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MSCA Post Doctoral Fellowships – Masterclass Polimi 2024

Application deadline: 7 May 2024


Politecnico di Milano is launching the 7th edition of the MSCA PF masterclass for potential applicants to the MSCA European Postdoctoral Fellowships call 2024.

The aim of the MSCA PF masterclass is to attract and train young and talented researchers to successfully applying to the European call with Politecnico di Milano as Host Institution.

Promising candidates to MSCA PF masterclass will be invited to attend a full online course on the proposal writing (12-13 June 2024) and to make use of full support in the application writing process by POLIMI advisors.


As additional opportunity, the best 5 MSCA European postdoctoral fellows hosted by Politecnico di Milano, not funded by the European Commission but awarded with the SEAL OF EXCELLENCE in 2024, will be offered a postdoc position for 2 years with 40.000€/year (gross amount) as salary and 20.000€ for startup fund for research activities, training and networking. If the postdoctoral researcher has or acquires family obligations during the contract duration, a family allowance (4.800€/year) will be added.



“Supervisors’ project proposals” by the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering


Economic Sciences

Tristano SainatiGovernance Structures for Project Financing and PPPs


Information Science and Engineering

Matthias KlumppThe Industry 5.0 Paradigm Enacted – Biosensor Research to Support Human-centric Manufacturing and Logistics Process Design in Practice

Giorgio LocatelliThe Dark side of Projects and Temporary organizations

Federico CaniatoHuman centric supply chain processes, for a resilient and sustainable purpose, thanks to the adoption of digital technologies


Social Sciences and Humanities

Raffaella CaglianoHuman-centric organizational models – organizational implications of Industry 5.0 paradigm

Michela ArnaboldiDigitally preserving companies’ history and cultural heritage for the future

Deborah AgostinoArtificial intelligence for inclusive and sustainable public services

Cristina MasellaCo-assessment in healthcare setting: insights from Italy and UK 


Full list of proposals

How to apply


Accreditations, Rankings & Memberships