The Laurea study programme (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering provides a first year with a basic strong component of scientific disciplines and the introduction to some engineering and economic disciplines.
In the second year, modelling skills are studied in detail, digital engineering skills are provided, and the business structure and its operational activities are analysed.
In the third year, an engineering discipline of your choice and management, organizational and industrial dynamics are studied in detail, with particular attention to data analysis and a wide point of view on the macroeconomic context.
The educational programme ends with an internship in a company or a laboratory project, which allow students to apply the models and methods previously learned in real contexts.
Furthermore, this study programme is available at the Milan campus and also at the Cremona campus, where study plans are more focused on the organizational aspects and issues related to the introduction of new information technologies and allow to improve the skills to face business problems concerning the environmental impact and sustainable development.

Location: Milano and Cremona

Language: Italian

Format: Full Time

Starting period: September

Duration: 3 years

Requirements: High School Diploma


The transversal skills of a management engineer allow him/her to find a job very quickly:

97% of three-year graduate students find an employment within one year from graduation
98% of laurea magistrale graduate students find an employment within one year from graduation

(source: Survey Career Service Politecnico di Milano, 2021)

Industrial fields
Industrial and service companies, consulting firms, banks and financial institutions, public administration bodies, non-profit organizations.

The management engineer can carry out different activities: planning and management of production and logistics systems, strategic planning, business organization and management, economics, planning and management of technology and innovation, internationalization processes, management control, corporate and market finance, business management in regulated sectors and network services, planning and management of big projects, Internet applications and ICT management (information and communication technologies).

The management engineer is an engineer of change and innovation, trained to design and manage systems in which the technological variables interact in a complex way with the economic and organizational ones. For this reason, s/he has a multidisciplinary profile that allows him/her to work in different sectors and functions within the company.
S/he can design, organize and manage industrial production, in particular the planning and integrated programming of company resources, but also manage innovation in all business processes.

The Bachelor of Science in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering provides a first year with a strong component of scientific disciplines and the introduction to some engineering and economic disciplines.
In the second year, modelling skills are studied in detail, digital engineering skills are provided, and the business structure and its operational activities are analysed.
In the third year, an engineering discipline of your choice and management, organizational and industrial dynamics are studied in detail, with particular attention to data analysis and a wide point of view on the macroeconomic context.
The educational programme ends with an internship in a company or a laboratory project, which allow students to apply the models and methods learned during the course in real contexts.



Furthermore, this study programme is available at the Milan campus, and also at the Cremona campus, where study plans are more focused on the organizational aspects and issues related to the introduction of new information technologies, environmental impact and sustainable development.

Open day
During the Open Day of Politecnico di Milano, which takes place once a year between March and April, it is possible to meet the professors and know more about the scientific subjects of the study programme and you can have a try of the experiences, also on-line, that a university student faces within the Campus.
Please visit the web site to find out more about the initiatives planned.

Take your place in the classroom
Are you curious to know how a lesson takes place? Have a look to one of the videos published in the “Enter the classroom” playlist of Politecnico di Milano’s Youtube channel. In particular, we suggest:

Strategy and Marketing, prof. Giuliano Noci (in Italian)
La crisi finanziaria e la grande recessione, prof. Fabio Sdogati (in Italian)

Experiences (in Italian)

Anna Bisogni

Giacomo Buratti

Michele Capitanio

Marco Guerini



Listen to the experiences of the Alumni who have chosen this academic career.

Paola Scarpa - Client Solutions, Data & Insights, Google

Paolo Poma - Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director, Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.


The admission test (TOL – Test Online)
In order to access the Study Programme in Management Engineering, it is compulsory to take an admission test. The engineering test TOL (Test Online) is used to access all engineering study programmes of Politecnico di Milano, with the exclusion of Building Engineering-Architecture.

To know all the details on the structure of the test, topics, available places, scores and dates, please visit the General Information on the Engineering test.

For information (in Italian):

Taxes and financial aid
The total annual amount of university fees and contributions varies according to the number of ECTS (University Educational Credits) and the student’s financial situation.
The payment of the total amount is divided into 2 instalments, the first instalment is paid at the enrolment and the second one, usually, during the second semester of the academic year.
Check all the details, deadlines and amounts on the Web page Student Contribution.

Transfers from another study programme or from another university
Students, who wants to transfer to the Management Engineering study programme from other study programmes of Politecnico di Milano or from other universities, may request the equivalence of the exams taken, by attaching to the “pre-approval” form all the programmes related to the courses.
The documentation produced must also include the university educational credits or the lesson hours for each of the courses attended. The recognition of the equivalences requested will not be an automatic procedure, but it is necessary to check the correspondence of programmes and educational credits between courses attended and requested.
It is also possible, for all students, to request the recognition of a total of 10 University Educational Credits (ECTS) among any course attended or to be attended, belonging to the same disciplinary field.

Students who withdraw from studies or loose student status
Students who withdraw from studies or loose their student status are required to re-enrol.
The possibility of obtaining the recognition of previous credits is subject to an interview with an evaluation committee.

For information:

After enrolment
After Enrolment please have a look at the summary sheet of the study programme to learn more about:

  • the degree programme
  • the educational regulations
  • the available study plans

In addition, we suggest you to refer to the Web page Current Students where you will find all the information useful to carry out your university career.

Academic Calendar

Please, regularly check the notice board on the Web site of the School or your Campus for possible date changes.

Lectures and programmes
A few days before the beginning of the lessons, by connecting with the person code and password to the Online Services and selecting the “Lecture Timetable“, you can check the timetable and the classroom where you can attend the courses selected in the Study Plan. For what concerns textbooks, we suggest you to wait for specific indications from the professors at the beginning of the related courses.
The lecture programmes can be checked on the degree programme, by selecting the specific course.
Go to the school Web site to find the contacts and the commissions on the different topics (study plans, transfers and recognitions, access to Master of Science Study Programme, international mobility, tutoring, degrees, etc.).

Visit the specific Web page for Exams to find out how to register and the evaluation criteria.

Rules for final examination

The General Regulation of the final examination is published on the Web site of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.
On the same page, you will also find the commissions appointed for the degree exam sessions.

Final exam for students enrolled to their third year from the academic year 2020-21

The programme ends with application activities that allow students to apply the models and methodologies previously learned in real and multidisciplinary contexts. These applications will be carried out through an internship at a company or through participation in a project that will provide students with usegule skills for entering the world of work.


Final test, project work and lamp: rules, procedures and timing
Supplementary regulation of Degrees and Master’s Degrees in Management Engineering
Editorial indications for the drafting of the paper and for the presentation



Presentation event 20th July 2022


Final exam for students enrolled to their third year before the academic year 2020-21
  • Final examination of the “Applicativo” concentration: compulsory internship
    The final exam for the three-year Bachelor of Science students related to the “Applicativo” track consists in a compulsory internship. The student must carry out an internship related to a project within a company that consists, for example, in feasibility studies, investment evaluation, competitive analysis, management of warehouse, logistics planning, development and marketing of new products, development of information systems, etc. It can be carried out by students who have reached at least 120 ECTS and involves a workload of 5 months, part-time hours every week, for a total of about 500 hours.
    To find out all the details, you can check the downloadable documents.


Presentation compulsory internship


Final examination for Study Programmes of the Educational System 509/99

Please contact the Academic Office for more details.


A network of over 180 partners
The Management Engineering Degrees at Politecnico di Milano offer many possibilities to carry out an international exchange and mobility experience: from the classic Erasmus programme, to the Double Degrees in collaboration with prestigious foreign universities, to special programmes with different durations, ranging from a few days to one year. Exchanges with over 180 international institutions on all continents are available to students.
Every year over 200 Management Engineering students go abroad, while we greet on our Campuses the same number of incoming exchange students.

Are you a current or prospective exchange or international double degree incoming student with an interest in Management Engineering? Click here for more information.

For more information regarding study exchange opportunities for Politecnico di Milano students, see the following page.

Short periods (1-2 weeks)

Created in 1996, the A.T.H.E.N.S. network (or Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/SOCRATES) is composed of 14 prestigious European technical universities. Initially funded through the European Socrates Programme, its main mission is to facilitate the exchange of students, professors and researchers among the European universities involved, by strengthening their integration and collaboration towards the technological development of Europe.
To find out the details of the programme and calls, please visit the ATHENS web page.

IDEA League
Founded in 1999, IDEA League, is a strategic alliance of 5 European universities, all of primary importance within the technological and scientific fields; the aim of the alliance is to strengthen the links between technology, science and society. The members of this network are: ETH - Zurich, TU - Delft, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers University. Politecnico di Milano became part of the IDEA League in March 2016.
IDEA League promotes programmes and projects for students, PhD students, researchers, instructors and staff with the aim of further developing the skills and competencies of all of those that study and work in the partner universities.
To find out about the opportunities offered, please visit the page IDEA League.

Exchanges (1-2 semesters)

Erasmus mobility within the Erasmus+ Community Programme allows students that are regularly enrolled at Politecnico di Milano and that have completed their first year, to study abroad or take part in an internship at an Institute (or a company) with which Politecnico di Milano has an agreement. The agreement guarantees the recognition of the positive outcomes obtained by the student.
Politecnico di Milano has established Erasmus agreements with over 400 universities participating in the programme.
The semester experience can sometimes be extended to a year, for example, to work on the thesis or to access other educational experiences (e.g. internships, collaborations in research projects, etc.).
To find out more, please visit the page Erasmus+.

The Unitech programme is an international mobility programme thought for engineering students interested in improving their technical and scientific knowledge and in developing managerial skills in an international context, putting together a study abroad period with an internship opportunity in a multinational company. The programme is coordinated by the Unitech International Society, whose members are technical universities and companies.
To find out more, please visit the page UNITECH.

Alliance4Tech is a strategic alliance, formally established in 2015, among 4 prestigious European technical universities: Centrale Supélec of Paris, Politecnico di Milano, TU-Berlin, University College London.
Alliance4Tech combines four institutions of excellence, different in culture and location, but with the same passion for human and technological evolution, in the economic heart of Europe. Its goal is to create a real European Campus without borders for its students and professors.
Alliance4Tech offers talented and deserving students an innovative educational path, during which they can carry out their studies in at least three different countries.
Students can apply to the programme by participating in the international mobility call. The selected students, up to a maximum of 10, have the opportunity to choose to spend a full semester in Berlin and/or a full semester in Paris.
While applications may be submitted during the last year of the Bachelor’s Degree, participation in the Alliance4Tech programme will be open to MSc students only.
To find out more, please visit the Alliance4Tech website

Alliance4Tech - Presentation

Alliance4tech Guide

Double Degree EIT Manufacturing Master School

Students who are about to complete their three-year Bachelor's degree, have the opportunity to apply to a Double Degree programme, to be carried out during the Master's Degree. This experience will cover the entire two-year Master of Science programme, allowing students to earn two degrees at the end of their path, one issued by Politecnico di Milano and the other one by the partner university where the student decides to spend her/his period abroad.

The EIT-Manufacturing programme is not included in the Polimi International Mobility Call. Therefore, students who wish to participate must submit their application via the EIT-M application website, while also following the standard Politecnico di Milano admissions procedure for the Master of Science programme in Management Engineering.

The programme is open to students who have earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Management Engineering. Therefore, the application must be submitted at the end of the Bachelor's Degree, following the procedures and deadlines of the programme, usually published in Spring, as well as those of Politecnico di Milano.

For more information and further details, please refer to the dedicated section on the SOM website (Study with us > Double Degrees > EIT Manufacturing Master School).

The Study Programme Board (CCS) of Management Engineering has created a specific team, the Internationalization Commission, appointed for the evaluation, planning and validation procedures of the different mobility programmes, that students can directly contact.
The Commission carries out its activities in collaboration with the Studesk, the offices of Politecnico di Milano responsible for international mobility programmes that manage the administrative procedures, in compliance with the guidelines of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.

The Studesk offices annually manage the International Mobility Call process; students must refer to these offices for further information on international exchange programs and application procedures. Furthermore, for additional clarifications, students should also consult the list of FAQs provided by the Studesk offices.

The Internationalization Commission consists of six faculty members, also part of the CCS, and they are organized according to the Exchange Geographic Areas assigned to them:

  • Sergio Terzi, Coordinator of the Committee, in charge of special programmes (Double Degrees, ATHENS, UNITECH, PoliTong, Alliance4Tech, SustainT, IdeaLeague, etc.) and appointed Faculty Member for the Geographic Area “Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India etc.), Eastern Europe and Ireland”.
  • Cristina Di Stefano, appointed Faculty Member for the Geographic Area “France and the United Kingdom”.
  • Anna Paola Florio, appointed Faculty Member for the “Finland, Norway, Sweden, Baltic Countries and Russia” Geographic Area.
  • Simone Franzò, appointed Faculty Member for “Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands.
  • Luca Gastaldi, appointed Faculty Member for the “Extra-European Countries” (Africa, Americas, Australia) Geographic Area.
  • Elisa Negri, appointed Faculty Member for “Spain and Portugal“.

The Internationalization Committee has prepared a Guide to International Exchanges (downloadable below) which explains how to plan your experience abroad.
Students who have been selected in the mobility call must:

  • Read the guide carefully, mandatory step before meeting the appointed Faculty member
  • Prepare their mobility programme, using the Format Dossier for Exchange Programmes and following the instructions included in the guide
  • Contact the appointed faculty member in charge of checking their dossier
  • Once the plan has been approved, obtain the Professor’s signature on the Learning Agreement, which must then be submitted by the student to the Studesk
  • Upon their return from the exchange period, verify that the Studesk has received the Transcript of Records from the partner school, so that the appointed faculty member can validate the exams and grades earned abroad, as per the guidelines and the conversion tables established by the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.


International Exchanges for SOM students 2022/2023 Presentation – (2022 December 5)
Useful Tips (and Tricks) Presentation (2022 April 8)
Short guide to international exchanges
Guide to international exchanges
Format dossier for exchange programs


Within the Study Programme Board of the Management Engineering Programme, the following students have been elected:

  • Airoldi Marco
  • Alesani Giovanni
  • Boveri Matteo
  • Carbone Emanuele
  • Castellotti Chiara
  • Cesaro Marco
  • Costagliola Giuseppe
  • Crivellari Matteo
  • Fiorani Elena
  • Fossati Pietro
  • Garavaglia Stefano
  • Giardi Vittoria
  • Guerini Marco
  • Legnani Martina
  • Lione Lorenzo
  • Mancini Anuar
  • Menezes Crissaf Bolelli Felipe
  • Notarianni Anita Clara
  • Powell John Edgar
  • Rao Riccardo
  • Rapella Simone
  • Rola Davide
  • Trittoni Lorenzo
  • Vasconi Fabrizio
  • Zindato Silvia

Student Representatives:
Facebook Group (autonomous page managed by student representatives):

The Study Programme in Management Engineering actively collaborates with various student associations in order to improve the study experience, by adding other activities aimed at strengthening the sense of community, the progressive approach to the job market, the discussion skills with colleagues in relation to different subjects of interest.
For more information, contact the associations directly:

HSA Hub of Student Activities – Management Engineering Milan

Junior Enterprise Milano Politecnico

Social Innovation Teams

ESTIEM – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

Politecnico students during the year can carry out many sport activities.

For further information:



Welcome days 2022 – Bachelor degree in Management Engineering

Presentations and recordings

Welcome LT 1 year Recording
Welcome LT 2 year Recording
Welcome LT 3 year Recording




For students about to graduate with discussion on Project Work or Internship Report of 20 credits

Starting from the session of July 2021, the discussion of the thesis works and the proclamation of the Bachelor’s degree students will take place in two distinct days.
For the 2022 summer graduation session, the day of the discussion (to be held between 13 and 14 July) and the time slot will be communicated starting from 10 July; while the proclamation will take place on July 20, 2022.
As per the academic calendar, we remind you that enrollments for the graduation session will take place by 7 July.
Before that date it will be necessary to send the thesis to the academic tutor and all the exams must be recorded.

For more information:



Final work: self-provided Project Work

To students who wish to propose a self-provided Project Work, to be carried out starting from February 2022.

Students who participated in the selection for the assignment of the Project Work but were not selected, because placed in the list below the minimum threshold, can submit a self-provided Project Work: a project provided independently by personally contacting the companies.

Project Work proposals will be collected for the academic assessment by the delegated Commission and will be subject to a ranking, in the same way based on the value resulting from the grade formula (formula applied in October 2021).

Students who intend to contact the companies in order to propose a project work to the Study Program, are requested to write to:

Management Engineering Program Office


February 23, 2023 – 11am
Are you curious to discover which technologies are now involved in the finance sector? Do you fancy knowing better on which Fintech projects are some companies working on?
During the event, you’ll meet company representatives with your own background: in a 20-minute speech, they will focus on the new projects connected to Fintech their companies are working on.
The event will be moderated by professor Laura Grassi, from the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering.

For more information click here.



March 3, 2023 – 11am
Are you ready to be inspired and discover in a very original way the professional roles of management engineers?

During this event, management engineers will introduce themselves. You will listen to their daily activities, soft and hard skills they developed during their path in companies.But the engineers won’t reveal their job titles and they will introduce themselves anonimously.After the presentation, you will be able to ask questions about the engineers’ roles.

For more information click here.


Semester February 2023 – July 2023 – Events calendar

Click here for more info.

12 May 2022

Ethics meets artificial intelligence: can an algorithm be truly impartial? – SitPolimi

We inform you that on May 25 at 6:30 p.m. in room BL27.13 (Campus Bovisa- Via Lambruschini 4) it will be held the event “Ethics meets artificial intelligence: can an algorithm be truly impartial?” organized by the student association SITPolimi – Social Innovation Teams.
With the help of Prof. Paolo Volontè of the Department of Design and researchers Camilla Sorrentino and Stefano Garavaglia of the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, the event will feature the complex relationship between ethics and artificial intelligence applications, which are increasingly present in everyday life.

To register for the event click here.


20 April 2021

YML – Young Manufacturing Leaders Open Calls

Within the framework of the Young Manufacturing Leaders – YML project led by Politecnico di Milano, the World Manufacturing Foundation has recently launched 2 international calls open to young people from 18 to 30 years old.

To participate in the two activities, registration to the YML network is required. To become part of the community, register here.

1) YML Call for Interest – Back to the Future: Emerging Topics for the Long-Term Resilience in Manufacturing
YML gives the opportunity to join one of the 10 Focus Groups of the “Back to the Future initiative by” the World Manufacturing Foundation, work together with international experts and have one’s name featured in the thematic whitepaper that will be presented at the World Manufacturing Forum, 20-21 October 2021 live streamed from Cernobbio – Lake Como (IT).

Here the guidelines for application and submit the Expression of Interest (Deadline: 26/04/2021 – 11:59 PM CEST).

For more information on the specific topics of the 2021 Focus Groups, please visit the website:

2) YML Contest for the 2021 World Manufacturing Report
YML invites to submit a case study showcasing how digital technologies can enable a more sustainable manufacturing sector. The winners of the contest will be featured in the 2021 World Manufacturing Report Digitally enabled Circular Manufacturing together with more than 40 experts from all over the world. The results of the publication will be presented at the World Manufacturing Forum, in October 2021.

Here the guidelines for application and the official template to draft the Case Study.

Deadline: 30/06/2021, 11:59 PM CEST.

For more details about the topic and the application procedures please, refer to the website:


Academic Programme Office
The Academic Programme Office of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering is located at the ground floor of the BL26 building in via Lambruschini 4/B, 20156 Milan.

To arrange an online appointment with the Academic Programme Office you can write at this email:


Ask more info:

Prospective students and TOL admission test: 
Bachelor of Science:  
Business Game:
Student Representatives:


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