Recruiting & Networking

SoM’s Company Engagement & Partner Care Unit is a cross sector contact point designed to promote, maintain and develop strategic partnerships with a number of organisations that are engaged in collaborations with MIP.

By joining this Unit, you will have access to:

  • A complete overview of the services that our School offers to companies
  • A fully comprehensive consultancy service for addressing all your company’s requirements
  • Tailor-made services for your specific Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and Networking needs
  • A new career services tool, that allows you to manage your career services more efficiently

Additionally, if your organisation is a MIP Shareholder or Partner, you can work with a team specialised in developing customised and tailor-made services.


Our Company Engagement Unit and the Career Development Office work closely together to offer MIP partners a series of high quality and tailor-made services in the areas of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding and Networking.

At MIP, your company will be put in contact with a wide pool of over 1,000 talented people from across the world. While their background and level of seniority vary, they all have in common a sound training and international mindset


FLEXA is the digital platform, based on artificial intelligence algorithms, developed by MIP Politecnico di Milano in collaboration with Microsoft. Through FLEXA, companies will be able to access the profiles of MIP students and alumni, create their own company page and increase the visibility of their brand around the MIP community by publishing job offers, internships and challenges.

To find out more, contact flexaunit@mip.polimi.it

Companies can offer internships to Master students as part of their course or, for graduates, as an additional experience; during these work placements the students undertake projects overseen by an academic supervisor from the relevant area of reference. Internships are a great way for you to assess candidates with a view to offering them a place in your company.

These are job fairs where companies meet the students taking International MBAs and Specialising Masters, either by arrangement or as required. We reserve places at the Career Days for our Shareholders

MIP can hold recruitment events at the Bovisa Campus or at a company’s premises; each event is organised specifically for the company in question as a way for it to meet Master students and interview them directly.


We evaluate incoming interest in sponsoring our programs together with the directors of our Master courses. This is an excellent Employer Branding opportunity for your company, and will give you access to the students’ profiles.

Company Presentations

These company talks are aimed at students from one or more Masters, with speakers describing examples of best practice in their company and presenting potential career opportunities. The students are actively engaged in workshops or in resolving business cases, allowing the company to interact with them and identify potential candidates.

Company Visits

Companies wishing to introduce themselves more directly can arrange an on-site visit, giving students the opportunity to observe their production processes and learn more about how their major corporate functions are organised.

In-company classes

Companies can hold several Part-Time International MBA modules on their premises. This increases the visibility and positioning of the organisation and its specific business area, with the additional benefit of the company exercising employer branding and seeking out talent.


In line with their industrial sector and set of best practices, a company can sponsor one or more Masters, MBAs or Specialising courses. Companies will act in concert with the scientific committee for the Master course they are sponsoring, working with them in planning and innovating the teaching program and thereby ensuring that the courses being taught are always closely linked to the needs of the business world. For a company, sponsoring a course is a great way to present company testimonials to a class of students and offer them internships and work on specific projects.


Companies in our network can select the most promising students and, by supporting these students financially through scholarships covering all or part of their tuition fees, can place them in their company for an internship or a project.



Networking and business discussion events where companies and executive search firms can meet Executive MBA students

Career Talks

Events involving an inspirational speech followed by a Q&A session, where a senior/executive manager answers questions and offers observations about their career and professional development.

Careers In

Roundtable sessions where a group of recruitment experts and managers from different companies discuss topics and market trends, examining the roles and skills that companies are looking for.

Challenges in Contemporary Management

A credit-carrying course within the Executive MBA program, where senior executives share their experiences with EMBA students, examining how to tackle a major challenge (for example, a business transformation exercise) or guide a company through the current competitive waters, grafting the topics covered in the Master courses into the reality of the business world. As well as debating topical matters, for the companies working with MIP, these “Challenges” are a brilliant networking opportunity.

Advisory Board

Workshops organised to support companies in identifying strategic skills and key competences for managing up and coming transformations and trends.

MIP Shareholders