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Tommaso Buganza is Associate Professor of Leadership and Innovation at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano where he also is co-founder of LEADIN'Lab, the Laboratory for Leadership, Design and Innovation. He is a lecturer in Innovation Management and Project Management, responsible for the Project Management Academy and coordinator of the innovation and training area at MIP. He is a member of the Board of the International Product Development Management Conference EIASM-IPDMC. His research activity explores the intersection between technological innovation and leadership and has been published in peer-reviewed journals and in a number of books.


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Strategia ed economia del progetto

Strategia ed economia del progetto

Strategia ed economia del progetto

Strategia ed economia del progetto

Strategie ed economia del progetto

Business plan di prodotti comunicativi multimediali

Leadership & innovation

Leadership & innovation (Integration)

Leadership & innovation

Leadership & innovation

Leadership & innovation

Leadership & innovation




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His primary research fields lies at the intersection between Leadership, Design and Innovation. In particular, he focuses on the Engagement mechanisms in Innovation Activities (mainly focusing on the individual dimension in the innovation process) and on the Technological side of Innovation (mainly focusing on the opportunities unveiled by digital technologies, enabling platform and data-related business models). Furthermore, he focuses also on Project Management as a discipline to foster innovation, studying in particular the role of flexibility.

Relevant Publications

Trabucchi D.| Buganza T. (2020), "Fostering digital platform innovation: From two to multi-sided platforms", Creativity and Innovation Management, 29, 345-358

Pellizzoni E.| Trabucchi D.| Frattini F.| Buganza T.| Di Benedetto A. (2020), "Leveraging stakeholders’ knowledge in new service development: a dynamic approach", Journal of Knowledge Management, 24, 415-438

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Trabucchi D.| Buganza T.| Dell'Era C.| Pellizzoni E., "Exploring the inbound and outbound strategies enabled by user generated big data: Evidence from leading smartphone applications", Creativity and Innovation Management, 27, 42-55

Grants, Awards and Honours

  • Best Paper Award Runner Up at the 26th International Product Development Management Conference (Leicester, England), for the paper "Disrupting the Disruptors or enhancing them? How the Blockchain reshapes Two-Sided Platforms"
  • Best Paper Award at the 10th International Product Development Management Conference (Brussels, Belgium), for the paper "Life-Cycle Flexibility: how to measure and improve the innovative capability in turbulent environments"
  • Best Paper Award at the 11th International Product Development Management Conference (Dublin, Ireland), for the paper "Exploring The Relationships Between Product Development and Environmental Turbulence: The Case of Mobile Tlc Services”
  •  Best PhD Student Paper Award at the 3rd Abbè Gregoire Innovation Days (paris, France), for the paper "The antecedents of Disruption: Business Model configurations of Big Bang Disruptors"

Service to the community

  • Co-Director of the Executive Programme in , 12/03/0018 - to date
  • Director - Project Management Academy MIP
  • Member of the MIP Board
  • Reviewer for: Creativity and Innovation Management; California Management Review; European Journal of Innovation Management; Industry and innovation.International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management; International Journal of innovation Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management; International Journal of project Management; International Journal of Technology Management; Journal of Design Strategy; Journal of Product Innovation Management; Journal of Small Business Management; Operation Management Research; R&D Management; Technovation

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