Alessandra Neri

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PHD: Management Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Master of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Bachelor of Science: Management Engineering, Politecnico di Milano.

Relevant Publications

Micheli G.J.L. Cagno E. Neri A. Cieri E., "Non-safety costs: A novel methodology for an ex-ante evaluation", Safety Science, 133

Cagno E. Neri A. Howard M. Brenna G. Trianni A., "Industrial sustainability performance measurement systems: A novel framework", Journal of Cleaner Production , 230, 1354-1375

Trianni A. Cagno E. Neri A. Howard M., "Measuring industrial sustainability performance: Empirical evidence from Italian and German manufacturing small and medium enterprises", Journal of Cleaner Production, 229, 1355-1376

Neri A. Cagno E. Di Sebastiano G. Trianni A, "Industrial sustainability: Modelling drivers and mechanisms with barriers", Journal of Cleaner Production, 194, 452-472

Cagno E. Neri A. Trianni A., "Broadening to sustainability the perspective of industrial decision-makers on the energy efficiency measures adoption: some empirical evidence", Energy Efficiency, 11, 1193-1210

Trianni A. Cagno E. Neri A., "Modelling barriers to the adoption of industrial sustainability measures", Journal of Cleaner Production, 168, 1482-1504

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Premio Fondazione Ing. Luigi De Januario - 2019 Miglior tesi su tematiche di impiantistica industriale

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