Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

Enabling customer centricity

About the project

The project aims at investigating how different perspectives on the value generated for customers by different levels of the organization impact on the consistency of the customer experience. Further, moving form a fusion between customer satisfaction data and CRM data, flaws in customer experience have been qualified and quantified in terms of business impacts defining more precise forms of marketing accountability

Principal Investigator: Lucio Lamberti

Funders: Sorgenia S.p.A

Duration: 18 months


The project aimed at understanding

  1. where possible flaws in customer experience may emerge,
  2. the role of organizational variables in determining inconsistencies in the customer experience provided,
  3. the impacts of the flaws in terms of churn, lifetime value and customer satisfaction.

In order to understand the organizational causes of inconsistencies, we have run a multi-level analysis aimed at highlighting the existence of misalignments in experiential proposition. We have then associated the causes of churn to these misalignments in order to make sense of loyalty and churn data. We have then run a data fusion between customer satisfaction and CRM data in order to check the profiles mostly impacted by the flaws in customer experience, and by analyzing their customer lifetime values, we have sized the possible investments to improve the customer experience. Finally, we have supported the company in developing sound and sustainable plans to improve their customer management procedures.


Redesign of customer management practices, introduction of CLV methods in analyzing the impact of marketing and customer management investments.