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#MIPexperience International Part Time MBA

My Part Time MBA experience, a journey definitely worth it!

| Author: Pietro Cavallo, International Part Time MBA alumnus

Here we are for my last article about this amazing adventure!

My MBA path had come to an end with the graduation in July. I have to admit that it has been an amazing experience for which I will be grateful forever!

I have gained a lot from this journey, including many takeaways that have changed my prospects for the future.

For sure, one key area is related to people: friendships, teamwork and leadership.

Working with a diverse group of individuals for each project taught me to work in a team in an effective and cordial way, despite disagreements or personal dislikes. This experience has definitely been useful for managing situations at my work, in which I have to manage people in order to apply some teachings to my concrete professional circumstances.

At a more intimate level, my MBA classmates showed me the importance of being humble because of the stories behind our lives, the value of cultural diversity, since this is an international course, and the creation of a network which I am using right now and which has ended up being a key asset.

This MBA was also a chance for immersion in real world business problems and stories through the various speakers, in-company visits or international experiences. It made me understand the overall set-up of a company and the most important issues in every function. Our course took an extremely case-based approach and I see now that this has developed my critical thinking, my ability to make quick and analytical choices, my strategic reasoning and my ability to take decisions individually or in a group. This MBA has inculcated in me a structured way of thinking about things which I will never lose.

My final project also gave me the chance of investing the core of my function, working with top management and closely following one of my company’s key strategic choices.

The last area is my personal development. This MBA has encouraged my entrepreneurial spirit and fostered my ambition in growing professionally, despite the risks and downsides embedded in every choice. I am now stronger and more aware of my capabilities and qualities and have a clearer path for my future growth.


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Pietro Cavallo

My name is Pietro and I grew up in Milan, where I am currently living. I work in Switzerland, in the Supply Chain division of a clothing multinational. I am the husband of an incredible wife and father of 2 crazy kids.




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