Career Services

MIP Career Development Center (CDC) offers to MBA and Specialising Master students highly personalized services for Career ManagementProfessional Development e Networking with the objective of developing the necessary skills and tools for a strategic career management and expansion of the professional network, to succeed in nowadays complex and competitive global job market.


The Career Development Center supports students in setting their own professional goals, defining a career strategy, optimising presentation tools such as the CV and the cover letter and selecting the correct channels for their job search. To offer our students the best support for enhancing their CV, MIP is partnering with VMock, a smart Career Preparation Platform. To gather information about the job market trends, top employers at a global level, working permits and other specific career resources, students can benefit from the free access to MIP Global network of Career Websites. To discuss their professional goals and career strategy, students can schedule a one-to-one meeting with a Career Consultant.


Right from the start of the program, the Career Development Team supports the candidates in the development of the career management skills that will enable them to pursue their managerial career at both national and international level.
Indeed, our Career workshops have the main objective to support students in developing the necessary skills and competencies to succeed in nowadays complex and ever changing competitive job market. In partnership with HR experts and consultants, we design and organise highly interactive workshops and labs on specific topics such as personal branding, international job search strategy, career change, job interviews practice, salary negotiation, networking and many more.


The Career Development Center collaborates with the main industry leaders of today’s global marketplace, and our corporate connected team is at the center of those longstanding, mutually rewarding relationship. We work closely with national and international employers organizing activities year round to bring our students the latest recruiting insights and market trends.

We guarantee to our students close contact with the business world thanks to events of networking with employers, such as on campus company presentations, in company visits, Round Tables on career related topics, Career Days, on campus recruiting events and professional networking events.

Moreover, thanks to the Career section of our School Digital Platform FLEXA, employers can showcase their company profiles, post advertisements for internships, graduate programs and job opportunities, and promote recruiting events.

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