Debora Bettiga

Core Faculty | Senior Assistant Professor

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Debora Bettiga is Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Milano and she is core faculty member of Polimi Graduate School of Management, where she teaches marketing strategy, consumer behavior and marketing research methodologies. She is a member of 'PHEEL - Physiology, Emotions and Experience Lab', the bio- and neuromarketing Laboratory of Politecnico di Milano. She is author of several papers published in scientific journals and in national and international conference proceedings.


PHD: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Master of Science: Management, Università Bocconi.

Bachelor of Science: Business Economics & Management, Università Bocconi.

Academic course held at SOM

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale

Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale

Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale D

Economia e organizzazione aziendale c

Economia e organizzazione aziendale c

Economia e organizzazione aziendale c

Omnichannel Marketing Management



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Her studies are focused on the analysis of consumer behavior along the purchase process and in interaction with companies. Research is conducted through both traditional marketing methods, such as surveys, interviews, experiments and case study method and through the application of neuroscience and bioscience methods to marketing.

Relevant Publications

Bettiga D.| Lamberti L.| Lettieri E. (2020), "Individuals’ adoption of smart technologies for preventive health care: a structural equation modeling approach", Health Care Management Science, 23, 203-214

Bettiga D.| Lamberti L. (2020), "Future-Oriented Happiness: Its Nature and Role in Consumer Decision-Making for New Products", Frontiers in Psychology, 11

Bettiga D.| Bianchi A.M.| Lamberti L.| Noci G. (2020), "Consumers Emotional Responses to Functional and Hedonic Products: A Neuroscience Research", Frontiers in Psychology, 11

Bettiga D.| Ciccullo F., "Co-creation with customers and suppliers: an exploratory study", Business Process Management Journal, 25, 250-270

Bettiga D.| Lamberti L., "Crowd size and crowdsourcing performances in online ideation contests", 2019 16th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, ICSSSM 2019

Bettiga Debora; Ciccullo Federica, "Building a rationale for co-creation with customers and suppliers: an exploratory study.", BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT JOURNAL, 25, 250-270

Bettiga Debora; Lamberti Lucio, "Exploring the role of anticipated emotions in product adoption and usage", JOURNAL OF CONSUMER MARKETING, 35, 300-316

Zare Shahab; Bettiga Debora; Lamberti Lucio, "Does one design fit them all? Study of drivers of co-creation interest along different consumer segments", JOURNAL OF STRATEGIC MARKETING, 27, 630-650

Bettiga Debora; Lamberti Lucio; Noci Giuliano, "Investigating social motivations, opportunity and ability to participate in communities of virtual co‐creation", INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CONSUMER STUDIES, 42, 155-163

Lolatto R.| Tacchino G.| Bettiga D.| Lamberti L.| Cerutti S.| Bianchi A.M., "Exploration of Web-Sites Affects Autonomic Responses Related to Unconscious Emotions", Proceedings of the Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society, EMBS, 2018, 4615-4618

Bettiga Debora;Lamberti Lucio;Noci Giuliano, "Do mind and body agree? Unconscious versus conscious arousal in product attitude formation", JOURNAL OF BUSINESS RESEARCH, 75, 108-117

Bettiga Debora;Lamberti Lucio, "Exploring the adoption process of personal technologies: A cognitive-affective approach", JOURNAL OF HIGH TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT RESEARCH, 1-18

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Bettiga, D., Chen, S., and Lamberti, L. Looking for the cocreators: exploring the antecedents of customer willingness to participate in cocreation. THOMAS P. HUSTAD BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD – RUNNER-UP. 21st International Product Development Management Conference, University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, 15-17 June 2014.
  • Mandolfo, M., Bettiga, D., Lolatto, R., Reali, P. Would you bet on your physiological response? An analysis ofthe physiological and behavioral characteristics of online electronic gaming machine players. BEST PAPER AWARD - RUNNER-UP. NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference, Rome, 2019.

Service to the community

  • Visiting Scholar at Ross Business School at University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI, USA (2015)
  • Visiting Scholar at Harvard University - Cambridge, MA, USA (2014-2015)
  • Stage at the Permanent Representation of Italy at the European Union – Bruxelles, Belgium (2012)
  • Period of study abroad at W.P. Carey School of Business - Arizona State University – AZ, USA (2011)
  • Period of study abroad at Tschingua University – Beijing, China (2009)

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