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Stefano Elia, Ph.D. in Management Engineering, is Associate Professor. He is “Dunning Visiting Fellow” at University of Reading, “Visiting Research Fellow” at University of Leeds and “Marie Curie Fellow” at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He joined the “Offshoring Research Network”, the European project “POREEN on Partnering Opportunities between Europe and China” and the European COST Action “The Emergence of Southern Multinationals and their impact on Europe”. He published in several international journals including Journal of International Business Studies, Economic Geography, Journal of Economic Geography, Journal of World Business, Journal of Business Research, Gl ...


PHD: Economics and Industrial Engineering SIPD , Inter-Polytechnic Ph.D. School Politecnico di Milano Torino and Bari.

Master of Science: Economics, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Economics Statistics and Social science, Bocconi University .

Academic course held at SOM

Economia (economia dei sistemi agroindustriali) [2]

Economia (economia dei sistemi agroindustriali) [2]

Economia (economia dei sistemi agroindustriali) [2]

Invest in foreign markets lab

Invest in foreign markets lab

Business models for internationalisation

Business models for internationalisation

Invest in foreign markets lab


His main research interests deal with: multinational firms from emerging countries, offshoring, global sourcing and global value chain, location and relocation choices of multinational companies, micro-foundation of international business, performance implication of foreign direct investments, international licenses and alliances.

Relevant Publications

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Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Gianluca Spina Award 2017 for teaching excellence and innovation
  • Best reviewer, AIB 2018 (Academy of International Business)
  • Best paper of the track, AIB 2017 (Academy of International Business)
  • Best paper of the track, AIB 2015 (Academy of International Business)
  • Best paper of the conference, AIB UKI 2014 (Academy of International Business)
  • Best professor, X-Culture challenge 2019

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