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How do Employers View Online MBA Degrees?

Source: | Author: Seb Murray

Evidence suggests early skepticism is fading with career progression and salary increases common for graduates of the best programs

According to the Graduate Management Admission Council’s 2021 Corporate Recruiters Survey, only a third of companies valued graduates from Online MBA programs the same as those completing full-time courses, suggesting that the limitations of online education have not been fully addressed.

Even as demand for Online MBA programs continues to grow, these courses have long been dogged by perceptions among some employers, perhaps outdated, that online education is inferior. The pandemic has helped to change attitudes, however, though the GMAC survey shows that not every company is convinced. […]

Erika Ortu, career development center manager at Milan’s MIP Politecnico di Milano Graduate School of Business, agrees: “Digital roles are facing a significant growth and today’s more requested competences are digital and analytical as well as soft skills. Furthermore, we are noticing bright signs of recovery in the European job market, that is evidenced by a positive employment trend for our recent graduates.”  […]

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