Dipartimento di Ingegneria Gestionale

Internationalisation of the Italian economy

About the project

The projects, ongoing since 1986, aims to provide an updated census (database REPRINT) of the foreign activities of Italian companies, and of the activities of foreign companies in Italy. The database REPRINT, ICE – Politecnico di Milano is the most reliable and detailed source of data on foreign direct investment of Italian companies abroad, and foreign companies in Italy. See https://www.ice.it/it/statistiche/Ide.aspx. The database makes it possible to analyze the main structural and evolutionary characteristics of the internationalization through FDI of Italian companies, with reference to sectors of activity, countries of origin / destination of investments, location and size of the Italian companies involved. The information contained in the database has also been used in many of the research focusing on MNE’s internationalization strategies and international business described above.

Title: Internationalisation of the Italian economy:  Multinational Italy

Principal Investigators:  Lucia Piscitello, Sergio Mariotti, Marco Mutinelli

Funders: ICE – Italian Trade Agency

Duration: 1986 – ongoing

Partners: Università di Brescia (Professor M. Mutinelli)


The results and evidence from the database Reprint are regularly published in annual or biannual reports titled Italia Multinazionale. The latest available one is the following: