Humans and Technology

HumanTech – Humans and Technology is the project selected and financed by the Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) for the 2023-2027 period as part of the initiative “Departments of Excellence”. The initiative rewards departments that stand out for the quality of the research produced and funds specific development projects.

The Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering is among the 180 Italian departments funded, across all scientific disciplines, and ranked first within the Industrial and Information Engineering area nationwide.

The HumanTech project aims to redesign the relationship between technology and people for a sustainable digital transition of industrial systems, proposing new models and processes for the development and adoption of technologies, capable of accelerating the transition towards industrial systems that are sustainable, inclusive and respectful to individual and collective well-being.


New technological development models for sustainable industrial systems.


The project finds its motivation in the pressing need to make the current technological development model evolve from the maximization of the economic result towards a more harmonious model that in addition to the economic-financial implications also takes into account human, social and environmental ones.

Within industrial systems, the new digital technologies are a formidable ground of challenge, precisely by virtue of their transformative capacity, their diffusion speed and their pervasiveness, as they interact with these multiple dimensions. And it is just in this context that the project aims to propose new development models and processes capable of accelerating the transition towards industrial systems that are sustainable, inclusive and attentive to individual and collective well-being.



The project will investigate the complex relationship between people – considered in both their individual and social dimensions – and digital technologies, according to three main lines of research:


  • Human-centred digital technology development models and processes;


  • Resilient and sustainable production, logistics and supply chain processes, enabled by digital technologies;


  • Digital-enabled, human-centred organisational models and work systems.


The three areas cover in a complementary and synergistic way the different levels in which the person-technology relationship influences the key characteristics of industrial systems, i.e., the development of technology and its adoption in the transformation processes of organisational systems and in the reconfiguration of work systems.


For implementing project, three new infrastructures will be established that will enhance frontier research in these areas:


  • Laboratory of Behavioural Research in Immersive Environment


  • Laboratory of Cognitive Ergonomics in Cyber Physical Systems


  • HumanTech Data Hub



The project strategies require the recruitment of human resources to complement the excellent talents involved in the scientific areas of the project, in the following positions:


  • Teaching staff: 1 Full Professor, 2 Associate Professors, 5 Assistant Professors


  • Researchers: 6 post-doc contracts


  • Staff: 1 administrative staff unit, 3 laboratory technical staff units


Visiting scholar positions will also be activated for a total of 60 months/person.

Open positions available at:


The following teaching and research activities are planned for the five-year period:


  • 13 PhD scholarships (of which at least 3 inter-doctoral)


  • A Summer School for Early Research Student each year


  • 3 PhD programmes


  • Realisation of 3 MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) aimed at university students and professionals


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