Alumni Experience

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BABD - International Master in Business Analytics and Big Data

Federico Raimondi Cominesi
BABD is a balanced program, with all the tools you’ll need in Analytics. It’s not only focused on the purely technological side, but also on the soft skills/managerial aspect of analytical roles. The balance between theoretical and practical lectures prepares you for real work tasks, for different profiles and purposes.

Mohmmad Shabraiz Usmani

BABD a is a very comprehensive program, for those who want to educate themselves in the field of data science. It is well balanced between the introductory courses and the advanced techniques required to secure capabilities important in the data analytics domain.

Fernando Rodriguez Ugalde
Costa Rican

It is a holistic blend of tech and business, which together become a powerful tool for today’s organisational requirements.


FINTECH – International Master in Fintech, Finance and Digital Innovation

Pirmin Schloegl

The Fintech master offers a unique experience: learning financial theory, gaining knowledge of entrepreneurship and using cutting-edge technology all together. Students are optimally prepared for whatever awaits them during their career.

IM4 - International Master in Marketing Management: Omnichannel & Consumer Analytics


Rob Napoli

Being able to apply traditional marketing techniques with new age digital and social tactics is a must. IM4 is a high-impact master that is very actionable through group work, practical exercises, and a dynamic and diverse cohort.


Mohammad Dkaidik
Dynamic, flexible, and up-to-date. The experience I had was unique, full of learning and challenges. On a professional level, I was exposed to and connected to a lot of companies and people. The school had an essential role in reacting to the pandemic with omnichannel education. The overall experience is unforgettable.


IMLUX - International Master in Luxury Management

Ana Maria Moreno Quezada

This master allowed me to go deeper into my passions; during the year I not only followed various interesting lessons about luxury brands, design process, supply chain, etc, but I also had the opportunity to learn from professionals from the most inspiring luxury companies, enriching my knowledge and growing my network.

Elisa Argente Linares

I would recommend IMLUX to anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge of the luxury industry: it provides a complete overview. A highlight of the program is the incredible opportunities it brings in terms of working closely with brands like the Prada Group and Champagne Taittinger, plus the top executive guest speakers.

Akanksha Chandra
IMLUX was a life-changing opportunity. I had always wanted to study and experience working life in fashion in Milan, and MIP provided the managerial practices and theories to meet the needs of the modern luxury goods industry. It was a great experience with an international focus and faculty and exposure to global industries.

iMPM - International Master in Project Management

Kevin Shibu

The iMPM program manifested a balanced and comprehensive approach towards demonstrating the nature of project management and its associated aspects.
The distinct and practical nature of assignments facilitated to integrate a decisive mindset, nurture team-building and enhance our managerial capabilities.

iMSCPM - International Master in Supply Chain and Purchasing Management

Juliette Bernard

The iMSCPM is an enriching experience! I gained a deep understanding of the subject matter, also developing in a truly international environment, thinking differently and widening my perspective. I thus look back at my experience as learning both hard skills and also developing my soft skills to become a better leader.

Ivan Patrucco
Italian – Peruvian

The iMSCPM gave me a complete educational and life experience, covering all aspects of the Supply Chain from a managerial perspective and updated topics, exchanging different international and professional backgrounds and adapting to the different circumstances that emerged during the program.

Rita Tarabay

The iMSCPM is the perfect master for a student searching to broaden their knowledge of supply chain and procurement. This programme gave me real life projects to work on in addition to company presentations. I can definitely say that this programme enriched my knowledge and prepared me for the real world.

Karl Bou Younes

The program tackles every business aspect and scenario in Supply Chain Management, exposing me to many real-life cases with top players in the industry on a global scale, which enabled me to get a well-rounded education and experience. It made me feel ready and confident to tackle any issue in every business scenario.

Maria Paula Tabares Perez

You grow in professional, academic, personal and cultural dimensions, getting out of your comfort zone and approaching challenges. Qualified professors use different methods to make the theory clearer, using simulations and real cases. You learn how strategies and techniques change depending on the industry.

MEM - Master in Energy Management

Maria Nicoletta Cannata

MEM allows you to broaden your knowledge of energy sector management, with courses covering energy markets and infrastructures, sustainability and energy transition related to the management of energy efficiency and renewable sources, plus technical engineering and its competitive dynamics and innovative opportunities.

Giulia Molino

MEM is a journey through the energy sector and its different perspective, with an equilibrated mix of technical and economic aspects.
This study program has given me the possibility to get in touch with experienced professors and other professionals, and to perceive the importance of being part of the energy transition.