8 July 2020 Share

nice to mip you reopening

Nice To MIP You: our doors are open again! We look forward to seeing you in September.

At MIP, we have always been open. To new ideas, new technologies, new stimuli, new people. From September we will be even more so. Our lecture theatres, our campus, our study areas and, in general, all our spaces, are ready to welcome professors, staff, collaborators and, above all, students from all over the world, both new arrivals and those who already know us.

We want the reopening to be a special moment, which is why we have taken all the necessary measures to make our premises welcoming and, above all, safe.

Get ready to enjoy an experience at MIP in the spirit of safety, technology and charm that only a modern and cosmopolitan city like Milan can offer.



MIP is reopening with complete safety thanks to the adoption of a three-point strategy. The first consists in prevention: in addition to measuring temperatures at the entrance, MIP will be providing a free supply of disposable masks, while social distancing will be ensured by clear signs. The second point involves sanitisation: all of MIP’s areas will be constantly disinfected; the ventilation systems will guarantee the continuous renewal of air and it will be possible to clean your hands thanks to the sanitising points located throughout the school. The third point is related to services: we have created an email address,, dedicated solely to your questions about safety measures. The common areas for study and leisure will be reorganised. Educational activities will be guaranteed online and on campus, to meet all your learning needs.


MIP, which has always been innovation-oriented, can draw on a consolidated experience in digital education. Our digital learning platforms are ready to host all of our lessons, with both live streaming and recorded sessions to ensure continuity for those who are unable to attend in person.

On the campus side, however, we are working to ensure social distancing through careful planning of both times and spaces, the latter of which will be expanded. The lessons will be organised over two different shifts, and we are working with businesses to ensure the continuation of corporate testimonials and all projects that involve them, including company visits.



The MIP campus is located in Milan, a modern, European city that offers students from all over the world countless opportunities for study, work and fun. Over the years, it has seen the birth and development of international excellence, especially in the fields of fashion, design, entrepreneurship and finance. Milan knows how to combine typically Italian characteristics, such as creativity, hard work and entrepreneurship, with an international and modern approach. In recent decades it has come to embody the concept of the industrial and hardworking city, and today it has established itself as the Italian capital of startups. Constantly forward-looking, it is the right place for those who want to grow, better themselves and innovate. After the lockdown period and following the directives issued by the relevant authorities, the city has returned to opening up a large part of its activities and to offering all its services, which have helped to position it as one of the most dynamic and avant-garde cities in Europe.



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