Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

eGovernment and Digital Transformation of Public Administrations

About the project

Our research aims to understand how digital innovation is transforming public administrations. Our research endeavours analyse the evolution of the markets and of the application scenarios, mainly focusing on the Italian context, and to depict how digital technologies can used as a driver for innovation in public settings. The research activities are conducted within 4 Observatories: eGovernment, Cloud in Public Administrations, Digital Agenda and Digital Innovation in Healthcare.

Principal Investigators:  Mariano Corso, Alessandro Perego, Giuliano Noci, Stefano Mainetti, Luca Gastaldi, Michele Benedetti, Alessandro Piva, Chiara Sgarbossa

Researcher team: Niccolò Ballerio, Deborah De Cesare, Luca Dozio, Giulia Maragno, Giulia Marchio, Marina Natalucci, Francesco Olivanti, Marco Paparella, Simona Solvi, Irene Vanini

Funders: AlmavivA, Artexe, Boston Scientific, Dell EMC, Deloitte, EasyGov, Indra Minsait, Intel, IntersSystems, Intesa SanPaolo, Irideos, Jaggaer, Leonardo, Lutech, MasterCard, Philips, PKE, Wolters Kluwer, Reply, Sas, Posteitaliane, Rai, Sia, Sisal

Duration: 2012 – onwards

Partners: Multiple


Our expertise is the following fields:

  •  Diffusion of digital innovation in public settings – with a peculiar emphasis on healthcare
  • Definition of digitalization strategies and roadmaps at national and local levels
  • Management and governance of digital innovation in public settings
  • Utilisation of European funds to support the digitization of public entities
  • Public procurement of digital solutions with an emphasis on innovative forms of procurement
  • Digitization of PA processes and services and usage by citizens
  • Digital skills of citizens and public employees
  • Public platforms to accelerate the implementation of the Digital Agenda
  • Diffusion of cloud computing and rationalisation of data centres in public settings
  • Adoption of digital technologies by physicians

Different methodologies are used by our research teams. The main ones are case studies, surveys, quantitative assessment models to evaluate the benefits stemming from digital innovations and analysis of big data provided by public entities. Interactive workshops with both the demand and the supply side of the public sector are organised, in order to share data and experiences useful to feed and tune the analyses developed by the research team.


The results of the research have contributed to develop several international publications and are considered the most authoritative source of data in Italy. The findings produced by the research team have been used as the basis to define eGovernment strategies at national (e.g., National Agency for Digitalisation, AgID), regional (e.g., Piedmont Region) and local (e.g., Rome Milan Municipality) levels. As an example, the Government Commissioner for the Digital Agenda cited the results of our research in the final report of the team he managed at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

In 2012 the research approach of the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Observatory received from the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN, www.uiin.org) the “University-Industry Innovation Award”, witch rewards contributions made to and through cooperation between academia and business.

The group have transferred the research results to a broad and diverse audience through workshops and public conferences. Since 2008, the group organized annual conferences (one event per each Observatory per year with more than 400 participants, mostly practitioners) to present the results of the research.


Papers in International Peer-reviewed Journals
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Contributions to International Books
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Research Reports:
  • Corso M., Piva A. (2018) “An Hybrid Cloud model for Public Administration in the light of the three-year plan”, Research Report 2018, Cloud in Public Administrations Observatory
  • Corso M., Mainetti S., Piva A. (2015) “Cloud in Public Administration: ready to take off?”, Research Report 2015, Cloud in Public Administration Observatory


  • Academic: Aalborg University, KTH, University of Warwick, USI, SUSPI
  • Corporate: Baker McKenzie, Cefriel, Digital360, Pandora, Porzio and Partners, Telemat, Studio Legale Leone
  • Other: ABILab, ACT, AgID, AIIP, AIME, AISDET, AISIS, ANAC, ANCI, ARIS, ASSD, Anorc, AssinterItalia, Cisis, Confindustria Commissione Europea – JRC, DG-CONNECT, Digitale, Consip, Digital SIT, Dipartimento per la Trasformazione Digitale, FADOI, Federfarma, Federsanità. FIASO, FIMMG, FISM, HiMSS, Ministero per la PA, Ministero della Salute, Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri, Team per la Trasformazione Digitale, UnionCamere, UPI