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“From data science to data culture: the emergence of analytics-powered managers”: now online the new issue of SOMeMagazine

SOMe, our eMagazine which shares stories, points of view and projects around key themes of our mission, has just released its Issue #7.

“From data science to data culture: the emergence of analytics-powered managers” is the topic we discussed with our Faculty.

Carlo Vercellis tells how digital technologies and algorithms analysing data play a crucial role in human evolution and in the transformation of our ways of thinking and living.

Behind the strengthening of data culture in companies lies the need to confront with challenges of the competitive scenario, explains Giuliano Noci. While according to Filomena Canterino, this new approach implies also the revision of organizational and leadership models.

Our “Stories” report the excellent achievement of the Milan’s neighbourhood Hubs against food waste: the project, which the School of Management is partner of since 2017, won the first edition of the prestigious international Earthshot Prize for the best solutions to protect the environment, in the section “a world without waste”.
We share also recent update on the impact of our research with some data from the Research Impact Assessment, a tool recently implemented by our School to assess the impact of our projects on society as a whole. And finally the Erasmus+ project WiTECH (Entrepreneurship for Women in Tech) which promotes the presence of women in the ICT sector.


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