PhD Programme in Management Engineering




Start: Jun 9 | 06:00 pm

End : Jun 9 | 07:30 pm

Management Engineering |

R. Lambruschini, 4/b 20156 Milano MI

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Online presentation

Teams virtual room

To join the event please click on the above link a few minutes before 18:00.


The online presentation will follow the new call for PhD positions which will open on May 31st 2023 until June 29th 2023.

During the event, we will present how the DRIG Ph.D. program works and why it is worth joining it.

We will also discuss why companies target Ph.D. graduates and the value that a Ph.D. degree has on the job market beyond academia. Attending the DRIG Ph.D. program is a valuable opportunity for developing competencies and boosting a career.

To participate, please register at the following link so that we can invite you to the virtual room.

PLEASE, REGISTER HERE: PhD in Management Engineering 2023: online presentation

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