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New actors in the global arena: Southern Multinationals, sovereign wealth funds and born global companies

About the project

The main objective of this project is to develop an enhanced capacity for scholarly analysis of the emergence of Multinationals Firms from Emerging Countries (EMNCs) in order to establish and test empirically their impact on its stakeholders and to recommend changes to current policies and practices in this regard.

Title: The Emergence of Southern Multinationals and Their Impact on Europe

Principal Investigators:  Luis Brennan, Stefano Elia, Lucia Piscitello.

Funders: COST Action IS0905

Duration: 2010-2014

Partners: 24 European Universities. Leading university: Trinity College of Dublin (prof. L. Brennan)


Traditionally Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has flowed from advanced developed economies into developed and developing countries. More recently a new trend has emerged in the pattern of FDI. Outward FDI from emerging economies has begun to increase significantly and has been growing at a faster pace than FDI from the advanced developed world. Nowadays, investments from emerging countries represent more than one third of world outward FDIs. This project aims to study the dynamics underlying this phenomenon and its impact on the stakeholders. More specifically, the goal is to understand (i) the strategic behavior of multinational firms from emerging countries (EMNCs), e.g. in terms of entry mode and location choice; (ii) the impact of internationalization on EMNCs’ performance, e.g. in terms of financial and innovation outcome; (iii) the impact of FDI by EMNCs on acquired firms and on the host country economies. The final goal of the project is to reach a deeper comprehension of the phenomenon and to provide valuable implications and suggestions to stakeholders and policy makers, especially in Europe, as they grapple with this facet of globalization.


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