Yulia Lapko

Core Faculty | Junior Assistant Professor

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Yulia Lapko is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano. She teaches Industrial Eco-Efficiency and Energy Management Lab at the MSc of Management Engineering. She is a member of Italian Association of Professors of Industrial Plants Design & Management (Associazione Italiana Docenti di Impianti Industriale - AIDI). She authored several publications appearing in international scientific journals and conference proceedings.


PHD: Management Economics and Industrial Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Milan Italy). Industrial Economics and Management, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm Sweden).

Academic course held at SOM

Circular Economy Lab [1]

Circular Industrial Systems

Circular Economy Lab [1]

Circular Industrial Systems

Circular Economy Lab

Circular Industrial Systems

Energy Management Lab

Energy Management lab [1]

Industrial eco-efficiency

Industrial eco-efficiency


Her main research interests are related to the management of natural resources at company and industrial systems levels, with a particular focus on critical materials and their role in the transition towards the circular economy.

Relevant Publications

Chizaryfard A.| Lapko Y.| Maggia P.| Trucco P. (2020), "Exploring reverse supply chain configurations of high voltage li-ion batteries for heavy e-vehicles under different structural and operational conditions", Proceedings of the Summer School Francesco Turco

Lapko Yulia;Trucco Paolo; Trianni Andrea; Masi Donato, "In Pursuit of Closed‐Loop Supply Chains for Critical Materials: An Exploratory Study in the Green Energy Sector", JOURNAL OF INDUSTRIAL ECOLOGY, 23, 182-196

Lapko Yulia;Trucco Paolo, "Influence of power regimes on identification and mitigation of material criticality: The case of platinum group metals in the automotive sector", RESOURCES POLICY, 59, 360-370

Lapko Yulia;Trucco Paolo;Nuur Cali, "The business perspective on materials criticality: evidence from manufacturers", RESOURCES POLICY, 50, 93-107

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