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Responsible for the quality assurance of BSc and MSc in Management Engineering

Evila Piva is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Politecnico di Milano, co-Director of the International Part time MBA and Exchange Programs Director at Polimi Graduate School of Management, Delegate for the Bachelor program in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. She is member of the Italian Association of Managerial Engineering (AiIg) and she has been member of the Strategic Management Society and of the Academy of Management. She has been supervisor or member of the guidance/reading committees of 5 PhD students. She has been involved in the design of teaching courses at MSc, PhD and executive levels and in the organization of 9 conferences, conference tracks or work ...


PHD: Management Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

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Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale

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Economia E Organizzazione Aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

Economia e organizzazione aziendale

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High-Tech Startups: Creating And Scaling Up I

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Entrepreneurship economics and policy

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Entrepreneurship economics and policy

Entrepreneurship economics and policy

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The areas of research of Evila Piva include: economics and managerial aspects of crowdfunding with special focus on the strategic decisions and performance of crowdfunding platforms, student and academic entrepreneurship, economics and managerial aspects of collaborations of high-tech start-ups, organizational design of high-tech start-ups, new firm creation and growth. On these topics, she has published more than 30 papers on international peer-reviewed journals. She is associate editor of the Journal of Small Business Management and she is on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Industrial and Business Economics.

Relevant Publications

Colombo M.G.| Piva E.| Quas A.| Rossi-Lamastra C. (2021), "Dynamic capabilities and high-tech entrepreneurial ventures’ performance in the aftermath of an environmental jolt", Long Range Planning, 54

Colombo M.G.| Piva E. (2020), "Start-ups launched by recent STEM university graduates: The impact of university education on entrepreneurial entry", Research Policy, 49

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Colombo Massimo G.;Piva Evila;Rossi Lamastra Cristina, "The sensitivity of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures' employment to a sales contraction in a negative growth scenario: The moderating role of venture capital financing", MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS, 35, 73-87

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Huyghe Annelore;Knockaert Mirjam;Wright Mike;Piva Evila, "Technology transfer offices as boundary spanners in the pre-spin-off process: The case of a hybrid model", SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS, 43, 289-307

Colombo Massimo G.;Piva Evila;Rossi Lamastra Cristina, "Authorizing employees to collaborate with communities during working hours: When is it valuable for firms?", LONG RANGE PLANNING, 46, 236-257

Piva Evila;Rossi Lamastra Cristina;De Massis Alfredo, "Family firms and internationalization: an exploratory study on high-tech entrepreneurial ventures", JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP, 11, 108-129

Piva Evila;Rossi Lamastra Cristina, "Systems of indicators to evaluate the performance of university-industry alliances.", MEASURING BUSINESS EXCELLENCE, 17, 40-54

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Award "Early career podter competition". First PRIME network of Excellence Annual Conference of Network of Excellence, 07/01/2005 - 08/01/2005
  • Best Paper Award in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Finance for the paper “Academic start-ups and other new technology-based firms: Are they different?”, 35 EISB Conference 2005, 12/09/2005 - 14/09/2005
  • Best Paper Award in Innovation and Finance for the paper “When do university-based knowledge spillovers influence the growth of NTBFs?”, XX RENT Conference 2006 , 23/11/2006 - 24/11/2006
  • Nomination for the SMS Best Conference Paper for Practical Implication for the paper “Mitigating transaction hazards of inter-firm alliances: The interplay of governance form and contractual complexity”, 32nd Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference 2012, 06/10/2012 - 09/10/2012
  • Premio Catedra UAM-Accenture en Economia Y Gestion de la Innovacion, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid for the paper "The innovation impact of the allocation of decision authority in the acquisition of high-tech start-ups: integrating competence- and resource-based theories with multi-task agency theory", 11/01/2010 - 11/01/2010

Service to the community

  • Vice Director of the Research Group Academic Entrepreneurship, 01/03/2007 - to date
  • Director - Advanced Master in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at MIP, 01/09/2016 - to date
  • Co-director of
  • Member of the PhD Board - PhD in Management Engineering, 01/01/2012 - to date
  • Member of editorial team of "Localizzazione, Innovazione e Crescita delle Giovani Imprese ad Alta Tecnologia. Il caso della provincia di Milano". Franco Anegli, 2006, Italia
  • Member of Advisoty Board of Journal of Industrial and Business Economics (Scopus)
  • Associate editor of Journal of Small Business Management (ISI and Scopus)
  • Reviewer for: Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Journal of Management Studies, Research Policy, Long Range Planning, Organization Studies, Journal of Technology Transfer, Journal of Small Business Management, Small Business Economics, R&D Management, Journal of Urban Planning and Development, European Management Review, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances, Asia Pacific Management Review.

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