Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

Building information modeling and management

About the project

The research project explores the impact of digitalization in infrastructural sector (with particular focus on airport systems), characterized by a high level of technical and organizational complexity in the design and the construction phase. Project information can be managed through Building Information Modeling and Management approaches to optimize the operational phase of the infrastructure. The research aims to propose innovative solutions to fully share and integrate the project data.

Principal Investigators:  SOM

Researcher team: Mauro Mancini, Alberto Pavan (ABC dept), Antonio Calabrese, Maura Rotelli, Alessio Domenico Leto

Duration: 1 year

Partners:  ABC Department


This BIMM implementation project in infrastructural sector has been structured through the following steps:

  •  A literature review, synthetize in a conference paper, was conducted on the current state of art in worldwide BIM implementation for airports systems, exploring themes that range among BIM models, Facility Management, BIM actors, BIM flows, BIM costs and benefits, identifying their most common issues and solutions. Almost none tackle the information management topic, but through a deeper analysis of the example cases, it becomes clear that critical issues are mostly due to an inefficient information system management.
  • The following step of this project was the analysis of the CDE (Common Data Environment) for information and authorization management, to provide a solution for this critical is the information management issue along the project life cycle. On one hand, an analysis was conducted on the CDE structure and flows as originally defined by British Standards 1192-1:2007 & PAS 1192-2:2013, identifying required information flows and software functions in the context of application. On the other hand, the project investigated workflows, information processes and authorization procedures within airport structures, where design, construction and management tasks are delegated to different divisions.
  • The need for a radical innovation in the company information system and for a CDE connected to the IT company system, emerges as main solution to optimize project information management and to create and manage a “Digital Twin” for the infrastructure operational phase, so a detailed analysis was conducted on commercial software and platforms, highlighting their alignment with the identified needs.
  • The output is a theoretical framework for the CDE flow designed to meet the needs of the company that owns the airports and the proposal for a general structure of EIR (Employers Information Requirements) to provide guidelines for the use in tenders.


  • Mancini M, Pavan A, Rotelli M “BIM Implementation In Public Infrastructure: CDE Design For Italian Airport Systems”, OTCM Conference 4-7 sept 2019
  • Mancini M, Wang X, Skitmore M, Issa R  “Advances in building information modeling (BIM) for construction projects” Editorial for Int. Journal of Project Management Special Issue, Volume 35, Issue 4, 1 May 2017, Pages 656-657