GEMOS – Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain


The Global Executive Master in Operations & Supply Chain (GEMOS), in its new distance learning  format, is a twelve-month long part time program offered by MIP Politecnico di Milano in partnership with EADA Business School, in Barcelona, Spain.

The program has been completely redesigned for managers and professionals, who want to acquire the knowledge on the most advanced SCM topics and to provide them with the tools to cope with the major challenges and trends that are reshaping the supply chain domain.

Through a flexible program and a practice-based approach, that includes real case studies and sessions, simulations and company visits, participants will be able to expand their knowledge, enhance their leadership skills, take advantage of the networking opportunities and be ready to play a pivotal role in their organisation.

Format: Digital Learning + 2 face-to-face weeks

Location: Italy (Milan), Spain (Barcelona), China (Beijing – Xi’an)

Language: English

Course start: September 2022

Length: 12 months

Tuition fee: € 18.500 for self-sponsored students/ € 21.500 for companies

Admissions Main Contacts:

Tel : +39 02 2399 2870
Email : infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it


Here are the top Reasons why the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management at MIP Politecnico di Milano will be a game-changer for you.


The master offers participants the opportunity to dive into a unique and international learning experience and gives the possibility to learn from a multinational faculty coming from two international partner schools. The class, which is composed of candidates coming from all over the world, offers students a multicultural environment in which they will enhance their intercultural competences.

On top of that, candidates will participate in the International Week in China that starts from the standpoint that successful business relationships have proven to be challenging both for many multinational companies and for small and medium‐sized Western enterprises. Besides, a good understanding of the Chinese economy and how to navigate the Asian business environment is key to success for any company. Through classes, presentations and company visits, participants will deepen their understanding of the Chinese culture and the local business environment, as well as their knowledge of operations and supply chain management in emerging Asian economies.


The course focuses on delivering education in a highly active and 'hands-on' manner, with an emphasis on a 'learning by doing' approach. The methodology reflects companies’ demand for professionals with skills such as the capacity to reflect, the ability to act in the face of change, the versatility to work in teams and the adaptability to face the challenges of a global environment.

As the programme is part time, students are able to employ the ideas and practices learnt in class, directly into their current working professions. This allows for simultaneous growth and development, and the ability to effectively implement the didactical and cognitive skills and functions relevant to their position.

Furthermore, students will be able to train their skills through 9 company-led challenges, case studies, simulation games (The Connections), analysis, discussion groups and team-working activities by constantly working on real-life business cases and making strategic decisions. Morevoere, at the end of the program, students will have the chance to apply the concepts learnt during the Gemos journey to real contexts with the final Project Work.


The program has been reshaped to be more flexible and fully compatible with your own personal and professional life.

Taking advantage of the knowledge developed since 2014 with our online programs, recognised in the top 10 worldwide according to QS Online MBA Rankings; GEMOS students have access to our innovative digital learning platform, developed by MIP on MICROSOFT technology.


Being effective in today’s business world requires managers and leaders to consistently work on developing their personal and professional skills. In the context of a rapidly changing and demanding business environment, communication skills, the ability to work effectively in teams, leadership qualities, decision-making skills and the capacity to resolve conflicts in a constructive way, are among the most important competencies.

The concentration on leadership skills is aimed at transforming operations and supply chain personnel into leaders. Within the Concentration, those and other so‐called soft skills will be assessed, trained, and developed.


GEMOS is designed and delivered in partnership with companies: more than 20 companies are directly involved, through sessions, visits and opportunities. This can be an excellent way for both students and professionals to network, and provide them with a unique opportunity to gain insights into how various companies operate in different markets.

In addition, students have the chance to interact with the Corporate Advisory Board (CAB), the international consultancy committee of the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management, composed of independent business professionals from global companies.


Students of the GEMOS program will not only enhance their own skill-set but they will also be able to add value to their company while studying. Through the program they remain abreast of the latest developments in the field of operations and supply chain management and candidates will have an immediate return on investment. The “learning by doing” methodology allows employees to apply immediately their newly-acquired knowledge and skills in their workplace.

The company-based final Project work can be undertaken in the student’s company and the goal of the project is to develop an action plan in operations and supply chain management to improve the competitive position of the company.

  • DIGITAL EXPERIENCE: live sessions, lessons are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 7.00pm to 9.30pm CET, challenges, simulation games, video clip, Q&A. Lessons are delivered through our innovative digital learning platform, developed by MIP on MICROSOFT technology.
  • 2 FACE-TO-FACE INTERNATIONAL WEEKS : Two full‐time international weeks (one in Europe and one in China), from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon
  • CONCENTRATION ON LEADERSHIP SKILLS: to combine hard and soft skills
  • NETWORKING: international context, networking opportunities, peer-to-peer, with companies and with MIP’s SCM alumni club.
  • COMPANY-BASED PROJECT WORK: at the end of the program to put into practice what learnt during the master
  • DOUBLE DIPLOMA: The Global Executive Master in Operations & Supply Chain (GEMOS) issues a double diploma; the MIP Diploma and the University Master Diploma issued by the Politecnico di Milano. The latter is subject to the assessment of the enrolment prerequisites.


The kick off of the master is in September 2022.

  • Nine online, live, company‐led monthly challenges
  • Two full‐time international weeks (one in Europe and one in China), from Sunday evening to Saturday afternoon
  • Two simulation games (The Connections) on circular Supply Chains and Supply Chain Finance respectively
  • One concentration on leadership skills, to combine hard and soft skills
  • Your final company‐based project work


The challenges represent some of the most dreadful pain points of which many companies are well aware, yet which they have not yet found a way of assuaging. The program will address certain key issues within operations and supply chain management:

  • Supply chain strategy
  • Global supply chain management
  • Factory planning via big data
  • Smart manufacturing
  • Digital procurement
  • Managing distribution networks
  • Supply chain sustainability
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Supply chain risk management

The first international week takes place in Europe – in Milan (Italy) and Barcelona (Spain) – at the beginning of the program, and it directly involves MIP and EADA, also with the purpose of team‐building. This week is designed to help participants develop an in‐depth understanding of how European business operates in domestic and global markets, with an emphasis on operations and supply chain management. The week ends with a full‐day campus experience totally devoted to introducing the concentration on leadership skills.

What can you expect? Lectures, company visits, in-company classes, visits to the Politecnico di Milano labs, networking activities, and a visit to Barcelona’s ports, exploiting both hard and soft skills in a very inspiring way.


The International Week in China consists of full immersions at Beijing Jiaotong University and at Xi’an Jiaotong University. Beijing Jiaotong University was founded by the Qing Government in 1909, growing out of the former Beijing Railway Management Institute; it is still one of the most important universities in telecommunications and railway management in China. Besides, it is the first higher educational institute specialised in educating managerial talents in China. Xi'an Jiaotong University is grounded in its strengths in engineering, technology, management, and life sciences. It houses five key national laboratories, four special national laboratories, and two national engineering research centres, and it is the hub of the University Alliance of the Silk Road.


Leaders help themselves and others to do the right thing. They set direction, build an inspiring vision, and create something new. Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. In business, leadership is linked to performance, and any definition of leadership must take that into account. While there are some people who seem to be naturally endowed with more leadership abilities than others, anyone can learn to become a leader by improving some specific skills. The concentration on Leadership Skills is aimed at transforming operations and supply chain personnel into leaders.

The methodology focuses on learning by doing, reflection and conceptualisation. To optimise the learning process and take full advantage of the online format, different teaching methodologies will be used during this course.


The final Business Project is a short end of course project performed at an associated company. The goal of the Project is to develop an action plan in operations and supply chain management to improve the competitive position of a chosen company.

The specific objectives of the Project are:

  • To apply the knowledge acquired throughout the program to a specific business situation
  • To identify the gaps between corporate or business strategy and operations/supply chain strategy (implementation)
  • To develop a feasible, complete, coherent and convincing plan of action
  • To develop research and presentation skills

Students can undertake the project work at a place of their choice, which can be the company where they work or a different one. The project will be performed individually under the guidance of a university tutor.

The MIP and EADA faculty is made up of professors with extremely diverse professional and educational backgrounds, further complemented by a dedicated teaching staff.

Faculty members of MIP, many of whom are successful professionals in their own right, draw on their own consulting work and the immense research facilities of the Politecnico di Milano to provide, up-to-date, diverse and relevant material for lectures and business cases, and routinely strive to be readily accessible to students, and to make classroom time a rewarding and exciting experience.

Additionally, the faculty is composed of a large number of international members, which is further representative of the school’s highly globalised environment. In particular, EADA professors have a strong reputation for practical teaching quality and for developing of management skills and personal growth. 

Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) we receive from prospective students interested in our Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management.

If you do not find an answer to your question below, please contact us at infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it

Who is eligible for the GEMOS program?

The master is open to:

  • Managers with a minimum of 5 years of experience wishing to learn more about the impact of their operations and supply chains on value creation and corporate performance, with the willingness to get the maximum quality from one program, with no impact on their professional career.
  • Professionals with a minimum of 5 years of experience in services, logistics, or manufacturing, eager to learn how to improve the operations and supply functions in their organisations to handle the increasing complexity, dynamism, and uncertainty in the business environment, with the willingness to get the maximum quality from one program, with no impact on their professional career.

Candidates with less work experience are invited to share their curriculum for a preassessment of their profile. Please write to: infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it.

How long is the GEMOS program?

The programme is 12 months long. The format is mainly distance learning with 2 face-to-face weeks, one between MIP Politecnico di Milano in Italy and EADA School of Business in Barcelona in Spain and the second one in China.

In what language is the program taught?

The programme is taught in English.

Do I need to speak Italian or Spanish before starting the program?

No, as the medium for the course is English, students are not required to speak  Spanish or Italian.

Is there an age limit for the program?

No, but the program is ideally suited for working executives or professionals with on average 5 years of work experience.


GEMOS students can also benefit from the support of the Career Development Center (CDC), which allows them to work on their self-branding and career management skills, as well to build a substantial professional network.

These activities are proposed to participants in order to help them to:

  • Grow as a person and as a manager
  • Develop soft skills: the art of negotiation, public speaking, leadership
  • Build a solid network of interpersonal relationships
  • Manage a career boost

Among the services offered:

  • CV Counselling
  • Free access to MIP Global Network of Career Websites
  • One-to-one career advice meetings
  • Seminars on Career Strategy and Career 4.0
  • Networking events with employers, such as Business Talks or Company Presentations
  • Access to the MIP Job Board



Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Since the number of seats in class is limited, candidates are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Should the course become fully subscribed before the deadline dates, applications will close earlier.


Activate the Online Application, uploading your updated CV/resume in English. You will also need to pay the application fee, which can be paid online on the application platform itself via Flywire* or through a regular bank transfer. The rest of the documents can be uploaded on a later stage.

*You can easily pay your tuition and fees online via Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire provides a secure global payment network that simplifies paying your fees from your home country and countries around the world. Payment options can include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in your home currency for most countries.


You will be informed whether you have been selected for the selection process by our admissions team in due time.


To complete your application pack, you need to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport or European ID
  • 1 Passport-size photo
  • Copies of degrees and academic transcripts
  • Motivational statement
  • 1 letter of recommendation (preferable)
  • English certificate (if available)

Admission to the GEMOS programme is limited to a predetermined number of students. This ensures the optimal development of each student while preserving the group’s learning process. All elements of the application form are carefully studied so we highly recommend that you fill it out carefully and provide us with any extra material you believe might help your candidature.

The selection is based on the evaluation of the professional and academic background through a video-interview. The selection result will be communicated via e-mail.

What is the application date to apply for the program?

Applications are on a rolling basis. We invite you to check the website so as to be aware of any changes to the admissions deadline. For more information, please write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it

How can I apply for the GEMOS program?

To apply for the GEMOS program, please follow the instructions on the GEMOS Admissions page of our website. Make sure to stay aware of the deadlines for each year.

Does the GEMOS program have a letter of recommendation form?

There is no specific form for the recommendation letters; however they must be typewritten, printed on a letterhead, and contain a signature and official stamp.

Do I need to sit the GMAT to apply for the course?

No, the GMAT is not necessary for the course, although if you have already sat the GMAT you are encouraged to include it in your official application.

How long does the admissions process last, and when do we know the final decision?

Admissions are processed quickly and successful applicants will be notified of their admittance to the program via email, at an appropriate time following the submission of their application.

For more information, please write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it


GEMOS represents the marriage both between Milan and Barcelona, two attractive locations focused on business and supply chain, and between MIP and EADA, renowned for their brand and academic excellence. Students will attend also an International Week in China.


EADA Business School, founded in 1957 in Barcelona, was one of the first Spanish educational institutions to offer management training programs to the business community. As a private and independent institution for over 50 years, EADA is at the forefront of management and In Company training for the Spanish and international business communities. EADA focuses not only on hard knowledge, but above all on the management skills that accelerate the professional and personal development of participants. These skills provide a competitive advantage both for participants and for the companies in which they work.


The Beijing Jiaotong University was founded in 1896 as China’s first higher educational institution which was committed to initiate modern China’s education in railway management and telecommunications. Today it is a relevant Chinese University with cooperative relations with universities and companies all over the world. It offers different bachelor, PhD, master and post-degree programs.

Learn and practice is the motto of Beijing Jiaotong Univeristy.


Xi'an Jiaotong University is grounded in its strengths in engineering, technology, management, and life sciences. It houses five key national laboratories, four special national laboratories, and two national engineering research centres, and it is the hub of the University Alliance of the Silk Road.


The tuition fee amounts to € 18.500 for self sponsored candidates and to € 21.500 for those sponsored by a company. These costs cover the entire length of the programme, although they do not include living and travel expenses.

MIP Politecnico di Milano and EADA Business School will award contributions to deserving participants in the GEMOS programme. The contributions are in recognition of outstanding merit or achievement in both the academic and professional fields, especially in regards to significant experience or contribution in the field of operations and supply chain management. The criteria for each contribution is diverse, with some open to all applicants, whilst others are specifically designed for applicants based on individual circumstance.

Candidates should indicate in the application form if they would like to apply for financial aid at the time of application. Later requests for financial aid will not be considered.

Participants sponsored by their company are kindly requested to write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it for further details.


  1. Submit your application online and tick the option that you are interested in MIP financial aid
  2. Fill out the Financial Aid Request Form you will receive via e-mail and upload it on the online platform.

Contributions from MIP


Applicants who submit their application by February 28th, 2022 will be awarded a EUR 1,000 Early-Bird Contribution in case they pass the selection process and are admitted to the program.


MIP offers partial waivers up to 30% of the tuition fee to talented individuals from various countries in order to promote international diversity within the class.

To be eligible for this contribution, you must meet the admission requirements and submit at the application stage a small passage (no more than 500 words) on the following topic:

“How do you think your cultural background can add value to the GEMOS class?”


The MIP for Women Tuition Waiver is to be awarded to selected female participants in the program who have demonstrated outstanding merit and achievement in an academic or professional sense. The Tuition Waiver is designed to allow for greater accessibility to the programme for women, and in doing so increase diversity within the programme.

MIP 4 Women Tuition Waivers are available at the amount of up to €4,000 each.

To be eligible for this competition, you must meet the admission requirements and submit at the application stage a small passage (no more than 500 words) on the following topic:

When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful.”
Malala Yousafzai - 2014 Nobel Peace Prize Winner

Tell us about an occasion when you took a stand as a woman to have a positive impact in the society in which we live.


Contributions on the tuition fee are available for Alumni of various programs at MIP or EADA:

- Alumni who completed a Master program, an MBA or an Executive MBA are entitled to a discount of 25%;
- Alumni who completed an Executive Path (Management Academy) are entitled to a discount of 10%.

Please note that in case of company sponsorship, if partial, the Alumni Waiver is applied proportionally on the individual fee. If the company sponsorship is full, the Alumni Waiver will not be applied.
For information on how to apply for this contribution, please write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it


Alumni of Politecnico di Milano who have previously shown a strong commitment to their studies and a desire to further their professional development through continued education are entitled to a contribution from MIP of € 2,000.

For information on how to apply for this contribution, please write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it

International and Italian candidates can also access student loans to cover the tuition fee and other expenses. Please write to infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it for more details.

German students can also apply for the student loan offered by Deutsche Bildung. The online application is possible throughout the whole year at www.deutsche-bildung.de.

What is the cost of the program?

The tuition fee for the master is €18,500. If the participation is sponsored by a company, the fee is €21,500.

Are there any contributions available?

There are partial waivers available to students, with some contributions open to all applicants, whilst others are specifically designed for applicants based on individual circumstance. Please visit the section "Financial Aid" or write to  infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it for more information.

How can I apply for a contribution?

To apply for a contribution you should contact the Admissions Office to receive the Financial Aid Request Form, select the type of contribution suitable for you and write an essay. The outcome of the application for the financial aid will be communicated together with the communication of admission to the master, after successful outcome of the selection process.

Can I apply for loans?

While MIP itself does not offer loans, we have explored some loan options for our students, so please contact infoexecutivemasters@mip.polimi.it for further information.

Will I have to buy textbooks?

No, you will be provided textbooks by the programme, with the cost included as part of the overall program fee.


Contact our Alumni, they’ll be glad to share their #MIPexperience!

We turn the future into a part of you.

We offer highly personalised services with the objective of developing the necessary skills, tools and strategy and expanding your professional network, to help you succeed in today’s complex and competitive global job market.



The Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) is an international consultancy committee with the aim of keeping the content and frame of the Global Executive Master in Operations and Supply Chain Management in line with business reality. It is composed of independent business professionals from global companies that meet regularly and maintain contact with participants and alumni.

The Corporate Advisory Members are:

Claudio Deambrogio, Group Supply Chain Manufacturing - Strategy and Capital Planning Director - Barilla G. e R. Fratelli S.p.A; Enrico Mistron,  Supply Chain Director - Luxottica; Paolo Fregosi, External Relations Director - Indicod-GS1; Jesús Franco, Director Business Planning & Services - Almirall; Victor del Pozo, COO - Privalia; Port of BarcelonaMauro Pontiroli, Transport Operations Manager for Italy- STEF.

To find out more about GEMOS Corporate Advisory Board, read the Article about Stef Italia who recently joined the CAB.

ISO strives to provide a tailor made service to each international candidate and enrolled student by assisting with enrollment and non-academic matters.


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