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Luxury management

Luxury Management Talks – Webinars

Discover the fundamentals of Luxury Management and how the Covid-19 pandemic is changing the rules of the games, in an unprecedented series of free webinars hosted by the Programme Directors of the most coveted Masters in Luxury Management.


Webinars contents

Thursday, June 18th, 6pm CEST  – Register here
Restarting Luxury retail post-pandemic
Hosted by Eleonora Cattaneo – Head of MA in Luxury Brand Management – Regent’s University London
Guest speaker Michael Ward, Harrods CEO
The webinar will be a talk show between a professor and a prominent British manager in the luxury world.

Monday, June 22nd, 6pm CEST – Register here
Is Lux always on my mind?
Hosted by Roberta Crespi – Director of EMLux – Università Cattolica
The webinar will be focused on the different communication scenarios luxury industry could face in the next future.

Monday, June 29th, 6pm CEST – Register here
The future of luxury brands in the Indian market
Hosted by Smita Jain, Director | MGLuxM SP Jain School of Global Management.

Here is the list of the other forthcoming webinars – follow us for updated calendar

Talents for Luxury
Hosted by Nicoletta Giusti – Director of MSc in Luxury Management – GLION
The webinar will focus on the skills and capabilities needed in the luxury industry to excel in the rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive scenario.

Past events

Monday, May 11th, 6pm CEST 
What is luxury all about? How the pandemic will change the perception of customers.
Hosted by Annalisa Tarquini – Director of MSc in Luxury Management – IUM
Guest speaker Bertrand Petyt
The webinar was focused on how this pandemic is changing the perception of customers on what luxury is all about, and the changes that luxury brand need to implement to still be relevant in tomorrow’s market, with a special focus on luxury services. Watch the video of the event here.

Monday, May 18th, 6pm CEST 
Sustainability in the Personal Luxury Goods industry
Hosted by Alessandro Brun – Director of MGLuxM – MIP Politecnico di Milano
Guests speakers Hakan Karaosman, Expert at United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, and Matteo Ward, co-founder of Wrad
The webinar was focused on the renewed wave of sustainability and responsible luxury that we expect in the aftermath of COVID-19. Watch the video of the event here.

Monday, May 25th, 6pm CEST  
The Luxury Industry at the time of COVID-19
Hosted by Alberto Festa – Director of Master in Luxury Management – Luiss Business School 
The webinar was focused on the new challenges for luxury brands at the time of COVID-19: financial impact for retail and supply chains; reengineering the new collection development; new approach to fashion shows.

Wednesday, June 3rd – 6pm CEST 
Luxury consumer experience: What does it mean today?
Hosted by Michel Phan – Director of MSc in Luxury Management – Emlyon Business School
The webinar was focused on the new meaning that Luxury consumer experience has today. Watch the video of the event here.

Monday, June 15th – 5pm CEST
Digital communication strategies during the lockdown
Hosted by Fabrizio Pini – Director of IMLUX – MIP Politecnico di Milano
The webinar was focused analyse the communication strategies of a number of luxury brands, during the current, unprecedented lockdown that boosted the crave for digital contents of consumers worldwide. Watch the video of the event here.


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