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The Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) provides a first year of basic training, followed by 9 possible specializations in order to customize the education according to your preferences, attitudes and expectations. The Programme also provides a wide choice of exchange experiences and international double degrees.

The Study Programme is provided in English, to allow an international experience with the presence in the classroom of students of different countries. Registration requires an assessment of the previous career.

Location: Milan

Language: English

Format: Full Time

Starting periods: September and February

Duration: 2 years

Requirements: Bachelor of Science Degree (three years)

Contacts: management-engineering@polimi.it


The transversal skills of a management engineer allow him/her to find a job very quickly:

96.6% of three-year graduate students find an employment within one year from graduation (67.1% of them in less than two months after graduation)
97.1% of laurea magistrale graduate students find an employment within one year from graduation (81.6% of them in less than two months after graduation)


Industrial fields
Industrial and service companies, consulting firms, banks and financial institutions, public administration bodies, non-profit organizations.


The management engineer can carry out different activities: planning and management of production and logistics systems, strategic planning, business organization and management, economics, planning and management of technology and innovation, internationalization processes, management control, corporate and market finance, business management in regulated sectors and network services, planning and management of big projects, Internet applications and ICT management (information and communication technologies).

The Master of Science in Management Engineering provides a first year of basic training in Management Engineering, followed by 9 possible specializations (Streams) in order to customize the education according to your preferences, attitudes and expectations. The programme also provides a wide choice of exchange experiences and international double degrees.

At the end of each stream, students have the opportunity to engage in special projects (practice-based labs) developed in collaboration with different companies which simulate the working environment and allow to tackle real challenges.

The Study Programme is provided in English, to allow an international experience with the presence in the classroom of students of different countries.


The Streams

To know in detail the objectives of each specialization and the expected courses, watch the videos and download the related presentations.

Advanced Manufacturing
Design Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Digital Business and Market Innovation
Energy and Environmental Management
Industrial Management
International Business
Supply Chain Management
Sustainable Operations and Social Innovation



Listen to the experiences of the Alumni who have chosen this academic career.

Paola Scarpa - Google

Vittorio Ragazzini - Accenture Strategy

Fabio Dinale - General Electric Power

Paolo Poma - Volkswagen Group Italia


Admission to the Master of Science is subject to an assessment based on curricular requirements and on the student’s preparation.
An Evaluation Committee is appointed for this purpose by the Study Programme Board. The Committee will base the admission on the analysis of the candidate academic career.
For more information and details, please visit the Web site of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering:

Homepage > Students > Admission to the School’s Bachelor and Master of Science programmes

Students with a degree obtained in Italy
For procedures and deadlines of the admission application to the Master of Science, please visit (in Italian):

www.poliorientami.polimi.it> come si accede > ammissione alle lauree magistrali

Students with a degree obtained abroad
For procedures and deadlines of the admission application to the Master of Science, please visit: http://www.polinternational.polimi.it/

Taxes and financial aid
The total annual amount of university fees and contributions varies according to the number of ECTS (University Educational Credits) and the student’s financial situation.
The payment of the total amount is divided into 2 instalments, the first instalment is paid at the enrolment and the second one, usually, during the second semester of the academic year.
Check all the details about deadlines and amounts on the Web page Student contribution.

The Laurea Magistrale study programme in Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering includes lessons related to three big subject areas: Applied Economics, Industrial Engineering, Management.
Students can decide among these subjects according to different proportions and specific needs, to the type of professional profile, critical skills and their training objectives.
Given that not all exam combinations are equally effective, as well as they do not offer a proper consistency with the profile of the Management Engineer, there are some examples of study plans that have been already approved in advance.

Study Plan
For information on the study plans, please visit:

  • The page Study plan on the Web site of Politecnico di Milano
  • The Educational Regulations published on the website of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering

Academic Calendar

Please, regularly check the notice board on the Web site of the School or your Campus for possible date changes.

Lectures and programmes
A few days before the beginning of the lessons, by connecting with the person code and password to the Online Services and selecting the “Lecture hours”, you can check the timetable and the classroom where you can attend the courses selected in the Study Plan. For what concerns textbooks, we suggest you to wait for specific indications from the professors at the beginning of the related courses.

The lecture programmes can be checked on the degree programme, by selecting the specific course.
Go to the School Web site to find the contacts and the committees on the different topics (study plans, transfers and recognitions, access to Laurea Magistrale Study Programme, international mobility, tutoring, degrees, etc.).

Visit the specific Web page for Exams to find out how to register and the evaluation criteria.

Rules for the final Degree Examination
The final Degree Examination consists in the discussion of a dissertation.
The regulations are available on the Web site of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, in particular:

Final Dissertations/Thesis

Please download the document below to check the projects available for your final Dissertation/Thesis.

Dissertation and Thesis available

Internal Double Degrees
The Internal Double Degrees are joint programs designed in collaboration with other Study Programmes of Politecnico di Milano with the aim to provide further skills, related to other subjects, to the management engineer, in order to develop new professional profiles able to meet the challenges and new opportunities in some specific sectors.

Double Degree in Built Environment and Management Engineering

The Double Degree in Built Environment and Management Engineering aims to meet the new challenges related to the building sector, at national and international level, by developing new professional profiles that put together the typical skills of management engineering with those of the built management.

Double Degree in Energy and Management Engineering

The Double Degree in Energy and Management Engineering aims to develop new highly specialized professionals in the field of energy and management in order to face the continuous global demand for energy due to current economic growth.
To support and speed up this change of the energy sector, a new generation of industrial engineers and managers is needed, new professional profiles able to transform the potentials of new technologies into consolidated industrial processes where knowledge and technical and managerial skills are perfectly mixed together and, therefore, well equipped to face some of the most relevant challenges.
In this context, the students who decide to undertake this double degree programme will have the opportunity to develop in an integrated way the typical skills of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering with those that specifically concern the Energy Engineer.

Double Degree in Management Engineering and Product-Service System Design

The Double Degree in Management Engineering and Product-Service System Design aims to develop new highly specialized professionals in the fields of design, management, strategic development and creation of innovative business models.

Students who decide to undertake this career will develop skills that go beyond product design but involve the whole product-service-communication system, with a specific focus on services and complex systems for creating value for individuals and companies, by combining the ability to conceive and visualise business models and boost the innovation process.

For more information, download the presentation.

For detailed information and updated calls, please visit:


International Double Degrees
Together with a selected number of partner universities, Politecnico di Milano offers international Double Degree Programmes, some of which with a specific curriculum in Management Engineering. The Double Degree Programmes provide an important international experience and allow to earn, in just two and a half years, a double degree, both from the Politecnico and from the partner University.

A significant amount of work must be carried out on the final thesis, which includes an Internship; this allows to consolidate the acquired skills and facilitates the start of a career.

To learn more about the different types of thesis accepted as final work for the Management Engineering MSc, please access the School’s General Regulations and the Additional Requirements of the Management Engineering MSc degree (the English version can be found in the second part of the document), notwithstanding specific requirements included in certain double degree programmes.


Audencia Nantes School of Management

Audencia Nantes School of Management is among the top universities in Europe and offers programmes that are regularly listed in the most well-known international rankings (such as The Financial Times, The Economist). The School has obtained many prestigious accreditations, such as EQUIS, AACSB, AMBA. The Double Degree programme offers the opportunity to improve specific skills in marketing, consulting, finance and entrepreneurship at Audencia, together with the technological and innovation background of Politecnico di Milano.

Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management

The Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM) is the Business School of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, a big multi-cultural university located in the metropolitan area of Brussels and close to the headquarters of the social and political institutions of the European Union.
SBS-EM offers high quality education at the undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels; this is reflected also by international university rankings and accreditations (EQUIS, AMBA).

Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University (Beijing) is one of the best universities in China for quality of education, research and service to society. Over the years, it has obtained the highest number of professors, at the national level, who have received awards in academic and scientific fields. Tsinghua University is also considered one of the best universities worldwide.

The MSc Double Degree in Management Engineering aims at putting together the exclusive educational resources of each of the two universities, by training a top-level graduate profile, with a degree from both universities, through a strong preparation in the fields of global industrial production and management engineering.

Tongji University

Tongji University (Shanghai) is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutes of higher education in China. As of today, the university includes different fields of study and it attracts many students, from China and from all over the world. The university has also developed a strong connection with the industry world, which allows it to provide students with the opportunity of a real interaction with society. The Double Degree aims at providing students with tools and resources that are necessary to develop skills in industrial and management engineering.

For more information on calls and other opportunities:

Mentorship Programme

The objective of the Mentorship Programme is to offer to some selected Master of Science students a high value added experience by participating in some activities that will foster their professional and personal development, and  academic career.

The Programme is for students enrolled at the second year of the MSc.

For more details about this opportunity and how to apply, please download the presentation.


A network of over 180 partners
The Management Engineering Degrees at Politecnico di Milano offer many possibilities to carry out an international exchange and mobility experience: from the classic Erasmus programme, to the Double Degrees in collaboration with prestigious foreign universities, to special programmes with different durations, ranging from a few days to one year. Exchanges with over 180 international institutions on all continents are available to students.
Every year almost 200 Management Engineering students go abroad, while we greet on our Campuses the same number of incoming exchange students.

For more information:


Short periods (1-2 weeks)

Created in 1996, the A.T.H.E.N.S. network (or Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/SOCRATES) is composed of 14 prestigious European technical universities. Initially funded through the European Socrates Programme, its main mission is to facilitate the exchange of students, professors and researchers among the European universities involved, by strengthening their integration and collaboration towards the technological development of Europe.
To find out the details of the programme and calls, please visit the ATHENS web page.

IDEA League
Founded in 1999, IDEA League, is a strategic alliance of 5 European universities, all of primary importance within the technological and scientific fields; the aim of the alliance is to strengthen the links between technology, science and society. The members of this network are: ETH - Zurich, TU - Delft, RWTH Aachen, Chalmers University. Politecnico di Milano became part of the IDEA League in March 2016.
IDEA League promotes programmes and projects for students, PhD students, researchers, instructors and staff with the aim of further developing the skills and competencies of all of those that study and work in the partner universities.
To find out about the opportunities offered, please visit the page IDEA League.

Exchanges (1-2 semesters)

Erasmus mobility within the Erasmus+ Community Programme allows students that are regularly enrolled at Politecnico di Milano and that have completed their first year, to study abroad or take part in an internship at an Institute (or a company) with which Politecnico di Milano has an agreement. The agreement guarantees the recognition of the positive outcomes obtained by the student.
Politecnico di Milano has established Erasmus agreements with over 400 universities participating in the programme.
The semester experience can sometimes be extended to a year, for example to work on the thesis or to access other educational experiences (e.g. internships, collaborations in research projects, etc.).
To find out more, please visit the page Erasmus+.

The Unitech programme is an international mobility programme thought for engineering students interested in improving their technical and scientific knowledge and in developing managerial skills in an international context, putting together a study abroad period with an internship opportunity in a multinational company. The programme is coordinated by the Unitech International Society, whose members are technical universities and companies.
To find out more, please visit the page UNITECH.

Alliance4Tech is a strategic alliance, formally established in 2015, among 4 prestigious European technical universities: Centrale Supélec of Paris, Politecnico di Milano, TU-Berlin, University College London.
Alliance4Tech combines four institutions of excellence, different for culture and location, but with the same passion for human and technological evolution, in the economic heart of Europe. Its goal is to create a real European Campus without borders for its students and professors.
Alliance4Tech offers talented and deserving students an innovative educational path, during which they can carry out their studies in at least three different countries.
Students can apply to the programme by participating in the international mobility call. The selected students, up to a maximum of 10, have the opportunity to choose to spend a full semester in Berlin and/or a full semester in Paris.
While applications may be submitted during the last year of the Bachelor’s Degree, participation in the Alliance4Tech programme will be open to MSc students only.
To find out more, please visit the Alliance4Tech website

Alliance4Tech - Presentation

QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) is a prestigious international network that connects the best students with analytical and quantitative skills with a wide and qualified network of academic and business partners.
An opportunity for an extraordinary growth for the selected students, who can improve their cultural and academic background, but also take their first steps in the creation of a broad global network. QTEM students obtain the Master’s degree from their home university together with the QTEM diploma.
While applications may be submitted during the last year of the Bachelor’s Degree, participation in the QTem programme will be open to MSc students only.
To find out more: www.qtem.org

The Study Programme Board (CCS) of Management Engineering has created a specific team, the Internationalization Commission, appointed for the evaluation, planning and validation procedures of the different mobility programmes, that students can directly contact.
The Commission carries out its activities in collaboration with the Studesk, the offices of Politecnico di Milano responsible for international mobility programmes that manage the administrative procedures, in compliance with the guidelines of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.

The Internationalization Commission consists of six faculty members, also part of the CCS, and they are organized according to the Exchange Geographic Areas assigned to them:

  • Sergio Terzi, Coordinator of the Committee, in charge of special programmes (Double Degrees, ATHENS, UNITECH, PoliTong, Alliance4Tech, QTEM, SustainT, IdeaLeague, etc.) and appointed Faculty Member for the Geographic Area “Asia (China, Japan, Korea, India etc.), Eastern Europe and Ireland” .
    Email: sergio.terzi@polimi.it
  • Stefano Elia, appointed Faculty Member for the Geographic Area “France and the United Kingdom”.
    Email: stefano.elia@polimi.it
  • Anna Paola Florio, appointed Faculty Member for the “Scandinavian Countries, Baltic Countries and Russia” Geographic Area.
    Email: anna.florio@polimi.it
  • Simone Franzò, appointed Faculty Member for “Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Portugal”.
    Email: simone.franzo@polimi.it,
  • Luca Gastaldi, appointed Faculty Member for the “Extra-European Countries” (Africa, Americas, Australia) Geographic Area.
    Email: luca.gastaldi@polimi.it
  • Angela Tumino, appointed Faculty Member for “Spain“.
    Email: angela.tumino@polimi.it

The Internationalization Committee has prepared a Guide to International Exchanges (downloadable below) which explains how to plan your experience abroad.

Students who have been selected in the mobility call must:

  • Read the guide carefully, mandatory step before meeting the appointed Faculty member
  • Prepare their mobility programme, using the Format Dossier for Exchange Programmes and following the instructions included in the guide
  • Contact the appointed faculty member in charge of checking their dossier
  • Once the plan has been approved, obtain the Professor’s signature on the Learning Agreement, which must then be submitted by the student to the Studesk
  • Upon their return from the exchange period, verify that the Studesk has received the Transcript of Records from the partner school, so that the appointed faculty member can validate the exams and grades earned abroad, as per the guidelines and the conversion tables established by the School of Industrial and Information Engineering.

Guide to international exchanges

Format dossier for exchange programs

International Exchanges – Presentation prof. Terzi – 12 Dec. 2018

Together with a selected number of partner universities, Politecnico di Milano offers International Double Degree Programmes, some of them with a specific curriculum in Management Engineering that provides an important international experience and the achievement, in two and a half years, of a double degree, at Politecnico and at the partner University.
To find out more, please visit the section Study with us > Double Degrees.



Within the Study Programme Board of the Management Engineering Programme, the following students have been elected:

  • Abd Alla Elfarouk
  • Baistrocchi Alessio
  • Bettoni Giorgia
  • Biondo Piervito
  • Carissimi Maria Concetta
  • Cicalo’ Mauro
  • Di Girolamo Caterina
  • Di Sarno Pietro
  • Gobbi Gianmarco
  • Lepore Cristina
  • Minunno Vittoria
  • Morandi Stefano
  • Morici Francesco
  • Muneratti Francesco
  • Murrieri Cristian
  • Paravano Alessandro
  • Petroni Chiara
  • Visconti Cecilia
  • Zoffoli Tommaso

Student Representatives:
Facebook Group (autonomous page managed by student representatives):

The Study Programme in Management Engineering actively collaborates with various student associations in order to improve the study experience, by adding to the didactic activities other activities aimed at strengthening the sense of community, the progressive approach to the world of work, the discussion skills with colleagues in relation to different subjects of interest.
For more information, contact the associations directly:

HSA Hub of Student Activities – Management Engineering Milan

Junior Enterprise Milano Politecnico

Social Innovation Teams

ESTIEM – European Students of Industrial Engineering and Management

Politecnico students during the year can carry out many sport activities: first of all the Championships – amateur tournaments where the teams of study programmes play soccer, volleyball and basketball – and two 10 km races, PolimiRun Spring in Milan and PolimiRun Winter – the new trail run in Lecco.
It is also possible to access many free sports facilities within the Campus.

For further information:


18 febbraio 2019

MSC in Management Engineering Welcome Events – 2nd Semester 2018/2019

Meet the Academic Faculty of the Master of Science Program in Management Engineering at the Welcome Events dedicated to admitted students for the Second Semester of the Academic Year 2018/2019.
On 21st February 2019 at 16.00 Prof. Marika Arena (Delegate of the MSc Program in Management Engineering) will meet the MSc freshmen in Room LM1, Building B15, via La Masa 34 – Ground Floor, Bovisa Campus.

In the following week the stream coordinators will present the MSc offer, according to the schedule reported below:

25th February 2019Room LM1 – from 18.15

18.15 Advanced Manufacturing (Marco Macchi, Tullio Tolio)

18.45 Finance (Marco Giorgino, Giancarlo Giudici)

19.15 Industrial Management (Alberto Portioli)

27th February 2019 – Room LM1 – from 18.15

18.15 Supply Chain Management (Andrea Sianesi)

18.45 Energy and Environmental Management (Vittorio Chiesa, Paolo Trucco)

19.15 Sustainable Operations and Social Innovation (Mario Calderini, Marco Taisch)

28th February 2019 – Room LM1 – from 18.15

18.15 International Business (Lucia Piscitello)

18.45 Design Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Massimo Colombo, Roberto Verganti)

19.15 Digital Business and Market Innovation (Giuliano Noci)


17 December 2018

Graduation and exam session – Master graduation sessions 20 December 2018

For information:

2 December 2018

Graduation Exam Sessions – Master of Science

Degree Examination Dates Enrolment Application (via Online Services) Exams Deadline for Graduating Students
20 December 2018 06 November – 06 December 06 December
16 April 2019 11 March – 02 April 26 February
25 July 2019 25 June – 13 July 13 July

Votes Increase Sorting 479:

Report: from -1 to 2/110
Thesis: from -1 a 4/110, up to 5 for “excellence”.
Dissertation: from -1 a 7/110, up to 8/110 for “excellence”.

Vote with Honors: the Subcommittee, only for Thesis with Co-Examiner, can assign the Honors if conditions described in the Degree Regulations are met. In particular, it refers to the formula for the definition of V threshold to overcome before the rounding:

V=max ( 113 – 0.5L, 111 ) L is the number of career awards achieved.

Official dates of the Degree Examinations are published at the following page:

Modalities and deadlines for online submission and approval of thesis are published at:
http://www.biblio.polimi.it/en/home/, in the “thesis submission” section

The day of the Degree examination, Graduating Students will have to show up at the Degree Commitee with one hard copy of their thesis.

Information for organizing and conducting the Graduation Sessions

For further information:

No news at the moment.


Academic Programme Office
The Academic Programme Office of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering is located at the ground floor of the BL26 building in via Lambruschini 4/B, 20156 Milan.
Opening hours
: Tuesday to Friday from 09.30 to 12.30
Monday and Thursday: closed

For urgent matters, it is possible to plan a meeting by appointment on Monday and Thursday.

Information about the Master of Science Programme: management-engineering@polimi.it
Student representatives in the CCS: studenticcs.ges@polimi.it


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