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Matteo Castagno


Stuck in a rut? Feeling blocked? There’s no need to think that your current position is your destiny, as one student at MIP Politecnico di Milano was to discover.
An International Full Time MBA at MIP helped Matteo Castagno land a great job as a business analyst in a food & beverage company… and now he is only too happy that he took the plunge and made the switch from one industry to another.
Like many who fear being pigeonholed, Matteo understood that it was unlikely that he would be able to move out of his IT specialism without filling the gaps in his knowledge.

“During the MBA,” says Matteo, “I learned new business concepts and I studied in depth how different businesses are managed and their best practices. This allowed me to gather my thoughts about the development of my own career.”

Matteo further explains: “MIP’s industry links were crucial when I was looking for project work”. He found a position at Moncler, “currently the most prominent company in the Italian luxury sector”. After graduating, he went on to a job at Whirlpool and from there to his current position. “Without the placement service of the school I wouldn’t have had the chance to enter these specific sectors”.

The realisation that he wanted to make the change came about because of a trip to Silicon Valley, where he had the chance to meet the founder of Logitech, visit companies such as IBM and Google and talk to top venture capitalists. It was an opportunity for the group of students to see the reality of what they had been studying and immerse themselves in the whole culture of innovation.

Matteo’s inkling that he was missing some key skills, both hard and soft, turned out to the right one and the MBA plugged the gaps in his knowledge, opening up many new options for his future career path. He chose MIP Politecnico di Milano “because of the innovative way the MBA is structured, in particular concerning the boot-camp aspect…” Students are given the chance to attend a wide range of courses held by top companies, thus providing them with the opportunity to see the culture of these businesses at first hand and to experience different fields of application.

In conclusion ̶ don’t let self-limiting beliefs prevail. An MBA at MIP makes it possible for you to get out of your box and venture into a wider world. The whole MIP experience ̶ not just the course but colleagues from all over the world, the international Faculty and the many opportunities to travel and explore different aspects of business and other cultures ̶ all these factors will help your ideas to coalesce so that you can set out into a bright new future.
In Matteo’s own words: “Go for it!”

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