FLEXA is our innovative, personalised, continuous learning platform, featured with the latest Microsoft AI

A groundbreaking digital mentor, FLEXA will lead you along the path to filling your skills gap efficiently.
In today’s fast-moving and complex world, it will prepare you for the challenge of finding exactly the knowledge you need to pursue your career and professional aspirations faster and more effectively.

In an era awash with information, FLEXA is selective: it picks out only that content and experience which serve your long-term goals, also taking into consideration how much time you have available.

Getting started is simple: just sign up on the digital platform, complete the form provided and FLEXA will identify which additional hard, soft and digital skills you need to acquire to facilitate the achievement of your professional aspirations.


Nail that Skill Set

Before setting off down the route towards your professional objectives, you will need to know your precise point of departure. Based on your input, FLEXA assesses your spectrum of hard, soft and digital skills. Your digital mentor will first dissect the information you have provided, then amplify this analysis by giving you a test, to arrive at an in-depth understanding your current status in terms of skills; after this, FLEXA will determine where there are gaps to be filled in order to fit the profile required to be in line with professional aspirations.

Personalised Learning Pathway

Taking into account the skill gap to be fixed, the amount of time you have at your disposal and your interests, FLEXA will provide you with a range of content designed specifically to improve your knowledge and fill the gaps, selecting only high-quality material from certified sources.

The platform will recommend digital content, events and webinars all designed to round off your training,. For ease of use, FLEXA distributes the content over time.

As you work through the material, you can see your progress. Furthermore, once you have enjoyed the content for the first time, it can be saved in a library, where it will remain available to you.

Personalised Daily Workout

FLEXA also provides pithy, up-to-the-minute items relating to topics of interest on a daily basis. These concise bites are integrated with the content aimed at bridging your main skills gaps.

Personalised Content Search

Locate the content you need quickly and easily with a keyword search. In this way, articles, case studies and material related to the themes which best reflect your interests can be pinpointed.


Discover the potential of networking! Search the network through a name, job title or keyword and send contact requests to other FLEXA users  together, you will expand your range of professional connections.


People Get People

Spread the word and invite your friends through a specific invitation code to start collecting FLEXA Points!

Smash it with the Content Generation Challenge

Get those creative juices flowing and boost your brain cells with some healthy competition: interacting with the other FLEXA users, take part in challenges to create top-quality content of relevance to a specified subject area.

Personalised Mentorship

Put your skills to the test and become a mentor yourself! Discover your talent as a coach by putting your significant professional experience to work as a mentor for a fellow user. You will be matched up with a compatible mentee via the digital platform.

Communities of Interest

One of the many pluses of studying at our School most frequently mentioned by our alumni is getting to know the group of students around them. Find friends with common interests by joining communities, publishing content, posting documents and commenting on shared pursuits.

Exposure to Companies - Get Yourself Out There

Take up the valuable opportunity to show part or all of your profile to recruiting companies registered on the platform. By making your data available to a particular company, you will be able to see the descriptions of positions they are currently seeking to fill. Furthermore, you can take part in their sponsored business challenges and, by selecting a certain job profile, receive indications regarding which content to draw on to give yourself the best chance of filling that vacancy.

Company Visibility

Each company which registers on the platform can present its own profile, as well as publishing the job descriptions for open positions. Companies will be provided with a list of suitable candidates selected by the platform for these vacancies, based either on FLEXA’s algorithmic recommendations or using adjustable filters of the company’s choosing.

Access for Company Employees

For companies that so wish, their employees can be given access to the platform, thus enabling them not only to enjoy the overall FLEXA experience but also allowing them to launch employee engagement initiatives.