ELEC 2019 – 6th European Lean Educator Conference




Start: Nov 11 | 09:00 am

End : Nov 13 | 06:00 pm

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Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale, via Raffaele Lambruschini, 4B 20156 Milano MI

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The Lean Educator and Practitioner  Mashup  - a Collaboration Forum for Industry and Academia

Beyond lean thinking’s roots in manufacturing, countless applications have emerged and other fields are experiencing more and more successful lean transformations, from product development and innovation to office and all knowledge work, in services from healthcare to education, and macro projects in construction and mining, to mention just a few. This means there are so many cross-learning opportunities between the various fields! And this is exactly what ELEC supports – especially today with this year’s “mashup” theme.

ELEC is well-known to be of interest to a broad audience of participants including academics (teachers and researchers), intermediaries (such as consultants and coaches), and practitioners (managers and facilitators from industry), in an eclectic mix every year. Each participant shares the honor and responsibility to be lean educators. And ELEC creates the right environment for a fruitful exchange within and between academia and industry by pursuing the mission of shaping the existing generation and growing the next generation of lean educators. How to educate the next generation is paramount to creating more prosperous and fairer societies.

Huge opportunities for education come from both the evergreen challenge of leading an enterprise through a 360° lean transformation, and from the more unexplored emerging areas where lean thinking and practice has much to contribute through proper education and learning: Industry 4.0, computer-based intelligence, additive manufacturing, innovation and product development, agile, environmental sustainability, among many others. ELEC is a mix of workshops, academic presentations and key note speeches around challenges of lean education and innovative education methods. Also works presented in collaboration between academics and practitioners are gaining more and more attention. Everyone is invited to share and learn together at ELEC 2019 in Milan!

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