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PhD Programme in Management Engineering

The PhD programme in Management Engineering (DRIG) offers students an advanced education together with the opportunity of carrying out research work in the fields of managment, economics and industrial engineering.

The programme ensures that students build up a solid methodological background, allowing them to develop their multidisciplinary knowledge, an open minded approach to research and the ability to address problems in an innovative way, while combining different perspectives and approaches.

The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering’s commitment to research and its scientific collaborations with other institutions provide students with an ideal environment in which to pursue research in their personal fields of interest within a broad spectrum of different topics.

Location: Milan

Language: English

Format: Full Time/Part Time

Course Start: November

Application: mid-April / end of May

Duration: 3 years Full Time
4 years Executive

Required degree: University Master of Science degree (or equivalent)


Tel: +39 022399 2774/4840
Email: phd-ges@polimi.it


The Ph.D. programme in Management Engineering (Dottorato di Ricerca in Ingegneria Gestionale, DRIG) offers candidates advanced training and preparation to conduct research in the fields of management, economics and industrial engineering. It aims to develop professionals who are able to carry out, in these fields, high-profile research in universities and international research institutions, manufacturing and service companies, regulatory authorities and other public bodies. The programme allows the candidate to develop a sound methodological background and multidisciplinary knowledge by attending courses designed to provide a multiplicity of visions, theories and approaches, a broad cultural panorama and the ability to study problems in an innovative manner, combining various analytical perspectives.

The commitment of the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering (DIG) to research and to cooperate with other academic institutions, or major industrial and service companies, creates an ideal environment for candidates to acquire leading-edge knowledge and cultivate their own research interests in a broad range of research subjects.

Research lines

Ph.D. yearbooks and thesis

The theses abstracts are published in our yearbooks:

Yearbook 2018

Yearbook 2017

Yearbook 2016

Yearbook 2015

Yearbook 2014

Yearbook 2013

  • Access to the Ph.D. programme is through a competitive selection process.
  • The online application opens once a year around mid-April for the full time format; application and eligibility check are permanent for the executive format.
  • The academic year of the PhD programmes starts at Politecnico di Milano on November 1st.
  • Every year, the ranking of selected candidates will be published on the Politecnico di Milano Ph.D. School website.


The Ph.D. programme is offered both in the full time (3 years) and the executive format (4 years).

It is composed of three different educational components.

  • the main courses (30 ECTS) include: methodological courses on aspects relating to theoretical and applied research in management, economics and industrial engineering;
  • seminars having the aim of introducing students to state-of-the-art research in specific fields relating to the above subjects.

Elective courses and teaching in specific activities (25 ECTS) are studies customised according to the students’ specific research interests. Their aim is to expand students’ scientific knowledge of specific topics and introduce them to the international research network by presenting their research work at international conferences.

The preparation of a Ph.D. thesis (125 ECTS) is eventually the qualifying activity of the Ph.D. programme. It allows students to develop leading-edge research competencies and to produce an original scientific contribution on a topic of significance for scientific debate and of interest for the business world.

The Ph.D. thesis is an original contribution to the advancement of knowledge in the candidate’s research field. The research will be supervised by members of the doctoral faculty, who will provide guidance to the candidate in setting out and arranging the everyday activities involved in the thesis development. The thesis can be edited in the form of a monograph or a collection of papers.

At the conclusion of the PhD studies, the Faculty Board evaluates the candidates. Candidates who receive a positive evaluation submit their theses to two external reviewers for refereeing. If the evaluation provided by the reviewers is positive (or after the revisions required by the external reviewers), the candidates may defend the thesis in front of a Committee composed of three members (at least two of which must be external experts).

The resulting thesis needs to be coherent with the research lines developed in the Department where the PhD programme is developed.

Each course lasts approximately one week and is composed of classroom lessons, individual study and group work.  

At the end of each year, the candidate will present the progress of the research project in front of a committee and will discuss it with a Discussant from the PhD Faculty.

All courses are taught in English.


Schedule of courses 2017-2018

Schedule of courses 2018-2019

Outline of the PhD Programme (XXXIV Cycle)


STATUS OF APPLICATIONS: CLOSED. The next call will be opening mid-April 2019.

In order to be admitted to the PhD programme, students must hold a University Master of Science degree (or equivalent). The most relevant background university studies are those in the fields of economics, management and industrial engineering. However, students who hold degrees in other technical and scientific disciplines or in social sciences may also be admitted to the programme.

To be admitted to the Doctorate Programme in Management Engineering applicants must apply through a competitive selection process. The application period runs once a year from mid-April until the end of May. A ranking of selected candidates will be published on the Politecnico di Milano Ph.D. School website at the end of July and the new Ph.D academic year starts at the beginning of November.

Knowledge of English is required; to this end, applicants are required to submit one of the certificates listed below no later than end of October, if not already submitted at the closing date of the call. Failure to submit certificates within the established closing date for enrolment irrevocably results in the loss of the right to enrolment.
Below is a list of the certifications accepted by the Politecnico di Milano and the corresponding levels:

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) all types ≥ 6
ETS – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) paper based (total score) ≥ 547
ETS – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) computer based (total score) ≥ 210
ETS – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) internet based (total score) ≥ 78
ETS – TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication -Listening and Reading Test ) ≥ 720

The said certification is valid regardless of the date when it was awarded.

Citizens of Countries in which English is an official language are not required to certify their knowledge of English; the same applies to applicants who have been awarded or will be awarded academic qualifications by an institute in which all teaching activity is carried out in English.
These applicants must attach official documents to their application; in particular, where all courses are carried out in English, this needs to be certified by the corresponding academic institute.

Please see more information on admission criteria here


Fifteen  fully-funded scholarships were made available this year starting in November 2018:


Seven scholarships will be assigned according to the Department’s research lines where priority will be given to the following topics:

- Advanced design and planning for rapid reconfiguration of production systems

- Cost-effective adaptive lifecycle management of infrastructure systems;

- Global and Sustainabile Supply Chain and Purchasing Management – in memory of Prof. Gianluca Spina;

- Institutions, micro-founded strategies and the internationalisation of innovative start-ups;

- Leading-edge developments in entrepreneurship research;

- Policy and Innovation for social impact;

- Radical Innovation: leveraging on the interplay between technologies and meanings

- Seed and start-up finance;

- Sustainability of industrial Systems: boosting the improvement.

A detailed description of the topics can be found here.


Eight topic scholarships will be offered in the context of the below specific research projects:

-  Acquisitions by small and young firms: the implementation challenge (a 4-year Double Degree Politecnico di Milano/CBS Copenaghen Business School)

- Aligning New Product Development and Supply Chain Management;

- Assessing gender biases through data analytic in entrepreneurial and organization contexts (an interdisciplinary programme run in cooperation with the Department of Information Technology);

- Cultural Impact Assessment in the digital era;

- Factory Logistics: new logistics models enabled by innovative technologies;

- Innovation and policy for the circular use of water resources;

- Internationalisation and skills in the digital era;

- Using Biometrics to enrich consumer decision making process models.

Original research proposals submitted by applicants are welcome and they may be evaluated for scholarship-funded positions.
The candidate will be asked to frame his/her proposal within one of the Department research lines.


Faculty Board

  • Arena Marika   
  • Cagliano Raffaella
  • Cagno Enrico
  • Caniato Federico
  • Chiesa Vittorio
  • Cigolini Roberto
  • Colombo Massimo
  • Corso Mariano
  • Dell’Era Claudio
  • Franzoni Chiara
  • Frattini Federico
  • Garrone Paola 
  • Grilli Luca
  • Lettieri Emanuele
  • Macchi Marco
  • Melacini Marco
  • Micheli Guido
  • Mosconi Rocco
  • Orsenigo Carlotta
  • Piva Evila
  • Portioli Alberto
  • Rossi Cristina
  • Taisch Marco
  • Tajoli Lucia
  • Terzi Sergio


Adalberto Polenghi
Adalberto Polenghi

Research Project: Asset Management in Manufacturing: how to manage information and data?

Linkedin Profile Curriculum Vitae

Email: adalberto.polenghi@polimi.it

Research interests: His research interests mainly span in the area of Operations Management. In particular, he is engaged in industrial and research projects that focus on production and maintenance management, for example in developing scheduling tool involving new technologies available at the shop-floor. Above this, most of the effort is put towards the topic of Asset Management, especially in managing physical assets (e.g. machines and production systems) and, within this research field, the attention is given to Information and Data Management to support and enable the decision-making process over all of the lifecycle of the asset.

Supervisor: Marco Macchi

Afsaneh Roshanghalb
Afsaneh Roshanghalb

Research Project: Her research is focused on The Power of the Big Data for Evidence-based Management in Healthcare; ...

Curriculum Vitae

Email: afsaneh.roshanghalb@polimi.it

Research interests: She has a strong interest in the performance measurements and intersection among technology, management and healthcare. Her primary research deal with the development of evidence-based improvement strategies in hospitals through the use of administrative data. Her research is both qualitative and quantitative for conducting multidisciplinary research in collaboration with Universities, healthcare institutions and hospitals.

Supervisor: Emanuele Lettieri

Alessandra Neri
Alessandra Neri

Research Project: Enhance sustainability in the industrial sector

Linkedin Profile Curriculum Vitae

Email: alessandra.neri@polimi.it

Research interests: Her primary research field is Industrial Sustainability. In particular, she investigates Industrial Sustainability in firms and systems i.e. supply chain and industrial district, linked to a more efficient and effective use of sustainability related resources like energy, material, water and workforce.

Supervisor: Enrico Cagno

Alessia Napoleone
Alessia Napoleone

Research Project: Investigation on reconfigurability as a capability to be competitive in manufacturing

Curriculum Vitae

Email: alessia.napoleone@polimi.it

Research interests: Her primary research interest is on Reconfigurable Manufacturing Factories, with a managerial-oriented perspective on characteristics of reconfigurability. She has also interest in standardization and Industry 4.0, Cyber-Physical Systems and their implications on Reconfigurability of factories and on the development of the capability to be reconfigurable in the process industries.

Supervisor: Marco Macchi

Alessio Domenico Leto
Alessio Domenico Leto

Research Project: Information management for construction projects 4.0

Linkedin Profile

Email: alessiodomenico.leto@polimi.it

Research interests: His primary research field is information management in the construction industry, with a particular focus on Building information Modelling.

Supervisor: Mauro Mancini; Bruno Daniotti; Alberto Pavan

Alice Bertoletti
Alice Bertoletti

Research Project: To be determined

Curriculum Vitae

Email: alice.bertoletti@polimi.it

Research interests: Her research interests are focused on Economics of Education. In particular, her dissertation concerns the evaluation of higher education impact on economic development of countries and regions.

Alice Borrello
Alice Borrello

Research Project: Impact investing ecosystem: studying and overcoming the main challenges

Curriculum Vitae

Email: alice.borrello@polimi.it

Research interests: Her research interest are on social business, social impact measurement, and impact Investing.

Supervisor: Mario Calderini

Andra Riandita
Andra Riandita

Research Project: Sustainability-oriented alliances: a dynamic partnership of large established firms and sustainabil ...

Email: andra.riandita@polimi.it

Research interests: Strategic alliances, corporate social responsibility, sustainability-driven entrepreneurship

Supervisor: Raffaella Cagliano; Anders Broström (KTH); Andreas Feldmann (KTH)


The Ph.D. programme aims to train professionals who are able to carry out high-quality research in the fields of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering at universities or other research institutions. Ph.D. graduates from DRIG are also well equipped with distinctive skills and advanced knowledge to pursue a professional career in manufacturing and service companies, regulatory authorities and other public bodies.

In this framework, the following opportunities are open to those completing the Ph.D. programme:

  • Post doc, research fellows and young lecturers in Italian and foreign universities;
  • researchers and scholars of management, economics or industrial engineering in the research departments of public and private organisations;
  • highly qualified personnel in research and training institutions, with the role of providing a link between universities and the business world, or in technology transfer centres in Italy and abroad;
  • professionals in leading management and strategic consulting firms able to provide deep and advanced insight in areas of activity relating to the company itself;
  • high level professional roles in national (ministries, regulatory authorities, local public institutions) and international (EIB, IMF, World Bank, European Commission, European Central Bank) public institutions;
  • managerial roles in multinational companies with a strong focus on innovation;
  • entrepreneurs in contexts characterized by a high level of innovation.

Support actions for placement are provided with the purpose of sharing experiences, services and information through a number of initiatives fitting the different types of career opportunities. Amongst the actions, the “Placement programme for PhD candidates” is the programme offered by the Career Service, in cooperation with the PhD school of Politecnico di Milano. This programme is offered to all candidates to support them entering the job market. Other initiatives are directly supported by the Ph.D. programme in Management Engineering, to share experiences with invited speakers, to gather information on job fairs and funding initiatives, to build opportunities for networking and visibility, etc. Particular emphasis is given to career development in the Management Engineering area.


This page provides information publicly available and useful to support the Ph.D life.

ICT Services

Other Services

External Links


European Doctorate in Industrial Management (EDIM)

In partnership with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (UPM), Politecnico di Milano runs the European Doctorate in Industrial Management (EDIM), which awards a double PhD.

The EDIM-program enrolls top-class international PhD-candidates who will work with coordinated set of research issues at the three partner universities. A significant feature of the program is the combination of international structure and international focus, together with its explicit approach on non-technical managerial issues, deeply embedded in the context of technology, engineering, and industry.

The program is developed by a consortium of three leading engineering universities in Europe. As the number one engineering university of their respective nations, KTH, UPM and Polimi have an obligation to be at the forefront in training future leaders of European industry to become successful in a globalized business environment.  

The EDIM program is underpinned by the challenges that industries, academia as well as policy face as a consequence of globalization. It is based on the need to adopt a systematic research on the nature, conditions and logics shaping the new global industrial landscape from a managerial point of view.

For further information, please visit the EDIM website

Martina Sani


University Country Department/ School Type of Agreement Credits transfer
ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY – KTH  Sweden  Industrial Economics and Management  Double Degree  YES 
PONTIFICIA UNIVERSIDAD CATOLICA DE VALPARAISO (PUCV)  Chile  Escuela de Ingeniería Industrial  Double Degree  YES 
UNIVERSIDAD POLITECNICA DE MADRID (UPM)  Spain  Escuela Tecnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales  Double Degree  YES 
WINDESHEIM UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES  The Netherlands Strategic Entrepreneurship Research Centre  Co-financing of thematic scholarships NO 

Copenhagen Business School

Denmark Department of Strategy and Innovation Double – Degree YES


The PhD program in Management Engineering (DRIG) offers a highly developed research course designed for leading managers and professionals in the fields of research and innovation within both private and public organisations.
The programme is specifically designed to complement and be compatible with each participant’s professional life, in a part-time format.

Open throughout the year.
Notification (of acceptance): in 2 months
Deadline for enrolment: September 30th
Start of the academic year: November 1st

For further information, please open this section.



The executive format of the Ph.D. programme in Management Engineering offers a highly developed research course designed for leading managers and professional figures in the fields of research and innovation within both Private and Public organisations.

The programme has three objectives: 

  • to allow companies to experience innovation procedures that combine the rigour and methodology of academic research at international level with the practicality of a project of company innovation;
  • to allow participants to work within a stimulating international context where they can develop methodological and disciplinary skills in research and innovation.
  • to enable collaboration between company and university on cutting-edge research projects

The programme is specifically designed to complement and be compatible with each participant’s professional life, in a part-time format: it has the same requirements of the full time programme, but higher flexibility, consisting of a four-year part-time. The articulation of the programme is based on the same 3 main areas of education as reported in the “Contents and courses” section.

The small number of participants admitted on the course, the presence of renowned tutors and the possibility for students to choose from a wide range of training opportunities within the doctoral programme of Management Engineering and MIP – the Business School of Politecnico di Milano – are factors that allow students to develop a personalised programme that can be adapted to the requirements of both the students and their companies.

International collaboration with other doctoral programmes means that students come into contact and work with other cultures, differing experiences and advanced research methodologies.

The company will be able to cultivate a future leader in research and innovation whose training is tailored to company requirements, as well as having the methodological support of scholars and experts from one of the most prestigious European management schools.

Fees for the Executive Ph.D. program

The candidate is employed full time by a company. The company signs an agreement with Politecnico di Milano, sponsoring the candidate and committing to allow the time to conduct the PhD activities.

The fees € 22,000 cover university taxes, tuition fees and participation to activities offered by the School.

In case the company is interested on activating a customised research collaboration with the School, involving additional effort by the faculty, an additional research contract will be developed.

Out of these fees, the candidate receives a budget to support his attendance to PhD schools or conferences.

For further information, please contact: phd-ges@polimi.it


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