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Costanza Mariani wins an IPMA Young Researcher Award


Her research ‘Empirical Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Domain of Project Managementproves successful


Costanza Mariani, a researcher from the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering, won the IPMA Young Researcher Award 2024.

The IPMA Research Awards aim to promote research excellence to improve project management by contributing to the advancement of knowledge and the development of the industry and are an important recognition for project managers who give their best to achieve the results desired by stakeholders, organisations or the society, while dealing with ever-increasing complexity and volatility.

IPMA Research Evaluation Baseline (REB) assesses and recognises research conducted to the highest global standards and promotes theoretical and/or methodological aspects by assessing applications according to the following criteria: research problem, research process, research results and people in the research.

Based on four demonstrative case studies, Researcher Costanza Mariani’s paper ‘Empirical Applications of Artificial Intelligence to the Domain of Project Management‘ analyses the application of artificial intelligence to four project management processes (selection of projects to be included in a portfolio, risk assessment, risk mitigation action selection, stakeholder classification).

The four cases were validated in real project contexts (specifically in Nuclear Decommissioning and IT projects) and the results obtained through the application of AI were compared with those obtained through normal human-based project selection, risk management and stakeholder ranking processes.

The results showed that the use of AI fosters process efficiency in project management and improves decision-making processes, while also ensuring the possibility of constant monitoring and the implementation of ad hoc corrective actions in progress.


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