70 focused on supporting and assisting partners and investors. ANIMA Holding, the parent company, is listed on Italy’s stock exchange.

March 2019

Aegis Human Consulting Group -AHCG is an international Group that offers Executive Recruiting, HR Change Management and Human Capital services thanks to its offices in Milan and London. Born in 2002 with a strong focus on the world of financial services, over the years the Group has opened up to others industries. Today its brands are deeply specialized in a broad range of fields, which gives each of them the possibility to benefit from different experiences and capabilities.

NTT DATA, Trusted Global Innovator, is the partner for services and IT solutions dedicated to customers all over the world. It guarantees innovative, top-quality IT services with a long-term commitment and is one of the world’s leading IT services players. Based in Tokyo and with around 130,000 professionals in over 50 countries worldwide, of which more than 3,700 in Italy alone, the company provides diversified IT services and solutions including Consultancy, System Integration and Outsourcing. The sectors in which it operates are: automotive, banking and financial services, energy and utilities, financial services, manufacturing, media and entertainment, public authorities, retail, telecommunications, and transport and logistics.

ISO strives to provide a tailor made service to each international candidate and enrolled student by assisting with enrollment and non-academic matters.


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