10 Students | 10 Stories

Together with students in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering! With the “10 Students | 10 Stories” campaign, we aim to help 10 brilliant young people design their future together with us!

Help us reach this objective.


The number of students enrolling in programmes in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering is growing every year. This multidisciplinary training course, demanding but gratifying, is much appreciated in the working world.

For some, however, the Laurea remains a dream. In fact, while deserving, they do not have the economic means to cover expenses related to academic life far from home.

With the “10 Students | 10 Stories” campaign, we aim to help 10 brilliant young people design their future together with us, providing 10 scholarships worth €5000 each per year for 2 years.

Professors and alumni, professionals and partners: we are a community aware of the responsibility towards society that derives from our profession.

Together, we can make a difference, especially at this time, for talented young people.

Donate today. Help us develop the community of management engineers at the Politecnico di Milano.



For more information

Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering 
Communication Office
E-mail: comunicazione.dig@polimi.it


  • Ajelli Giacomo
  • Arena Marika
  • Barresi Teodosio
  • Bascape’ Matteo
  • Bergamini Anna
  • Bernardi Federico
  • Boaro Marco
  • Bossi Maurizio
  • Boumedil Carla Louise Lia
  • Buganza Tommaso
  • Calonaci Aurelia
  • Caniato Federico
  • Cape Carlo
  • Cappi Costopulos Michele
  • Carelli Sabrina
  • Criscuolo Rosa
  • Curado Isabela Cristina
  • Del Sole Franco
  • Dusini Francesco
  • Elia Stefano
  • Franceschetto Simone
  • Frigerio Gabriele
  • Frisone Federico
  • Gastaldi Luca
  • Giudici Giancarlo
  • Giuffrida Maria
  • Grassi Laura
  • Grigolli Matteo
  • Guerini Massimiliano
  • Ihaza Samuel Osagie Edo
  • Keller Fulvio
  • Kotlar Josip
  • Lettieri Emanuele
  • Luksch Alessandra
  • Maestrelli Alberto
  • Mantero Riccardo

  • Mariano Massimo
  • Martinelli Stefano
  • Martorano Asia
  • Meroni Giulio
  • Miragliotta Giovanni
  • Pantano Loredana
  • Pipperi Beatrice
  • Pipperi Letizia
  • Piva Evila
  • Pozzetti Alessandro
  • Purassanta Carlo
  • Risatti Andrea
  • Rizzuni Andrea Matteo
  • Roda Irene
  • Ronchi Stefano
  • Rossi Monica
  • Rossi Cristina
  • Vecchio Giovanni