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Coronavirus: teaching moves online

MIP is ensuring that lessons run smoothly and responding to the emergency by moving teaching activities online. “We are further extending our experience in digital learning for the benefit of our students, to reduce inconvenience”, explain President Vittorio Chiesa and Dean Federico Frattini

The evolution of the situation linked to the Coronavirus in Lombardy has led to the adoption of some precautionary measures to contain the contagion, including the postponement of a week of university activities in the region, which obviously includes the Politecnico di Milano. “We have, of course, complied with the provisions which have been introduced, but are trying as far as possible to meet the students’ needs by ensuring the continuation of their education and avoiding any inconvenience“, said President Vittorio Chiesa, “First of all, MIP decided to confirm the remote lessons which had been scheduled to take place online from the start and, secondly, where possible, to use the same teaching method for those activities that had originally been planned to take place face-to-face.”

Activities move online

From 25th to 29th February, therefore, individual assessments and activities planned at outside companies were suspended. “I would urge students, however, not to cancel all the other lessons from their agendas. As participants in our courses know, a substantial part of MIP’s training has always taken place online on the D-Hub platform, which works in tandem with FLEXA, our personalised and continuous learning platform. Many of our courses, therefore, will be delivered online, even those initially planned using another methodology“, says Dean Federico Frattini. Then again, Frattini explains, “at MIP we have always been strong supporters of digital learning, and in recent years we have gained a great deal of experience in this area. In such a situation, we want to continue to offer our students a service with a high standard of quality, as we wait for the resumption of the regular running of the lessons.”

Our goal is to limit disruption

MIP’s focus on the potential of digital learning in recent years had, of course, been generated by completely different types of appraisals: “We wanted to respond to the need for greater flexibility and personalisation, also in order to meet the needs of our students, both in terms of their work and their family commitments. And all this can be done without renouncing the effectiveness of the education we offer. We have worked hard for all these years so that our students are guaranteed high standards; we now feel a duty to use this know-how to continue to provide education and minimise the inconvenience caused by these extraordinary measures,” Frattini continues. Moreover, the Rector of the Politecnico, Ferruccio Resta, in his communiqué to students and colleagues on 27 February, announced the decision to start the semester via remote learning.

Temporary precautions

The School immediately adopted precautionary measures in line with the provisions of the Ordinance signed by the Minister of Health and the President of the Lombardy Region and in staying in line with the approach of the Politecnico.
It is also monitoring the evolution of the situation through the official bodies, in order to guarantee its students and their families safety and peace of mind, both with regard to their stay in Italy and the smooth running of the teaching activities.
Should the situation return to normal and indications by the health units and territorial authorities lead to the suspension of these measures, lessons and activities will once again be carried out in the usual manner. However, MIP is also leaving open another possibility: “Anyone who so wishes, in the face of specific needs, will be able to continue to enjoy the content via distance-learning” concludes Frattini.


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