A successful professional career has its origins in a superb set of skills and outstanding expertise, backed up by continuing professional development and, importantly, a valuable network of high quality contacts. Our Alumni Community attains its strength from each of the more than 20,000 graduates of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management. Together, we direct our focus on innovation, continuous improvement, sustainability and social impact, and on our Community’s leadership and empowerment.

The Alumni Relations Office is the first port of call for the School of Management’s entire Alumni Community. As a member of our network, you have exclusive access to all our services, and you can take a leading role in the new initiatives for our Alumni.

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A series of monthly events where Alumni can examine the management challenges of today together with other Community members and, at the same time, meet speakers, notable Alumni and companies with a prominent position within the international landscape.

We have designed a totally new program to complement and expand the process of continuous learning within our School. The over-arching theme of our events is “Contemporary Tales”. The world is changing rapidly and new opportunities, tendencies and needs are continuously emerging. These changes can only lead to positive development and inclusion if we recognise them and learn to understand them. In our new series of events, highly distinguished speakers will reflect upon these changes and will offer the audience an insight into how they can navigate them successfully.

Bi-annual events on specialised vertical subjects of strategic importance to our community and the School, where the true protagonists are our “Top Alumni” who coordinate the various interest groups.

Meet and greet colleagues from your Master course and the whole community, to engage in networking and continuous learning activities


Communities are common interest groups on multidisciplinary themes set up by current students and Alumni. The groups and their initiatives are open to all current and past students. For more information, please contact

One of the ways in which our alumni can interact with one another and reconnect with the School is through our Professional Interests Groups, created for people with a common interest. These groups have the firm backing of the School of Management, as the relationship is mutually beneficial for both School and alumni, generating value and a sense of belonging. Group events, which include meetings, roundtable sessions and social dinners, are a great way for alumni to engage with each other, sharing ideas, challenges and experiences.
All the events are organised on a regular basis and are run by the members for the members.


Communities are common interest groups on multidisciplinary themes set up by current students and Alumni. The groups and their initiatives are open to all current and past students. For more information, please contact


InnoVits started out as a not-for-profit concern within the MIP alumni community. The group was founded by several students in 2010 at the end of their MBA course. The group grew over the years attracting more and more people within the MIP alumni network, finally establishing itself as an independent association open to everyone willing to offer their professional assistance, to encourage progress, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.


Gold Clubs bring together our “top Alumni”, those who hold very senior positions in their organisations. These clubs are by invitation only, and the members are carefully screened by School of Management faculty to select the best alumni in each field. The current Gold Clubs are:


International Chapters bring together alumni who live and work outside Italy Through meetings and networking events where members can exchange experiences and ideas. We are eager to keep in contact with alumni who uplift the name of the School of Management in the world, as this consolidates the sense of belonging to our School.
Listed below are the current Chapters and we are creating a number of new ones:

  • Rome
  • London
  • Dubai
  • Lugano – Zurich
  • Beijing – Shanghai – Hong Kong

If you would like to put your name forward as a Chapter founder and ambassador, please contact us at

Sport has always provided the opportunity for people to test themselves and work together in teams, revealing their competitive mettle, at the same time as thoroughly enjoying themselves. Our students and graduates have established a number of clubs that organise tournaments, regattas and competitions, bringing together leading international universities and business schools. Belonging to the Sports Clubs network is a way for our members to stay in contact with the School of Management and help our network to expand, while extending their own positive involvement with the School.
Come along to the club that works best for you, take part in the events and make your own suggestions!
The Sports Clubs operating at the moment are:

  • Football Club
  • Sailing Club
  • Diving Club
  • Golf Club


The Alumni Relations Office is keen to help our alumni in continuing their professional development and bringing to light their own personal skill set, and alumni can invest in our professional coaching program consisting of five 90-minute sessions. Through this coaching program, participants learn how to express themselves effectively in a professional or personal setting, and are shown how to examine their unexplored resources and reveal their hitherto hidden potential.
We have selected seven ICF-certified coaches with a proven management track record in various sectors. Contact us to find out more about this program and the special rates for alumni.

We have teamed up with Kilpatrick, an executive search agency that concentrates mainly on the Swiss market, to propose three different programs for all our alumni. These programs allow you to engage constructively and effectively with qualified recruitment consultants, in order to gain an understanding of the potential options open to you and advance your professional career.
Cycle of Six Meetings, an international career consultancy program that focuses chiefly on the Swiss market, with each meeting lasting about one and a half hours. The main objective of the six meetings is to learn from expert consultants how to position yourself professionally on the employment market, both in Italy and internationally.
Single Consultancy Meetings with an expert recruitment consultant, each lasting one hour, to cover a specific professional aspect or project.
Psychological and Aptitude Tests, to analyse several soft-skill-related features and give you an objective picture of your personality, through use of the following psychometric tools: EBW Systems (Emotional Intelligence for business) and DISC Persolog Personality Factor Model (to describe behaviour linked to professional roles and leadership).

In an increasingly global and competitive world of work, managers are all thoroughly aware of the crucial importance of acquiring new skills and knowledge. MIP is working with the School’s Management Academy to offer training packages to its alumni at discounted rates. Contact us to find out about the programs and the special terms for alumni

A community finds its greatest meaning in how it gives back. Day after day, managers who came through the School of Management inject that added value and drive into the careers of many students and alumni through presentations, testimonials and lectures.
The Mentorship project began in 2015 as a career support service, bringing together the Alumni Relations Office and MIP faculty. A major step was the creation of a Mentor Register, which includes 40 names selected from among our “top manager” alumni and professionals closely associated with the School. With their expertise in various sectors and different levels of seniority, they offer our mentees a wide choice of advisors.
Our mentors place their experience and knowledge of their sectors at the disposal of the community, in a spirit of exchange and constructive growth based upon reciprocal professional and personal enrichment.
Would-be mentees wishing to engage with the mentors can select several topics for discussion and those who are successful are then matched up with the mentor who mirrors their stated requirements most closely. The program generally consists of two or three 90-minute sessions, concentrating on a subject or project which the mentees wishes to discuss and examine from a different point of view, resulting in food for thought and incentive for growth.
If you would like to apply as mentee, write to


As an Alumna/Alumnus of the Politecnico di Milano School of Management, you have the skills and experience to support students in many ways, helping to create increasingly stronger and virtuous relationships between the Alumni Community, the School and its students.

Your contribution can make a difference, we are counting on you!

In 2015, the School launched its strategic Mentorship project, seeing the great opportunity of tapping into the experience and expertise of our “top alumni” and bringing them into the sphere of our current students. By becoming mentors, alumni can have a hand in shaping the future of their mentees and, by sharing their own personal experience, help them to fully appreciate what they need to do to grow professionally and be able to tackle any demanding challenge.

If you would like to apply as mentor, write to

The School is always looking for success stories to tell and share with the community, so we can all celebrate the high points attained by our Alumni. Contact us to become a speaker and ambassador for the School, we will tell your story in a special section that highlights both you and your achievements. If you want us to feature your story, write to

There are many ways to get into contact with the School’s prospective and talented students, all of mutual benefit. The best way for potential prospects and current students is certainly to get into contact with the alumni community and find out exactly what entering the School leads to, in terms of personal and professional growth and career development. When alumni meet students in this way, they have a head start in terms of cultivating talents selected from a pool of exceptional Italian and international students and are, as a consequence, in a much better position to make decisions about which student/s they would like to offer a work placement or internship to. In addition, when alumni help the School during the admissions process for prospective students, they can take a continuous learning course at a highly discounted price.

For more information, write to

The School’s future depends, at least in part, on the alumni community, and if you can help to support us through various initiatives and/or sponsorship, please write to
And, by the way, please consider making a donation to the Gianluca Spina Association.

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