Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

IDeaLs – Innovation and Design as Leadership

About the project

Our world dramatically needs a new leadership model. Where people collaborate to forge change together. IDeaLs is a research platform pioneering new ways to engage people to make innovation happen. In our search for meaningful innovation, we develop new insights and tools that leverage the power of design and digital technologies. IDeaLs brings science into action. It joins leading organizations, thought leaders and researchers to create tools that spark change and deliver impact.

Principal Investigators: Roberto Verganti, Tommaso Buganza, Joseph Press, Daniel Trabucchi

Researcher team: Roberto Verganti, Tommaso Buganza, Joseph Press, Paola Bellis, Silvia Magnanini, Daniel Trabucchi, Federico Zasa, Rami Shani

Funders: Adidas, Philips, Sintetica, Stef, Sasol, Zambon

Duration: 2017-ongoing

Partners: California Polytechnic University


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