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Quantitative finance. Relying on mathema ...

Once upon a time, there were bankers. There were, and there still are, but in the last twenty years, their work has become more complex. The exponential increase in derivatives (complex financial instruments) starting from 2000 and up to the 2008 financial crisis, joined with a new regulatory approa ...

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Marketing 20 Jun

MSc Marketing Programs Get a Digital Reb ...

Neuroscience, artificial intelligence and data analytics are reshaping the work of marketeers (and marketing degrees) Creativity and innovation have always been at the core of marketing. The function used to depend on one’s talent to dazzle the audience, like Mad Men's Don Draper. Creativity and ...

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Diversity as a business opportunity

Respect for diversity as an important ethical issue, but also the inclusion of differences as a business lever. Cristina Rossi Lamastra, Professor of Business and Industrial Economics at the Politecnico di Milano Department of Management Engineering, has made diversity management one of her research ...

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